Kirby Thread

Kirby Thread.

Star Allies releases in 25 days. What are your thoughts on the game?

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Looks good but I really hope they haven't shown off most of the content.

>Star Allies releases in 25 days, and the English site still hasn't been updated



Stop reminding me please

Ability Mixing looks to be a HUGE step up from Squeak Squad, and Helpers returning is sick.
Kinda worried the ending won't be as good as Robobot unless they really do have the balls to pull the Zero card.

Star Allies better be great, I'm really excited for it and if it's not better than Robobot I'll be disappointed

there's already an earlier thread up, it won't get infected by adofag, either

Did you pray to plugg today?

Adofag is here so they'll just migrate there. The image will be posted soon enough.

now it will

No, it won't. Trust me. Migrate.

Blob Adeleine from 64 is better than Loli Adeleine from 3, I like the blobby rounded and chibi designs of Kirby.

Star Allies looks so good, i hope its bigger than super star in shit to do. I loved the concept of Kirby GCN (4P helpers) and the fact that its coming back and expanded upon makes me really happy.

This is true, DL3 Adeleine is generic anime

>acknowledging one guy like that
You people are irredeemably stupid.

CHADO is better than retard loli Adeleine. Get out pedophiles.

This. Ignore shitters like that.

How about we stop sperging about Adeliene. Instead of losing your shit when someone posts something about her just ignore it





more like Adon't.





What the fuck is going on in this image



much like the 64 fairies sadly

Assuming there's a mode like Dededetour but with an helper of your choice, who are you going to choose first?

What kinda lore do you think SA is going to add?

Guys please move to
shitposting isn't there
stop giving them attention

Buff Dedede

my man

bugzy or bonkers



>i-i wont shitpost in my own thread please go there
You are pathetic. All this shitposting and pixiv trash spamming because you were an Ado shotafag that got BTFO. You can keep doing it, it will be a tasty perpetual reminder of your vanquished dreams and endless frustration.

my nigga

Ado is a girl you idiot.






That's why he's angry and why he draws a dick on DL3 Adeleine.


Bonkers, for hammer's sheer damage output.

Although I really hope that you can change your helper during the mode. Doing helper to hero with every helper was already long and difficult. Just imagine having to play through hard mode of the entire game for every single helper.

>That episode
Why'd you have to remind me of that, user.


My nigga.





Really fires those neurons.

My boy







Looks good but i want the fucking preload to be up.



>hating a character enough to save a folder of shitty fanart to spam threads with it to make people turn on the character
Takes me back. I haven't done that since Bowser Jr got confirmed.

>create two characters for the sole purpose of making them suffer forever
what did kumazaki mean by this

Get out of this thread
Get out of this thread

Shimomura games suck cock
Sakurai is an idiot
The current director makes the same game over and over again

Its honestly poetic.

>the state of these threads
We really need to stop posting threads until info comes out, it's really killing the quality of these threads.

Was catching up on the old thread and this really had me cracking up. good post if you're here user

So is Makiko singing this or not? I never got a clear answer

Some people get off on pain.

>Ado folder filling up quite nicely
And they call this a bad thread.

But at what cost, user?

user, haven't you learned? It's a tradition for these threads to always start out as shit, but become amazing as time goes on.


it's the kirby pleb filter

>saving pixiv master files
that's the real trolling here.

>It's a tradition for these threads to always start out as shit, but become amazing as time goes on.
What the hell are you talking about, that's a fucking MH thread tradition. Kirby threads have been super comfy for years.

Second and last one from me.

Nah, recently we've had a bunch of threads whose beginnings have been mired in shitposting, but which grew to become something special. Last thread started out the same way, for instance.

I'd hardly call the last month or two tradition user, and at any rate that's something we should be nipping in the bud. If you mean last night's thread I do not like you one bit

>only started happening on Friday

True. I wish there were a way to get rid of the shitposters, but it seems like there best cure is time. What happened last night?
That's like, 30 years in Internet time.


What happened here?

>He wasn't here last night
Thread started to get spammed with Kirby porn. It was a mess.

He was too cool, Meta Knight told him to cut it out

Thought that was two nights ago. Could be wrong, though. Disgusting nevertheless.


>last night's thread
How'd I forget how much of a disaster that thread was, i'm cracking up just thinking about about it and it STILL wasn't as bad as Friday/Saturday's thread

Over the line


Last night was the finest Ado vs Adeleine autism you could ask for

I love her but I am so sick of reading her name right now.

He must've read one of those "why you should sit up straight" infographics you see circulating around Cred Forums.
The insignia on his epaulets changed too. Is he a hired arm?


It was quite enjoyable.


Inside the mask. The pink thing just covers it. Guess what taking off the pink thing reveals? I'll give you a hint: Zero.

Same place face is

Someone pointed out that Galaxia was altered in Star Allies.

Buggzy poster is the best person in this thread
I'm glad you're excited for his return

>bugzzy and beetley


Muthafucking Knuckle Joe
These would also be fine.


Sorta looks like the Smash Bros version

>can have Buggzy and Beetley on your team
I just realized this and now I'm even more pumped

There's no "animated blood" in the rating, only "cartoon violence".

Obscured by his helmet's bevor.

>HAL knew the ESRB would spoil the end of the game, so they didn't show them anything that would get the "animated blood" label

throw in knuckle joe for the fightan trio


>Implying that can stop HAL

Still looks cool but it looked better before, honestly.

>one eye

how can one character cause so much asshurt

I want a solo helper mode like everyone, but I also wanted to have a combined ability option for an elemental Bio Spark run. We'll see how it goes.

How does it make you feel knowing that this 10+ year long forgotten one-off enemy is about to get his own fucking playable mode in the newest Kirby game?

Because he hits you REALLY hard!

I like it.

We can see multiple helpers and ability combos in this video
Still no confirmation that there's a helper mode, though


His sword in Star Allies is more jagged, if anything the Smash version is similar to the one on Robobot.
gamexplain's streaming rtdl if anyone's interested

You can still make friends in the friend only mode, there's footage of it somewhere

>kirby star allies
>kill self ado
what did hal mean by this sorry


user we just got over this


What went wrong?

What boss/mid-boss do you want to return? aside from adeline/ado

What if every single boss returns?

Giving DDD a neck.

box boxer because fuck you

Look at that smug-ass face. He knows that he's better than you, and he wants to make it clear that he knows. God, I want to sock him in the kisser so fucking bad.


Computer Virus

Does anybody have that one pic with Dark Nebula and Drawcia?


Not a big enough hammah

>sub game devoted to computer virus
>full fledged rpg
would buy

this one?

>Computer Virus wasn't a bonus boss in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
What the fuck, HAL

Best Kumazaki Dedede, i'll give it that

The mouth. If his mouth had been rendered better for the pose not many people would complain

Can anyone make out the reflection in his crown?

Yes, thanks bro

Feels good, I like Kirby 64. I'll probably go with Chef Kawasaki, though.

More direct comparison.

now here's the million dollar question:
will you have friends to play KSA with, anons?

why does the ball on his head keep growing?

It stinks there isn't online play too though, since I'd like to play with some friends who don't live nearby too.

My nigga

Are we gonna have to make another progression timeline thingy? Because I will, but only reluctantly.

I've got one, they made Kirby's Return to Dreamland so much better than it would have been alone so I'm pretty hyped.

the ball will become Zero once it reaches full size

Man, Star Allies looks all kinds of fucked up.

>you never see bandana dee with his bandana off
Guys what if bandana dee wears the bandana because he’s harboring dark matter which is feeding/controlling him this whole time
Like in harry potters and lord Valdemore.


I mean I do, but they're all absolute shit at Kirby
>Return to Dreamland 4 player

No offense, but are you the twelve year old from last thread?

Not without online play, I don't. I miss them so much in this town.


I’m memeing here because I had a stupid thought and wanted to post it

>the twelve year old from last thread?
fuck'd I miss?

What if Meta Knight wears the mask because he's actually a Dark Matter spawn and doesn't want his form to be lost and his power released?

In that case, carry on. I didn't mean to be an ass, I just thought that the typo was evidence of underage. You're fine, unless you're lying.
Some kid posted his art and told everyone that he was 12 btw, because that's what 12 year olds do. it was actually kinda good

But he has taken off the mask before

This user knows. Buggzy is the crossroads between the Beetle aesthetic and Wrestling aesthetic which I've grown to love over the years.

Honestly back-to-back runs with Buggzy and Beetley is not out of the question.


And he always disappears when he does. What if he does it so that no one sees him start to lose form and release the Dark Matter within?

I somewhat like Star Allies version a bit better than Brawl, but Smash 4 came the closest. However even then that Dedede looks really goddamn derpy when he's neutral. Plus he still holds his hammer using two fucking arms at all times rather than just one.

But we’ve seen his face before

Didn't even see:
before. I suppose I am among friends here.



>we know Dark Matter was a lonely piece of shit
>we know Zero can't feel love
>we know Zero-two is sad all the time
>we know Dark Nebula is king of darkness
>we literally know nothing about Miracle matter, they just exist
what's up with that?


Don't do this to me.

I am so glad I pointed that out now


Yes, but why have anons lately been so obsessed with everything being dark matter?

well? do you?


>live with family
I could get my little brother, my little sister, and my mom to play maybe
It's my only chance, since I don't have friends IRL

Pretty sure all the non-Star Allies cultist theory stuff are jokes, nobody actually thinks Kirby or Meta Knight are secretly Dark Matter

Now this is getting out of hand.

we go through this cycle every Kirby release, Dark Matter in Robobot made it extra fun last year

I mean, it is just a theory

i do have friends but none of them are interested in kirby.

>pretty much the only time nobody expected Dark Matter to show up
>he's a secret boss fight
>the game even tricks you into thinking you'll only be fighting Galacta



Star Dream looks a little off in this image

no u

absolute madman.

Make me

Wow, rude

Yep. The three of us loved playing RtDL together, and we were all really happy upon hearing that this would have multiplayer. I'm going to get it on release date, but I'll probably wait to play it until I see them again. But we're all really excited.

Now there are two of them

How did HAL get away with this?

2016 was a different time.

Fuck you, I hear that on the radio every Tuesday and I laugh like an idiot every time.

>fuck you
But i also want Box Boxer to return



I hate this image

Someone at Hal drew this for the 25th anniversary.

I don't believe you, it isn't blurry enough

The twitter post is going to be something today, right? It won't a stick show off RIGHT?

HAL employee here. I drew it.

Star Dream? I wish we had known that earlier!

>will there be a twitter post dedicated to the one ability they haven't shown off yet

I'm all for seeing Stick some more, but I'd prefer something more interesting.

I can't remember Kirby bros, what YTP had dedede saying "I NEED A MONSTA TO CLOBBA ME"? I see it quoted here a lot but I completely forgot it's name.

>not wanting more Staff
You some kind of queer?

The gangs all here

King Dedede inhales a negative ion

Remastered from this photo

Ah yeah thanks bud.

I will never not love Dedede's southerner voice.

Same. For me it's the DEDEDEFINITIVE Dedede voice.

you know what
this is a good mod

While looking for that, I found the one with the NEDM joke

I'm not one for being picky with graphics or anything but I can't be the only one who thinks this game looks fucking beautiful
This is a fucking classic and I'm surprised no one has done a proper sequel to it.



God I miss MrTennek (he didn't make the video but it perfectly matches his comedic style).



Post ideas for friend abilities
>using a wing through a fire causes the fire to spread
>can throw a hammer using whip
>if you ride a helper like beetley or birdon while flying you can throw projectile based weapons
>using ESP over sleep kirby allows bad dreams to fly out and attack enemies
>can bat bombs using hammer

>if you ride a helper like beetley or birdon while flying you can throw projectile based weapons
>can bat bombs using hammer
I can see these two happening



>Wind + parasol lets you control which way you float w/ the parasol

best version of dedede's theme?

>combining fire and bomb kills you instantly




either Super Star Stacker or D-Mind

Using Elemental Attacks with Fighter gives you crazy Dragon Ball-eque laser beams
I don't get this /vp/ meme.


>You will never go out on a date with Meta Knight

Why even go on living at this point


Regular version, RtDL
Masked, Triple Deluxe
>not Fireworks ala 64

>using ESP over sleep kirby allows bad dreams to fly out and attack enemies
Holy shit, that sounds dope. Wait, was Sleep confirmed?

>tfw fantasied about a Robo-Dedede fight that plays a remixed Star Stacker theme

>Spark + Beetle

>the Zero card
Please do.

Shit forgot about fireworks. How about combining crash+crash crashes the game



I love Meta Knight so much I'll marry him!

Regular theme


I think it's more of a /padt/ thing to be more specific.

I think it's possible now more than ever knowing that they were THIS close with Robobot and with all the DL3 references. But it could very easily be a red herring.
Having Zero and Nightmare return is the ONLY way I can see this game topping Robobot though since there's not really any other worthwhile big bads that would generate enough hype.

No, fuck off, I'M marrying him. Go find some other husbando.

>implying they can't generate hype with a completely original villain
see: Sectonia


>Mike + Crash causes this

Dededestroyer Z. Best final boss theme in an otherwise boring game.


The one that makes mustard gas

Sectonia and Hatlmann were really good villains and I'm glad they're now apart of the kirby franchise's history

All my life i thought that was a big squirrel teeth

I implore you to reconsider not having this in regular


Five years ago, did anyone think we'd get any villains like Sectonia or Haltmann? I sure didn't

That's what's so great about them. They came out of pretty much nowhere and left their mark on the franchise. I, for one, can't wait to see if the new villain is either a returning Zero or a completely new and fucked up entity.

This, especially Haltmann. His voiceclip is so damn fun to hear. Also how do we call Kirby's villain group? The nightmare gallery?

wait FUCK I had an even better idea for wing + fire
>Using the friend ability button with fire and flying into it with wing causes it to become a phoenix like in Kirby 64


Sharing is caring, user.

I'm waiting to see what this guy's deal is.
He/She's probably not the final boss, but could be cool

Is the user that mostly post gijinka Kirby here? I miss that guy?

I bet he's the Penultimate boss

I'm not saying it couldn't. Honestly though the onlu reason Robobot is so high up for me IS the nostalgia icing on the cake.
Star Allies will be great but it if it can't top Star Dream's reveal and Dark Matter Swordsman then it won't be better to me.
Also I find Sectonia to be pretty meh compared to Magolor

Magolor looks cute as hell.
I want to lewd him.

Honestly I'm more anxious to learn about that character than I am to learn about the god the cult is worshipping.

the dead losers and magalor

I wish we had his or her name, though that may be part of the surprise

The problem is that there are a lot of Dark Matter parallels with the cult (mainly the eye motif and the design of Dark Fort), so if it's an original villain it REALLY has to subvert expectations with its design in order to stand out on its own, lest it becomes Dark Crafter 2.0/Dark Nebula 3.0

the robe just makes me think it'll be someone known like marx or something and he'll be like IT'S ME KIRBY, IT WAS ME ALL ALONG


>It ends up being gooey

>Marx summons Zero to fuse with him

>Dark Nebula 3.0
I mean to be fair Dark Nebula actually was Dark Matter for once

>that drawcia

Mr Shine & Mr Bright + the fusion from Mass Attack.

Well, part of the reason Star Dream's reveal was so good was how it was set up
>dead silence after phase 2
>teleports to center of the screen, closer than he's been the entire boss fight
>waits for a bit as the revelation sets in
>s-l-o-w-l-y opens his eyes
>eyes fully open, title theme starts playing
>teleports back further
>distorted MRROOOOOWWW as the background goes all crystal-rainbowy, setting up the crazy boss fight

>Only thing returning from his game is Suplex
there really is no hope for his return, is there?



I will never get over how perfectly this picture was timed

The amount of build-up and "OH SHIT" in that reveal makes me believe they could pull off Zero's return well.

Why do Kirby fans want so much for villains/bosses to be rehashed

Somebody may want Zero back

Heavy Mole
Computer Virus
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright.
Miracle Matter
Acro Fatty Whale team up
Wham Bam Rock
Master Hand and Crazy Hand