ITT: Games that made you a gamer


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It makes me so fucking sad that 7 year old me had these masterpieces to play and teach me about good game design from top to bottom, incorporating art, level, sound, and gameplay design to form a cohesive whole where my 7 year old cousins now solely play Minecraft on an Amazon Kindle and Lego games on their Xbox.

There's that word again.

implying 7yo you ever stopped to analyze the game design

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>Made you a gamer

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I believe that was supposed to be directed to OP (me)
Thanks btw

>Games that made you a gamer
Fable:LC and Kotor 1&2. Played these six times and enjoyed every moment. Gears 1&2 too. Those were good times.

well what other games are they supposed to play

Not the fucking point. What I loved about that game became the foundation for how I would judge all other games from that point forward. I remembered the experience, remembered how I felt when I played it, and was able to figure out when that "magic" (design) was absent from other games I played as a kid. I was actually a literal teenager before I found out that there were other RPGs with persistent world's to explore and conquer. It felt fucking great learning that.
Kids today think assassin's creed or Skyrim are RPGs and will never, ever garner an appreciation for more complex or deeper games that lead to more satisfaction

>kids these days!

Every 35 yo ever
You worry too much about things that dont matter

Today's kids also think nu-Pokemon is good. Where as most people understand Gen III was clearly when it started to decline in quality

You worry too much about what other people worry about and that worries me because you worry about things that shouldn't be worried about including someone's worries about worrying

Crash Bandicoot, Earthworm Jim, and Club Penguin.

>club penguin


club penguin was the shit dude

This and Super Metroid were the two games that made me appreciate what the medium could become. Started with NES and SMB like most people around my age, though.

Sonic 2 and this thread makes me feel old.

>made you a gamer
A bit dumb and pretentious sentence, but I'm feeling nostalgic so I'll bite. I don't think there's one single game that specifically got me interested about videogames as an industry and a media form in a more general sense. However during my junior high school years (or whatever you call grades 7 through 9) my tastes began to shift towards RPGs and japanese games, such as Metal Gear Solid. Also back then (2007-8) AVGN was getting popular and those videos sort of made me realize how much history and culture there was to vidya.


What game? I'm guessing Rolling Thunder?

>Club Penguin.

>Metal gear Solid.
wasn't an RPG. But it is a good game regardless. Cardboard box stealth kills were the shit.

Pretty sure everyone has played terrible games as a kid and will continue to forever.

>tfw battery for Silver finally died last year


Medievil. Will never forget my nigga Dan.

Rpgs AND japanese games. Reading comprehension.


Gold and Tooie taught me the difference between a sequel and an iteration.

It was the early 90s. A new Amiga500 in our home. I do remember a few jump and run games, but this game was different. It gave me power over a nation. The power to destroy any opponent that faces me. I became a god.

You should be worried about an entire generation of kids raised on things designed "for kids"
There is absolutely nothing kids do that makes them use their brain

Yeah, but not solely terrible games

Difficult, and yet, really really fun

> a few more things to catch.
> a new area to explore
> deritive, but still slightly different story to be a part of.
> Some new and fun mechanics a la breeding
Literally the godfather 2 of vidya

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