Would you like Undertale more if it looked better?

Would you like Undertale more if it looked better?

would you fuck off?

but that takes effort user

It would still be a short, easy, boring walking sim with no real gameplay.

That looks great but to be honest Undertale looks MOSTLY fine. I think the player sprite could be better and some of the obvious sprite rotation shit looks unprofessional but other than that it's fine.

No I would like it less. This looks like fucking shit.

This looks worse. The battles look fine, the overworld is the problem.

>Walking sim with no gameplay

I love posts like this where its so blatantly obvious that the poster has no idea what they're talking about. Where the hatred and lies are so transparent that it becomes a comical farce.

I played it and beat the neutral route in 4 hours. It's a walking sim. You walk to the right and press X to skip through dialogue boxes that pop-up every 30 steps.

Okay, I'll bite.
What's "Real gameplay" gamerguy?

It has to account for a significant portion of the time taken to beat it. Undertale's combat is about 10% of its entire run time. If you took a typical playthrough and added up the length of every fight (not counting all the dialogue that interrupts battles) you'd end up with about 20 minutes.

>all of the bosses alone take up almost 2 hours of time (1 hour 30 minutes for sake of your argument), random encounters not included in that
>hurr 20 minutes
Cred Forums's retarded posts when it comes to this game are always amusing.

I don't think it would hurt but the game is fine as is.

I'd like it more if more than only two of the fights only in the murder run offered any challenge, and if the overworld weren't poorly designed with baby-tier puzzles and walk-to-the-right design.
As is, I think it's alright. With compelling gameplay it would be excellent.

if it were more original and didn't reek of laziness, that would have sold me on it without the upgraded graphics. seriously, when you have 45 fucking minutes worth of "references" in your game that is 8 hours and 10$, there's a point where it stops being references and ends up becoming you being a lazy fuck who can't be bothered to actually try and put effort in

What references do you mean? As far as I can tell most of the jokes and shit are original.

That looks worse though. Its actual style is great for its atmosphere.

No. The simplistic 8bit style was part of the charm.

I would like undertale more if the fans weren't cancer.

you mad, bitch? kill yourself

I think the original graphical style worked for Undertale.

Bingo, it was more immersive because of the style was the right kind of simple.

Here's a (You) for that bait user. The thought that there exist people retarded enough to skip through dialogue in an RPG entertained me somewhat.

Redpill me on this game, Cred Forums. I bought it but just look at pic related; it could not hold my attention for two hours, even. Should I give it another shot? Am I really missing something?

Are you honestly implying the game doesn't amount to "hold right to win"
Even for an indie it's insufferable

It's a good game.

Yes. But I like it a lot already, mind you.

undertale is like a modern ys, it's a polished turd where gameplay takes the sideline, yet it has charm.

Did you at least make it to the end of the Ruins? (the first boss fight)

Why is Papyrus so lewd?

I remember reaching some snow shit and talking to that insufferable skeleton and his brother.

>Game comes out
>Almost all of Cred Forums loves it
>Game gets majorly popular from good word of mouth
>Almost all of Cred Forums hates it

Like clockwork

A little more.
I'd like a lot more if it had actually good graphics, not just a little of colour.

The fact that the game uses the Papyrus font in an 8-bit fashion literally triggers me, I'm so fucking tired of teachers using the Papyrus font for everything

It's his name, user, what did you want? Garamond? Pallatino? Baskerville?

I just fucking hate that font. I see it almost on a daily basis, it's a running joke with my coworkers about how we should start sending out our e-mails in bolded Papyrus.

If you don't like it by that point you probably won't like the rest of it.
The game is supposed to hook you when it first gets you to care about and then fight Toriel

actually after considering shit like quality of music, gameplay and length, this analogy only really works on the first 2 games, felghana manages to be near flawless in most departments.

nigga just turn off the internet LMAAOO

People don't dislike Undertale because of the graphics

People dislike Undertale because of the virtue signaling and the cringey dating sim

This. Everyone was really excited digging the demo apart. Thread after thread of freak outs when someone pointed out that Flowey mentioned whether or not you killed Toriel in a previous demo playthrough.


>because of the virtue signaling and the cringey dating sim
Nigga you don't even know what you're talking about.
I played the game before it got a massive obnoxious fanbase, it was alright, had some charming moments and good music.
The REAL reason people hate it is because its incredibly overrated and has one of the most annoying fanbases.
Quit being a fucking retard

The demo section may honestly be the best part of the game, to be fair.
It feels like it has the most work put into it and most attention to detail to me, anyway.

Fuck no because if it looked good it'd take a fucking decade to make and I'd be middle aged by the time I could play it.

There's a sweet spot of graphic standards any game should meet and the bare minimum is Cave Story. If your character's sprite has eyes, a mouth and hair and it's distinguishable it's good enough. If your character's entire face is made of four pixels, fuck off and try again. Undertale at least meets this requirement.

I've never played Undertale but that looks bad maybe even worse

No, as it would still have the gimmicky battle system which bored the ever loving fuck out of me.

Why are there multiple Undertale threads on Cred Forums every day? It isn't because of the anime reference, the threads were consistently popping up before that.

Not him but Mettaton is literally just an SMT joke, he's got Demi fiend markings all over his face and his name is just a few letters off "Metatron." I seriously legit tweeted Toby Fox about this when the game came out and he confirmed it.

That's not to agree or disagree with the guy you're replying to on a positive or negative level but the game is absolutely laden with references to JRPGs and anime.

Maybe Jokerman would have been better?

More like
>game comes out
>part of Cred Forums freaks out and won't shut up about it, spamming it
>others see what the fuss is about
>they find it's nothing special
It happened with FNAF too.

>the virtue signaling
there's a lesbian couple in the game and it's kinda played as a joke
that's it

>cringey dating sim
it's played as a joke on JRPGs and dating sims wherein they attempt to measure abstract concepts like arousal or love with elaborate meters all over the screen and it lasts five minutes
that's it

Male it 3x longer (partially through side quests with new minor characters and minigames) and I'd say it's perfect.

Heh, as if we were 10 years in the past? At least Jokerman has a use in fun, kid-friendly stuff.
Papyrus just looks bad and it doesn't help that it's everywhere

Nice falseflagging

You don't even know what falseflaggin means my dude, you're just kinda dropping random buzzwords in your posts.

>There's a sweet spot of graphic standards any game should meet and the bare minimum is Cave Story. If your character's sprite has eyes, a mouth and hair and it's distinguishable it's good enough. If your character's entire face is made of four pixels, fuck off and try again. Undertale at least meets this requirement.
user, Symphony of the Night doesn't meet this arbitrary standard.
Are you really going to tell me that SotN looks like shit? They should have fucked off and tried again?

>you a bad person for killing the innocent pixel people
>no virtue signaling

>it's played as a joke
>still cringey

Mettatons face doesn't look a thing like DemiFiend

Metatron isn't from SMT

well there are exceptions, sotn and igas games are some.

no i would like exactly the same

alright buckle up retards here's the real facts

undertale is a good, funny, charming game, one of the more memorable of its year, but which gets soured by the end because toby's attachment to jrpg and anime tropes blinded him to his inability to write a compelling story
the story of undertale was never that interesting but it comes to a forefront at the end becomes this garbage mishmash of failed fourth wall breaks and insincere jabs at "feels" because who the LIVING fuck cared about the story, because story and characters are not the same thing
he successfully parodied and lampshaded japanese media tropes the entire time, yet at the end he completely gives in and just decides that everybody goes super saiyan and shoots rainbows out of their eyes

the game is at its best when it's moving a mile a minute with constant new gags and little subversive moments, and making you genuinely care about the characters enough to not want to murder them
it's at its worst when it's trying to be le deep indie art gaem

unfortunately the fanbase is composed of twelve year olds who can't distinguish the difference and assume it all to be good, therefore secure in their false notion that undertale is somehow deep and meaningful when it really never was and never should have tried to be

it's a story based game. Have you ever looked up the story driven, most often text based, adventure games of the old? This isn't exactly comparable to those but is nevertheless an example about video games not having to be entirely based on just gameplay. For me at least a good world with nice atmosphere is worth a lot because I can get much out of it outside of playing it too

>doesn't understand that simplistic artstyle is a thing
fuck off op

the best part of the game is at the end

Literally almost identical face markings. A vertical line down from the eye with a few horizontal lines perpendicular which wrap to the side of the head and end under the hair. Again, I asked Toby Fox about this and he confirmed it. Don't be a contrarian.

it looks like inconsistent garbage
you could improve it while keeping the simple artstyle

because it has a giant autistic fanbase

so you don't know what virtue signalling is then. right.

The overworld sprites could be more polished and look better, but i think the battle sprites are one of the things so iconic about Undertale


Demifiend has two lines going down in his face, not from the bottom of his eyes with two horizontal markings trailing off to the side.

Mettaton has one line going down from the bottom of his eye with horizontal markings. The line above his eye is a half circle.

Also why don't you just link your tweet so people can believe you?

Now to think of it.. There's plenty of it to be improved upon. It would be nice if they updated the visuals a bit and maybe even more content.

For the fucking autistic purists.. Have the "original" in the options menu. As popular as it is IDK why they haven't done this yet. I played and beaten the game already.

The game doesn't claim you're a bad person for killing pixels. In fact the game isn't even about pacifism.

The game is about pushing the idea that your actions have consequences. That's it. Toby didn't even want to encourage people to go down a particular route or do a particular thing in the game. Its why the game doesn't have achievements. It just wants you to understand that your actions have consequences. Even at the end of the game sans mentions that its understandable to fight in self defense should you only kill enemies if they get in your way in the game.

Probably. It's a very ugly game. I wouldn't mind if it just looked mediocre but it has noticeably bad sprites like Undyne's profile sprite and it's only made worse by the much better art in the shops drawing attention to how bad it looks otherwise.

I didn't really understand I could spare Toriel, but then read up on what happens if you restart. Well forgot to save and then restarted. Currently somewhere around dog knight couple. Long dog was cool though

Having a player portrait would ruin the 4th wall breaking feel of the game, due to the Chara / Frisk duality

1. You're seriously being a hair-splitting dumbass, I literally do not even need to argue this, any sane human being who compares this image with yours will see the similarity.

The entire game is a JRPG loveletter/parody and the guy's name is very nearly "Metatron," which if you really fucking think Toby Fox the JRPG fan knows more about hebrew mythology than he does about SMT, you're a dumbass.

2. The tweet is deleted at this point because I don't have that account anymore but if you think I'm weaving some grand narrative to convince the world that there's an SMT reference in Undertale you are, again, a dumbass.
It's not the focal point of my argument, I'm just using it to tell you that you could ask him yourself if you wanted to and he'd say the same shit.