Open up vermintide launcher to play the new update

>open up vermintide launcher to play the new update
>see this new button

zero to full mast in 5 seconds

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tfw nine more days till full autism grind
oh well, at least on the 22nd we can start having threads again

So does the new Red Moon sign have any alternate NM/Cata versions like the other signs?
I didn't notice a difference

how moddable will it be does anyone know? custom maps and shit cause thatd be great

For reference, this is my sign after Cata
Anyone got a lower version to compare it to?

Have they said if it's Workshop, or something else?

>that new map
oh baby

mines the same and i only did it on hard

cool I'll get started on the anime girl models

Check it earlier today.
Don't think there are any difference.

Surprised they are bothering adding modding support to 1 and not just going fully into 2.

It's Steam Workshop.
They have been working on it together with the mod-creators for some months.
Coming to Vermintide 2 as well.

Fucking Fatshark, they really are great. It's honestly shocking that they're doing this not not only V2, but also V1. The last few missions, dotr and waylaid was unexpected, but very welcome, but I really didn't think mod support would come too.

>all those elf mods

ban all elf players mod when

>"QoL" mods
>adds health bar to everything
>can see your damage
>fucking third person mod
>and tons of other casual shit

Way to ruin a game this is going to get worse with official support, at this point just use cheat engine I'm fucking sick of these casual ass kids.
Kill yourselves

you can turn all of that off ??? lol

Please show me where the elves touched you, user.

someone devote your life to making pvp mode. I want to be an assassin

You're dumb

40K MOD WHEN?!?!?!?!

>Be hardened L4D Versus veteran
>Play it for hundreds for hours, even with tryhard server plugins like confogl
>Check out Vermintide
>Kind of enjoy it
>"Man, I wish this had Versus modes"
>Play it some more
>Suddenly wish it never gets Versus

>the first game still getting content

RIP Chandelier

kill yourself pvposter

>modding the elf out of the game.
It's going to be great.

That said, mods are going to be seperated in 2 groups. 1. Anything goes, and 2. officially approved mods.
There's going to be 2 completely seperate matchmaking realms. One for mods, and one for vanilla gameplay and "approved vanilla mods".
So no more of the rare cheater spawning shit and items in your vanilla game.

More info here:

Good news for you.
No more of that in Vermintide 2.

I seriously hope you can properly kick people as the host on release
I'd rather have bots or someone else join than retards bumbling around in the same area hunting down every last skaven or whatever the fuck they're doing pacing back and forth

I doubt anything worthwhile will come out of this for V1. Modders are attention whores and Vermintide has small playerbase and it will be even smaller after Vermintide 2 since everyone will migrate there. No people so no reason to make mods just look at this
Quality of modding tools doesn't mean shit if barely anyone knows about this game

V1 still getting stuff tho

it will still comically flail around in my heart, user

Yeah I played this, I'm saying that mods won't be made for Vermintide 1 since entire already small playerbase will move to Vermintide 2 so nothing fun will be made for Vermintide 1. It's kind of pointless, but I guess it won't hurt either


They used V1 Workshop integration as a test for V2.
Anyway, most of V1 mods (if not all) are already transitioning to the Workshop.
And I don't know if any more mods are needed for V1. Most I can think of have been done.

>was expecting ubersreik to get overrun by nurgleboys forcing us to flee
>get dumped into what im assuming is a skaven portal and crapped out somewhere
guess we know what the first mission will be

Is there a name for the chaos baghead shitters?

Probably cultists

How do you access waylaid?

It's under Ubersreik on the map.

The post-mission score screen has a stat for Clan Rat/Slaves killed, so probably Slaves

Is the closed beta invite only or can you get it if you pre-ordered?

you could've bought a key off a 3rd party site, but the closed test is over now.

I mean for the 22nd, not the technical test

It seems that those who preordered will get into all next beta tests.

idk but if you preorder you will get an early release of the game, essentially 28th feb

updated the image

2000000 hours in gimp

Perfection. But where's the chaos sorcerer fartnado?

Awesome. Think I'll just sleep until thursday

oh shit I completely forgot
fixed and completed


There is new one in the Keep. Or maybe it's this same one even.

>turn Saltzpyre's pistol into a bolt action sniper rifle and give it infinite ammo
WHAT did the mean by this


All other three gods are tempting but who the fuck would want to be this?


Nobody, which is why Nurgle spreads his influence with a fucking plague.

never feel pain again?
be it physical or emotional.

Do you guys think we'll get a new mission/balancing changes for the 22-28(?) test?
I'm not expecting much to change since they're probably working almost full time on the early-release build, but I hope we get something cool.