Why the hell did this die?


I play it daily, so I'm not sure what you're talking about tbqh

the elitist fanbase pushed everyone I knew away from it.

pic related

The people who enjoy it still play it. If you would like to play is, you are sure to find a game.

Not F2P

PC has just way too many multiplayer games. With the lack of backwards compatibility your share of online games on a console are limited so of course the population in the games in them is big. Now on PCs newer games are also disputing the time of long old as fuck games that still get played like TF2 or even older such as Quake 3 Arena.

The game was too hard and complex for casuals and the enjoyability of the game was too dependant on a good commander.

I've played it for years, on and off for like 1200 hours, and although it's definitively the most interesting MP FPS I've got my hands on, at some point much like for other MP games you've seen more or less everything. And since many players came to NS2 in search of novelty, unlike other MP time sinks where people can spend tens of thousands of hours exercising their muscle memory, most players that have enjoyed NS2 on release 6 years ago are now burnt out like me.

NS3 when? Hoping for a gameplay that leave more to creativity in strategies, NS2 was good in that regard but I felt it could have went far beyond.

Most people just play whatever is popular at the time.

It doesn't prevent MP games from being successful on PC, but it means there's way more competition for the playerbase's attention, and not so popular games might suffer, as this does, Evolve, Titanfall and so many others.

just play on wooza's during european times it has like 42 people playing at once

lot more fun than vanilla

Are people still tryhards? I haven't played in a good couple months and rather not have to deal with people blasting my ass for not gitting gud.

Developers admitted the 2009 release date trailer was a lie just to get pre order sales to keep developing the game.

the map with the bar was so cool

Because its a shell of the incredible game NS 1 was, which was F2P. Too many foolish changes from the original coupled with the elitist attitude in the community ensured it wouldn't survive. I played a ton of both, and NS 2 never quite had the spark that the first did

As a shooter it really wasn't satisfying.

The superior game should've been made instead.

Honestly it just spent too long in development, so it never had a lot of momentum. Also devs could never get the balance right right, and the alien commander was an awful idea.

Except it was satisfying as fuck shooting skulks out of the air with the shotgun like your on the skeet range.

Also they should have kept the grenade launcher as an attachment for the regular rifle like they had in the early beta instead of reverting it to the NS1 shittgy grenade launcher. It's like they decide to make things less fun as time went on.

When the lead dev of NS1 and NS2 became a gigantic faggot.

Because the balancing was ass.
I remember being able to face roll my way through most fights as an alien while playing as a marine always felt like being cannon fodder

i think a major factor is that the game is hard to get into and people really go out of their way not to be welcoming so they can enjoy their diminishing playerbase

Yeah marine is fucking boring as shit.

This game here did it right where humans had classes that you could get with kills.

>tfw Quake 2 has the same player count

Since the main character doesn't talk, I would have preferred a female character just to see some female skin tight wetsuit thighs. Hell, give the option to choose gender while we're at it.

Because very few multiplayer games have a shelf life longer than 5 years.

It was much more boring than NS1, it was very poorly optimized on release, and the learning curve and online interactions would drive most sane people away quickly.
I know a lot has changed but on release it annoyed a lot of longtime fans because alien and marine commander. Imo NS1 death started when games became shorter and shorter and when combat mode came out. NS2 followed a lot of these things with shorter matches. Many people will disagree but my fondest memories of NS1 were the absurd 2 hour long back and forth wars of attrition many people on the team were truly invested in. The fat fuck gorges sitting in hallways desperately helping each other. The marines building giant turret bases and screaming in fear huddled in a room. NS2 had some of these moments but do to technical restraints, balancing issues, and map design it was never the same. Also the meta of it got stale real fast and the technical issues were annoying as fuck at release. I'm sure it's polished as fuck now but who wants to join a complex as fuck game with a refined meta over 6 years only to have some nerd screetch cause you didnt navigate the map maze fast enough and build the meta rush armory as fast as possible.

>Didn't launch with combat mode which is what most people played
>Combat much less fluid and less satisfying than NS1
>Can't play as a speedy ass skulk the entire game if you're skilled enough and be fucking lightning with teeth

Most importantly it just doesn't have that super fast gameplay of the original while also still being able to track your targets well. It can be hard to play as a marine or alien in NS2 because you can't fucking find your target even though the gameplay is much slower than in NS1. Not sure how they would fix that.

What do you mean?

>Many people will disagree but my fondest memories of NS1 were the absurd 2 hour long back and forth wars of attrition many people on the team were truly invested in. The fat fuck gorges sitting in hallways desperately helping each other. The marines building giant turret bases and screaming in fear huddled in a room.
Reminds me exactly of the Gloom mod for Quake 2, except we had builder classes and no commanders in that game.

Ya in NS1 the aliens didnt have a commander, the gorges built shit on their own. Which was what I meant when I said it annoyed longtime fans. People thought the asymmetrical aspect was one of it's greatest strengths cause aliens didnt even have a commander but then in NS2 they made the teams much more similar so the game would me more user friendly. Cause if people were trying to play for cereal 1 of the 6 gorges on the team could fuck up the strat.

Booted it, played it some, got dunked on hard for game after game. I could never get a feel for anything. Quit.

the only fun i have in this game is in wooza's arcade server which is only full during european hours

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this when the tweet came out. Swimming backwards to see those legs would have been a nice little pickle tickle while playing.

Otherwise, just having the character wear faceless diving gear would have been acceptable. At the moment, he's an ugly motherfucker.

This, i tried playing a few years ago. The barrier to entry vs these long time players is insane.
Imagine trying to get into CS:GO where the only other 100 or so players have been playing for years and you're just trying to learn what gun to buy.
Fantastic game, wish it had tens of thousands of constant players, but it doesnt and im not up to spending hundreds of hours catching up to the 4 different lobbies of players

>remember that map with the exterior catwalk.
>Major choke point.
>Remember games where 4 of us would spec jetpacks and nade launchers, and just rain hell down the catwalk for halfhour stalemates.

God, that shit was Red Orchestra 2 levels of fun.