Party member "dies"

>party member "dies"
>comes back as an enemy later because you "abandoned" them

What piece of shit are we talking about? Call of Nutty? Army of T.W.A.T.S.? Or some JRPG atrocity?

Name 300 games that do this

>party member """""""""""""""""""""dies""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
>comes back later as the main antagonist

Name 1 (one) game(s) that do this

He's technically already "dead" before you join the party but still counts

>Kill party member
>Go to jail

Heroes 3

>Antagonist dies
>Comes back later as a party member

>Never play weeb trash RPGs
>Never understand these references

Mass Effect 3.

If you don't save Jack, you fight a generic Cerberus grunt with her name later in the game.

>party member abandons you for gypsy pussy

fucking frollo

Why are the opinions assosiated with this image always garbage?

because varg is garbage

>Who is John Marston?

In BG2, if you leave Jaheira in Irenicus's dungeon and then wish her back to you later on, she'll go absolutely apeshit and attack you.

Mega Man X2, kinda.
If you don't pick up Zero's parts, you'll have to fight him.

You really don't want to fight him

Kiefer you dumb fuck. There were

Butthurt m*dtoid detected

Always found that storyline to be stupid

>kill enemy
>they put their summon sign down to help you with the upcoming boss


>party member dies as part of the plot
>permanently lose any items you had equipped on them