Able to sleep soundly every night knowing that your character is far superior to every other character posted on Cred...

>able to sleep soundly every night knowing that your character is far superior to every other character posted on Cred Forums so far
is there a better feel?

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I want to have sex with your character.

Those eyes, your character might have the downs man.

Why does every faggot go with the dyke haircut? You have better short hair options but you all choose to make your girls look like teenage boys.

>playing as a ginger


>ginger with worst of all short cut
the fuck is this monstrosity

Did you forget where you are? This place is full of faggots who fap to teenage boys.

Eyes, eyebrows, and lips are all wrong OP. Looks like a person with FAS.

The eyes look retarded and if you take away the freckles you have nothing especially attractive left.

>Doesn't like all types of women
>Has to nitpick to make sure everyone around him knows he's super straight
Just admit you like cock already.

>female character
uhh why not just make a male character then??
I think you're in the closet dude, its 2018 literally no one cares if you're gay.

Looks like a boy with fucking awful hair.

>fighting monsters with longhair/styled hair
bold or boycut is the only option fag

>tfw no qt wendy's gf

They are closet faggots.

I get what you were going for and I like it but she still looks like she has downs.

I don't think being attracted to good looking women is nitpicking, fag, but nice projection. Keep telling yourself that you love "all types of women" so you can hide your lust for dick.

>I'm too retarded to identify women by facial features alone.


Are you sure?
You should post her then

It's gay to think someones gay for thinking someone else is gay.

>"ugh bro she needs her hair down to the ankles for me to fuck her I don't like those fucking dykes bro"
That's a cry for dick if I ever heard one.

God dam fucking mouth breathing bottom feeder you got there! Oh, and down syndrome.

Prfft, the character I made for my little sister is better than that.

fucking plebian. i meditate 2 hours in the morning and am productive for the rest of the 24 hour cycle.the better feel is that i go outside and do things for 20 hours

I knew she was going to get bullied and that was my plan all along(you guys are so predictable) now shes sad and I can go console her with my ____

Why is no one using the best female haircut which is the bob cut?

thanks Justin Trudeau

And spend the last 2 on Cred Forums?

>All these faggots making women instead of old men covered with scars carrying a big weapon

Masculine face + feminine hair > Feminine face + masculine hair

Alot of girls also like dudes with long hair, does that mean they are gay too?

Your character looks like it has down syndrome.

You're having nightmares from now on, I'm taking that title

She looks like she was born in a trailer park and digs the shit out of her ass with her bare hands.

>being a dumb waifufag

ugh no

No, there isn't a better feel.

Nah it means they want them instagram likes.

she looks like she has down syndrome and has a bad face rash or pink eye or both.

Anyone want to do that street fighter v arena fight with me?

White trash whores are my fetish.

i didnt know jagras was a playable race

The New World has Switches?

Try moving the eyes apart by like 1 increment

why are you playing as girls? seems weird desu

>not beeing this superior to everyone it wont matter ever

git gud

Jesus christ is there a way to tweak the opacity of the freckles?
Everybody has them on twice the strength of what they actually supposed to look like

You can, but dumbfucks like OP never get freckles right.

Slight freckles is an instant qt but they never look like OP's

>le youtube clickbait faec

user, that's gay

Your stupid generic slut is just as bad as literally every female character I've seen posted on here and /vg/ combined.


Go back home, faggots.

Yes, not being retarded.

>when the monster drops a switch

>playing as a female in monhun when male armor objectively looks better


in what way exactly? superior in terms of ugly is what you mean right? your bitch is unattractive m8. shit short hair, retard face, too many freckles

all you got right was the hair colour, awful

>proceed to name her something shitty like xXxQT3.14xXx, Asuna, Hisoka, HHH, and Arsene Wenger.

Feels good for being the only one to give lore-friendly name to my female Hunter and Palico.

>best armor is starting armor
transmog when

>/asp/ posting on Cred Forums

1st thought that came to mind

This game is full of manlets.

Yeah, being able to sleep soundly because your life isn't shit.

>He didn't make an operator

>all these fags think their characters look good

Let's see yours then.


is your sister a girl (male)

I don't play female characters, but I completely understand why some men do in Monster Hunter World.

I want to fuck your little sister.

hes probably "waiting for pc" aka gonna pirate it when its old news and the ultimate version is out for consoles

You know your character looks completely different once you leave the creator, right?

>fake redhead
>down syndrom eyes
>face infested with diseases

Are you even trying

female hunters are for breeding

Please don't dye your gear white


>waifu thread

Fuck off bitch. This is Cred Forums not

Please dye your gear white



native americans and black girls are my thing and you managed to combine them 10/10 would colonize

Himecut when?

>that hourglass figure

why the long face?

Go away Demo

literally no ass the game

I hate you user. I hope you clicked the default white and turned the brightness down a bit at least so it doesn't look like plastic.

No, I didn't. My cat is bright white too.

Can you pause the scene in gallery?

You are disgusting. At least I won't see your cat because most quests are either solo or 4 people. My cat is green.

I'm waiting on the pc release so I haven't had the chance to make a hunter yet, but I saved a real qt I found while lurking these threads

>You are disgusting.
>My cat is green.

looks like a FAS downy

Pipi Longstocking knock off

Nope. Which makes taking screenshots from the gallery painful with the slight delay the screenshot button has.

My character is a greasy clown biker ready to poz some beasts

>not taking instant screenshots with share+triangle

Welp fuck me.

PC version when?
I want to play as autism itself


Looks like a shitty anime character

Only ugly people who cant get top tier qts say shit like this. Long hair only detracts from cute faces

>making a waifu character instead of making a male self insert character and waifuing the handler

She's pretty qt BUT, those amazing thighs catch the most attention anyway.

is your sister any good at MH?

Fuck you all, post palicos

How did I do Cred Forums?


I really like that girl. Also that palico outfit is my favorite I've seen so far in the game.

No one is ready

What's the best way to get Rathian Spike+? I've been hunting High Rank Rathian and I've got none. I need fucking ten.

I like neck.If I can see the girl's neck, then its a good cut.

>cookie alt
well hello newfag could you open your mouth so i can see something?


She'd mistake your dick for a Vienna sausage the second she stopped focusing on not eating for one second

She is the fucking worst

That hair and skin color looks absolutely awful together and you're blind if you can't see it

Nah she's cheerful and loves cooking for you. Best waifu material.

Based /asp/ poster

Serious question?

I made a guy

are you trying to imply that rihanna is even remotely attractive?

I am, apparently

Christ alive please go back to whatever shithole you came from.

you didnt just make "a" guy you made Dave England

You are small time

Indecent outfit.


Oh boy why are all the characters walking red flags

>this is the power of soy

Cause you faggots like traps

of course I know....

Boring as fuck

post music you listen to when killing the monsters.

>all these dopey faced thots


You know you can get rid of the puffy red eyes. You should. Your character shouldn't look like a meth head.

you have never seen a woman in real life huh? its called eye shadow

she is C U T E