Ni no Kuni 2

First 18 minutes
damn....the king of ding dong look like THAT?

I finished Ni No Kuni on the PS3 but holy fuck was it bloated with grinding. If it was a 30 hour game it would have been a great RPG, instead it was a 60+ hour bore fest.

I lost it when he shot the guard.

's gonna have Denuvo.

I'm confused about the combat from this video as well, why does he back away every couple of hits? Do the enemies stagger or not? It's hard to tell how it works.

Looks neat. I didn't give the first Ni No Kuni a fair chance. I'll buy it.

Sucks that all the porn is of the shota and not of the loli. Hopefully that will change once the game is actually out

I've slowly been getting hyped for this game to the point where I'm strongly considering hooking up my PS3 again. I never got too far in that version because I'd already played a bunch of the DS version in Japanese.

Hated the fuck out of the battle system in the first No no Kuni and looks like I'll be hating the fuck out of this one too.

Looks quite a bit better, but I'm still not convinced it will be any good.

Watched several boss fight footage and I am convinced that it will actually be worse.

Looks much better to me, it would be hard to be worse than the first.

>main characters not fully voice acted
this isn't y2k what the fuck

Voice acting was a mistake anyway.

in this case it wasn't. I was going to commit to watching this 18 minute intro to see if I could get interested in this game but after a couple of minutes it already looks boring as hell.

I don't like the music either.

it's already started

There's porn of him?

You don't know what that term means.

>Masculine male character who's thrown into a completely unknown situation against his will and spends exactly 0 seconds angsting over it
Holy shit

t. triggered autistic weeb

t. ironic weeb

If you're going to meme at least do it right.

It's completely straight to fuck shotas.

But he also looks like a trap, that means it's double-negative gay, making it normal gay.

checkmate atheists

It will probably be fun up until you get your first companion just like the first one

Oh no...