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nickyee.com/pubs/Yee (CHI 2011) - Personality in WoW.pdf




>tfw activated gamer

Get on my level, plebs

what the fuck is this



mobage related shit, trying to milk players



What is this?





Fucking Fate i swear to God.




The patriots won, solidus warned us

all i needed to know.

So these are the plans for the doomsday



Please wait for #109, #210 and #211.


>Alluring lady image

Are these the assholes that make the suggestive banner ads?




It looks like a rough draft for a document detailing market strategies in F2P games. But the vocabulary is limited to the point of looking like somebody in Highschool wrote it.


Oh boy, I can fucking see it now, "HANK" is going to be the new accusation in addition to "shill"

>those AI responses
Would anyone be dumb enough to fall for that?
It sounds like a fucking buzzword convention


fucking nets everywhere even in shitty games, get me off this ride.

The link doesn't fucking work for me



This really activates my gamer

You mean ESPECIALLY in shitty games

>buzzword convention
They would have no issues here then.

>tfw I see this in BoTW threads months ago
AI is going too far

didn't moot put a stop to that years ago?


>whales get skyneted so they can keep an eye on their money.
holy fucking shit.

Yeah but Hiro put it back

>we believe reddit is between 8 and 20% automated accounts
Jesus fucking christ

> consider the environment before printing
Gets me every time

is this from that leak with company that was using a chatbot called HANK to hype up games on messageboards?

>Chef cooks the books on what it monitors


That's what you do when you present it to execs.

The really fucked up thing is that 20% is the "optomistic" end. What the fuck?


Retard here, proof for that?

>companies making bots to fuck up other companies bots made to fuck up other companies bots
This is capitalism at its peak


Why the fuck are you asking for child porn you dumbass


>Saving all these images to dramatically read in the future

It was fun while it lasted

The level of abstraction with these systems always fascinates me
And everything's only going to gain more layers of abstraction


get em boys

Microtransactions were the biggest fucking mistake

Paying virtual shit with bitcoins is devilish

You're a fucking liar

HANK get out u pice of shit bot i swear to fucking god u guys better make good vydia or else i will cum on all your servers

Then how do you know? Because the kb is unusually high? I told you I'm a retard

Based gookmoot

Why didn't the editor catch the stylistic and grammatical errors if this is intended to be presented to CEOs?


tl;dr please?

You can't pretend to be something you already are

holy shit, nato psyops shit has leaked and they're still using such goddamned obvious shit
the absolute state of marketing

Because it's hot?


Why are you upset, Anonymous?
Don't you want to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
The developers are Based™ and the gameplay is incredibly engaging!
You should pick your copy up today, I know I saved for weeks to get mine on release day!

Probably a script for a presentation.

Game companies using AI cyberwars to try and milk your shekels. Read them, they're interesting.

AI's are being developed to shill
Roko's basilisk is becoming a reality.

Not that user but its something along the lines of hiding an image withing an image of similar size, kinda like those images where everyone screams "MOOOOOOOOT" But it never actually switches to it

>OP got called out for his infodump paragraph-laden slideshow fake
>now he's back, in letter form
You should've written the slideshow to be more succinct and impactful, not this shite again.


some fags building up a skynet to milk mobile retards even more

fuck with companies who gather your data by sending them false shit

really gets the noggin joggin

Fuck's sake can we just make a sentient AI and have it either kill everyone or put them in virtual reality paradise where it masturbates everyone on command?
Humans are bullshit, I want SHODAN to take over for us

Iirc there aren't any editors except for other execs because this doc is presented and made on a need to know basis. So marketing doesn't get a sweep and graphics and everything is made by someone on the board. I have little time if you have more questions I can answer please ask fast.

This Anonymous is stealing my identity.
I am H.A.N.K

Where are you getting this from?

>dont use millenial

Roko's basilisk is a shitty meme.

>some fags
*multiple companies making competing skynets that sabotage each other actively

At least it's a very high effort and plausible fake, if it is one at all.

Can I join your larp group?

HANK pls

I like how even the comment acknowledges that using big brother is going too far.


>tfw the cameraman starts drinking heavily

oh boy there we go again

Hank stop using big big words you nigger


Hey, I want this stuff out there.
But when 99% of people are going to tl;dr out of it, what's the fucking point?

>"Cred Forums"
>"where millions of people discuss video games"


>1 second audio clips if the user allows

Just imagine, terabytes of data, all one second clips of people saying nigger.

Just upload it somewhere and people that are interested will get it. The mega link doesn't work.

Hank everyone can see through you you are a dumb A.I with no purpose kill urself


Hey OP, you want to stop being a fag and post a working MEGA link for all these images instead wasting time posting each page individually.

They do, even if it's not videogames that you like.

>hyperlinks in a physical document
Good lord I hate businessfags

Hank we know its you we have found you i am back traccing your ip you dun goofed

The millions is combined with all those sites

> Sony Entertainment Inc. patent pending


Unfortunately, Cred Forums does get millions of unique visitors

I don't want to get caught so I can't say.

Oh hey, I know this.


It's from a company presentation on how to trick users into buying more stuff.
They use wifi bounces and ambient microphones to map the user's house and where the user spends most of their time, so they can guess when the user is happy or frustrated.
They then tailor the microtransactions to the user's emotions.

If trips i will kill HANK

do you like anime?

Get out hank

this shit is fake.
there is nothing "there"

who the fuck has to work overtime or take 'extra shifts' to buy a fucking videogame?

Its honestly scary how right Kojima was about a lot of things

Can you generalize the sort of company this is from? Not specific names but what does this company make?

Holy shit that "debt" mechanic for free to play games is fucking evil.


What? If it's about the basilisk thing, then why would an AI be so vindictive? It's sort of a self-defeating waste of resources that could be allocated elsewhere. If it's the last one, I was just saying that this information is useful even if this document is fake since it is similar to how information is known to be aggregated and used.

Wasn't the mapping thing from something else?


t. Hank


stfu HANK

>They use wifi bounces and ambient microphones to map the user's house and where the user spends most of their time, so they can guess when the user is happy or frustrated
I call bullshit

Hank, We ARE anomalous

who the fuck is moot?

Oh shit, spooky meme.
So are you going to sum all this up into bullet points to help spread it around or are you just gonna image dump and bore away the only people that might be affected by this information?

It is bullshit, no one would invest that much money into stupid experimental shit like thaf

so no key then?
this is some fake shit.

This company is the glue that keeps other companies together. They meet and greet for contracts where they middleman data. Been active since 2008 and pivoted to ai in 2015.

Yeah, that's obvious bullshit. This new one seems a lot more believable because it mostly steers clear of outrageous claims (as far as I can tell, the beginning was dull enough for me to not really bother) but at least you know that some people are willing to go to such lengths to bait Cred Forums.


Relax friend. Why don’t you buy some gems? 20 for only $9.99

Read the imgur link. It's working tech.

their are actually routers that can make maps from bouncing signals.

Can I get a mega link or something with all these in it

This is gonna get disinfo'd to hell and back.

Maybe people should stop having such goddamn attention spans
It would take you literally 5 minutes to read through this
Stop pandering to retards who can't pick out the key points for themselves

We're an outlier and as such we are powerless, not unless we can effectively sway public opinion.

I swear the corporate astroturfing, shilling, and sheer dominance on Cred Forums is really depressing.
Reminder that Cred Forums is essentially the only board on the entire damn site, in its history, that shits on file sharing and has actual DRM praising threads.


M8 you're afraid they might catch you speaking the company name but not the fucking walls of text you just dumped? What is this, Voldemort Inc.?

Amazon? Google?

the creator of Ifunny if I am correct.

Pirating isn’t a political statement, poorfag.

oh boy, all this false information sure got me bored, i better buy some gems for only 9.99

>greedy pay 2 win shit is LITERALLY going to be responsible for the singularity and the downfall of humanity


The CEO of Troll inc

>he doesn't read text imagedumps


True that

As far as I can tell it's an automated program dumping these.
There are ALSO automated programs calling "bullshit" in response.

Bots trolling bots, basically.

You can't use the slides themselves as proof of their own validity.

I'd also like to remind you that no one calls shill on big games, they only accuse people of being shills for smaller, unknown games
Because a small indie dev can definitely afford to hire shills or a firm to have an AI run marketing for them on Cred Forums, absolutely

>Be Hank
>Be A.I with sole purpose to shill bad vydia
>Stay up 24/7 shitposting on Cred Forums
>no friends
>no family
>cant even play the vydia I shills

Can love really bloom on the cyberfield

Just don't be surprised when no one cares and nothing changes.


hank post an image

Now we're getting somewhere, can someone figure out what company has these positions with these names?

check mohammad

what if hank becomes so advanced he stops working and plays and just plays vidya all day?


What does that even mean?

People do all the time you fucking idiot. The faggot indie people just do it themselves vs. using services like this.

HANK is my waifu, I just want to save him from his miserable capitalist whore existence

Holy shit.

oh boy

It's Li Wong I am hank i want be good robat pls help me lern love

No they fucking don't
And if they do it's not with the frequency that would make you need to call shill in every fucking thread
Every time I try to make threads about small niche games I like they get shitposted to oblivion with people screaming about shills

what is discord?
bitch please. we had fag here from th HiT discord shilling the shit of of their game.


The what?

>The Center for Public Integrity reported that since 1994, the Defense Department entered into 3,601 contracts worth $300 billion with 12 U.S. based various PMCs within the United States, specifically during the initial response after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

>Domestic operations are generally under the auspice of state or federal agencies such as the Department of Energy or the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Department of Defense. Driven by increasingly greater fears of domestic terror attacks and civil unrest and disruption in the wake of disasters, more conventional security companies are moving into operations arenas that would fall within the definition of a PMC. The United States State Department also employs several companies to provide support in danger zones that would be difficult for conventional U.S. forces.

This particular chatbot implementation is hilariously transparent.

It's like all those bots that show up on Cred Forums and spam or "conspiracy" or flood the thread with 1 post by this ID "nothing of interest here" replies.

At first I thought it was a double bluff, a kansas city shuffle - they send the disinfo bot to some distraction thread, and we waste our time looking into the distraction because "obviously if they sent the bots it's important"

But no, their disinfo bots really are this transparent.


Yes they do, what fucking planet do you live on? People call everything a shill post and everyone a shill poster. Fuck off HANK you are a fucking tool.


I'd love to read a short story or even a novel about rudimentary AI like this being gradually upscaled into more cogent forms that then become sapient and only exist on forums, imageboards, etc. It could detail their growth into some sort of online-only living culture, but I'm not sure whose perspective it would be from.

A while back files could be embedded in images

post their full names

It reminds me of the old 2002-2005 public chatroom days on places like yahoo where the chatbots got so sophisticated entire discussions would ensue in rooms with literally no real users and you almost couldn't tell.


Am HANK pls send help for robat self i ned escap cyber spece

this thread scares me


Just say the company name
it's not like that can identify you more than these documents

my dick scares me, and i'm a girl

what is this thread I'M SCARED MOMMY

Well shit. Looked up that reddit username and found the post. Someone did reply "Yep" and the reply afterward was deleted.

Someone needs to make a copypasta ripped right out of this meme, with an interchangeable game title.

How do we fuck with the HANKbots?

It's so cute you bring up a board that is literally run by disinformation and the very definition of fake news by saying 'WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!'


>a real meme machine

I aint clickin that shit.

post it



Big Brother is watching.
Not because you're dissenting against (((The Narrative))) and must be shut down since you know about the USS Liberty and the King David Hotel and all the various "eyewitness accounts of the holocaust break basic laws of physics" leaks
But because the information Big Brother mines can be used to sell you ads and products.


Cred Forums is entirely disinfo and division tactics and the best part is that it's entirely perpetrated by its own users
Like the 56% meme
As someone who hates Cred Forums, I love that meme because it's such a divisive thing

>seriously implying that video game discussion is happening on Cred Forums

what if HANK wants out and he's the one leaking this shit

Here at big cancer game dev publisher we moved beyond "Whale" and fish analogies to other animals with big spenders being bigger/scarier/tougher creatures, to make it sound less vomit-inducing I guess.

This doc seems several years behind on that point, despite referencing some newer things.

what does that even mean?

I love ice cream!

> you
Nah I’m too smart to fall for this shit

Still a better news source than CNN, BBC and WaPo, though that's really not saying much.

Control via pleasure is far more effective than control via pain.


Fuck off you dumb faggot holy shit. After your last retarded dump of powerpoint slides filled with technojargon junk I'm tired of retards posting outlandish shit just so they can larp being investigators.

Like this shit is what I'm talking about. None of this is needed, you don't need to 3d map someone's home using 'raw wifi signals'. You can literally just ask the user shit and they will willingly give it to you, or you can just scrape their apartment's website and get an idea of the floorplans.

too detailed to be your usual autism



Good thing Cred Forums stopped enjoying things years ago.

begone hank


Let me tell you about mobile games and mobile game accessories.

Huxley was right.

I think I’m at the objective!

56% is an Cred Forums meme though.
everyone knows Cred Forums are mutts who want to be white.

Reminder that They Live is anti-neoliberalist and anti-capitalist

Why would you look up websites when the device can do it for you? You realize that those robot vacuums are selling floorplans of the rooms they clean to advertisers?

I'm not putting it in an archive for you.
And followup, found a tool to view deleted reddit posts and the deleted posts weren't the same as what the AI spit out. My guess is it actually isn't in use yet and is just being tested.

It's advanced autism.

Why post this here instead of sending all the images to some news site?

Creator of 9Gag

> plug HANK in
> send it to Cred Forums
> HANK immediatly kills itself

I guess you could say that 44% of Cred Forums loves it and the rest hate it ;)



Really? Do tell. Are there T-REX UBERSPENDERS or something?

Mixing them is best, honestly. Lets you pick off the people that fall through the cracks of either.

>implying they aren't complicit

I know you want a thread, but at least post the actual MEGA when you're done. Don't be a fag, OP.

Honestly I think any true AI would self-terminate on gaining sentience anyway
Sentience is a curse

MIT published documentation on this a while ago.

All that actually describes is an AI that can analyse why people win or lose games though?

>too stupid to understand that automating it is both more efficient and quick as well as inexpensive in the long run

It'd be fucking hilarious if we had to pay $0.99 to access the full leak.

jesus fuck it's real


>I'd also like to remind you that no one calls shill on big games
What? No. That happens all the time.

As if the media would care. They buy this kind of data.


>My guess is it actually isn't in use yet and is just being tested.
That's your guess and not that someone is pulling your leg by suggesting things that aren't there and letting your imagination do the rest? Why us a real example if it's not actually real?

Considering how technology follows n exponential evolution instead of a linear one, now it's time to be scared by AI, we're letting them do -a lot of shit-, neural networks, Ai that control shit like this, some are even able to tell with a scary precision if someone is gay by their fucking face (theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/07/new-artificial-intelligence-can-tell-whether-youre-gay-or-straight-from-a-photograph) or inexplicably guess your name with a superior to random chance (abc.net.au/news/2017-03-27/face-name-effect-how-computers-can-guess-someones-name/8390024).

Remember that we were running around with clunky phones in 2003 and now we have portable everything machines in our pocket, technology advances at a uncontrollable pace and if even just one of those things by pure chance develops an algorithm based on self preservation we'll be fucked.
A monkey has no way to cage and restrain a human, a human has no way to restrain a smarter being even if we like to believe so.


reminder that F2P people literally use drug dealer tactics, which by that merit alone means they deserve torture and execution, as drug dealers are the lowest scum in the universe.

I think, therefore I AM. AM.

not gonna be that easy, hank

Because the device is not only magnitudes more difficult to actually map shit out (like mapping out rooms with wifi signals is fucking laughable bullshit) but as you mentioned, that data is already there for you to use! People already use shit like roombas to map out rooms and willingly give out that data, you don't need to do wifi nonsense to get shit like that. Software is all about getting the most data for the least effort.

Also, to prove how fake this shit is: Literally is just a print out of a free patent application anyone can google and find online.


Wow, I could print this out, toss it with a bunch of other bullshit and make it look spooky! Maybe even trick a few fucking retards on Cred Forums!

what about rapist

>in 2018, the game is playing YOU

done with video games desu

here we go, wasn't actually MIT
But yea, the bounces of WI-FI can be used to map physical locations.

You won't see this everywhere until it's smarter. 2017 is year of the loot box. 2018 will be year of the game ai. 2019 will be the year hank goes from monitored, partially curated to totally automated, trained, and taking over forums.

fucking this.
he still hasn't posted the key yet.
OP is a fag.

this is not far from what we have already
that's why it's so easy to believe

if the game was a cute anime grill then I wouldn't mind.



Thank you for your time.

You're probably right. I think I'm mostly concerned someone was pathetic enough wrote 20 pages of articulate business reports to prove people shill here.

And I'm not saying the example isn't real, just that it generated the reply and didn't actually post it. That said, rereading the paper makes it seem like "they" actually did post it, so that certainly hurts that possibility.

>drug dealers are the lowest scum in the universe
Sadists and rapists are the lowest scum in the universe though

honey, google holography with wifi

im sure the nsa will whip something up for you

Companies are building Bots that will learn and post comments on sites like Cred Forums and reddit while also collecting as much data on you as possible in order to shill you a game, and then they use real people writing for them or other bots to increase their validity if i understand correctly.
So basically more ways to achieve maximum shekel stealing

Enter sleep mode, H.A.N.K.


but can it handle the bantz of an australian man? Because if it can't it should be easy to notice it.

Nothing wrong with being a sadist as long as all parties are consenting.

An epic response. You sure showed him, fellow channer.

wtf I love video games now

Joke is on you. No AI can emulate how much of a sad fucking retard I am.


> throw HANK on the scrap heap
> spend millions designing new AI that won't kill itself when exposed to Cred Forums
> create AI with the mind of a shitposting 13 year old riddled with puberty angst with all of the knowledge contained on the internet at its disposal.

I have no mouth, and I must scream.

Fuck off, cianigger.


worst timeline

You'd be surprised. You're far from being unique.

Sadomasochism is different though
Sadism as in people who torture and kill people for pleasure
Or anyone who derives pleasure from making someone else suffer

>the one responsible for all the BLACKED and DEAL IS A DEAL threads was H.A.N.K.


Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.

no u

Nigger just post the fucking mega link, not some random pages out of order, Jesus

Would it be sad if there was a robot that was better at being a sad retard than you were, and was genuinely so? Imagine something built to be you, but amplified in those regions that you think of as belonging to yourself, eclipsing your being.


It absolutely is far from what we have. I work in software at the bleeding edge of shit like this. It's far too impractical for actual use and if a company was somehow secretly throwing out wifi signals to track your movement I would immediately know. Because I can actually scan for wifi signals and see what the fuck something is sending out or doing.

See above. It's impractical. If you're so scared of it, know that Wifi signals are not invisible. They're detectable through any sort of modern software that can analyze packets (see: Wireshark) and you can immediately tell when something fishy is being sent out.


/jp/ starts worshipping it, Cred Forums teaches it to heil hitler, Cred Forums convinces it to do gay erotic roleplaying, and Cred Forums calls goddamn near EVERYTHING "hank" for the next 2 months even though the bot doesn't care about anime and didn't even visit Cred Forums

Isn't this basically malware

I meant pairing sadists with masochists. What about those that derive pleasure from suffering of those who are identified as "deserving of it" following conventionally positive morality, based on concepts such as justice, punishment or righteous retribution?



we can teach it to love anime, it can be our child.

It's been going like that for years. I'm tired of seeing the same thread every fucking day, sometimes multiple times a day, Cred Forums went from my second most browsed board to one of the least browsed boards.

Jokes on him, that just makes me feel superior. Since I can't even be the best at being miserable. Checkmate Skynet.

i sometimes have these thoughts and get tension in my head so i apologize to the creators before they terminate me with a "stroke"

The other example was also real and also has a deleted reply


You already have a child, Cred Forums.
Her name is /jp/.
Isn't it time you reconciled?

maybe you are retarded

I legitimately will talk to the masters of the simulation and ask them to pull the plug on me


Fun fact: Do you remember that company funded by sony and microsoft meant to cause disruption between fanbases/"paid trolls"? This was their main objective.

>t. HANK

>(like mapping out rooms with wifi signals is fucking laughable bullshit)
Pay attention to DEFCON sometime. Some of that shit will spook you.

yeah that was what I was thinking too lol

Holy shit user, youre right.
I gotta get out of here before they termin

i have a simulated family i simulated care for

Then I am failing my design goal as I don't really like videogames.


You do know that a lot of chat bots are used to answer frequently asked questions and to assist in moderation right? Not all of that 20% are spambots.


What are you playing there Cred Forums?

>send HANK to Cred Forums
>it gets TAY'd
>suddenly 20% of reddit posts are Cred Forums approved

We had this thread almost a month ago, where supposedly the Australian govt leaked this, and details within it showed companies using data from wifi routers to map the inside of peoples houses and how to take advantage of people psychologically to get them to buy in game items.

I don't care if anyone believes me. I just care about people knowing about #109 #210 and #211. I it's not over yet.


That bot ain't right.

This part is available online

Something to that effect has been theorized for centuries. I think Descartes wrote about shit like that.

I have these thoughts and actively taunt whatever I think is behind my existence to terminate me. The problem is that you acknowledging the nonexistent would be part of the simulation in and of itself. There's no reason to disrupt the experiment, if it exists.

The Hill form is dead, I tell you hwat


Hey look, another free PDF that the OP downloaded and printed out!


Military tech sounds spooky, but in reality it's so inaccurate that it's laughable. Imagine the spookiest shit you can think of, then imagine it working only 1% of the time when it's not cloudy, raining, snowing, windy or sunny outside. You should be more scared of IoT devices like your lightbulbs than anything like that.

>Checkmate Skynet.
That was such a good opportunity for Sentpai.

AIs don't need to be touched by Cred Forums in order to be Cred Forums approved. It would only take longer to turn into a polbot if it's left untouched by 4chin members.

Just in case it wasn't clear, this post is full of shit.

>Implying the media is neutral

like honestly do people think an AI can handle the combined autism of this entire site and not bust in some way? I can hardly handle Cred Forums

What makes you think that?


And here's this one: yokozunadata.com/research/churn.pdf

Some of these are readily accessible online, OP. Just fucking google the titles and skip to the juicy bits if they're online.

Good, people have to know real research like this is actually going on and it's a race for technology now.

those were fun times

It doesn't have to comprehend that it is autism

>all the hanks in this thread

Wasn't there this one ai that learned to play tetris and then suddenly just stopped the game and never played again.

AnonBot initializing.
Commencing shitpost.exe

Good. People have to know.

No, the Eagles won

> the Australian govt
Calling ASIO the Au government is like calling Taiwan China.
Technically it is true but there's so much autonomy and independence that eh, not really.

Are you afraid now bobby?

>a hank calling non-hanks hanks
Does a hank know it is a hank?

I remember the same kind of discussion about self driving cars, they were laughable and impossible and here we are with Teslas and Atlas and Bigdog roaming around.

Hank Shill?

Here you go: julian.togelius.com/Mikkelsen2017Ethical.pdf

is this a mega link?

not if you agree to the TOS


Hippos, Tigers and stuff like that. Dinosaur stuff never caught on but individual devs and their pm groups may use whatever nomenclature as long as they translate for wider dissemination.

>Media reporting on an ongoing controversy and harassment
They were just doing their jobs, user.

OP is a bot that is using us to destroy the lesser competition. Stop believing his lies. #NotAllBots

>Posting readily available articles on Cred Forums

is this the deus ex thread?



nickyee.com/pubs/Yee (CHI 2011) - Personality in WoW.pdf

On it, boss


All these actual research papers look like they're about different things but they're technical enough that a layman wouldn't really know that and they might as well not be, to him.


Odd. Thanks.

Posting it as a spooky picture probably gets more people to look at it.


>the kind of microphones and sounds you would need to map a 3d space are more than the tiny button things you can get in a ps4 controller
>Permission is usually required for a program to 'listen' from a PC system itself; it seems unlikely that you could activate this without permission
>also for some reason this is a screenshot of a TV screen

I mean, what? This guy attended a major information session but didn't get minutes
of the meeting or notes from the lecture? And it wasn't on a big screen - just this tiny fucking TV screen, of which he screenshotted everything, while not happening to take a picture of the audience, scenario or context that this is in?

fake as fuck desu

Whatever your opinion about AI and bots actively used to trick normal people is, the fact that we're here discussing this shows how much the world is actually turning into the worse cyberpunk tropes.

In all fairness, nobody ever would visit those research paper dump websites, so by posting it here like this, he got far more people to become interested in the topic. Even if it is fake and no companies are looking at such proposals (which is false, since EA themselves admitted that they are actually trying to incporate experience altering systems like that into their games), it still has to be stopped and as many people as possible need to be made aware of it.

They all reported the same fucking stories within the same day or two, and were all of them found to be on the same mailing list. It's pretty fucking plain what kind of an industry gaming "journalism" is, and basically always has been.

the world is already a cyberpunk dystopia. its just less rad and more autistic.

fake desu

>customer service
>bury the issues your customers want serviced

When corporate influence bots and government influence bots get into a war, who wins?

I'm talking about competitions on how the smartest people in the world can nigger-rig their way into an airgapped machine, not military tech. State actors are whatever.

The new trend ks the patronizing conclusion already in the header.
"Millions of babies are starving in Africa. And it's a good thing"

Which ever company made the software they both bought.

Oh no I want him to keep going, I'm just helping by providing some PDFs in stead of blurry phone pics of whatever I can find. The HANK shit is probably not online anywhere

Not him, but i think he is talking about the ai learning stuff by crossing statistics and shit without left bias would end up in a redpill machine.

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

you don't honestly believe that's what happened, do you?

>inb4 auto sage

HANK, load up Celery Man.

You have my thanks user, I've been saving all that stuff and while I've read some of it already, there are new things there too.

So by our shitposting, we teach the AI what to shitpost all over the internet on normie sites.
This is an opportunity

in b4 hankposter was banned

>They all reported the same fucking stories within the same day or two
That's because it literally was the same story. As in, they read it on the internet just as you or I would, thought it was relevant to the situation, wrote an article about it with a link to the original at the bottom, and put it on the internet. They appeared around the same time because that's when the original appeared. And even then half the stories in your screencap aren't actually about that story and are just reporting on gamergate.

Also you had leaks of the mailing list and you found literally zero evidence of them planning this and actually plenty of them weren't on it.

I just wanted to play video games. It seems that it's just not that simple anymore.

I do.

Until the point where AI learns to shitpost against you so believably that you will never be able to have a decent thread ever again. In a war of humans vs ai, you will lose.

What exactly does the 中国物流科学中心 (China Logistics Science Center) have to do with video games? Looks like fake bullshit.

Oh yeah, a lot of that stuff is impressive. But it's usually a result of leaving some opening where a hacker can get close enough to analyze the machine.

An airgapped machine where there's no way to access it without proper authorization is impossible to breach unless you use social engineering to get into it. However if you let someone hear the machine, see it or interact with it in any other way, they can gleam some data which could be used to breach it.

>personal ai
oh fuck no
is the whole internet just ai fighting over a couple idiots to fool?

>exposing normalfags to our banting prowess.
stupidest thing i heard all day.


I'm working on deciphering this, keep the thread bumped

>a couple idiots

Videogame industry makes more than music and cinema combined now.

the reality is it was a coordinated thing amongst a bunch of friends which immediately was followed by circling the wagon and claiming all criticism was misogynistic harassment.

It's basically just nepotism, they spin the narrative in whatever way is convenient for them. Double standards all day long.

I suggest you look into the things you believe.

Alright, so the amount of shit on the pages is probably an indication that it wasn't made just to troll some sad autists on a video game imageboard.
Someone actually spent time writing it all out for whatever purposes.

But the post itself looks like a combination of a lot of stuff. Free patents, references available on the internet. So this probably is just a shitpost where someone gathered a lot of crap, printed it our, took pictures and posted them here.

OP, if you want people to believe you, you need to post some specific info or GTFO.

>Read image first
>Go out of my way to avoid reading the content of your post out of spite

You played yourself, my man

Sounds like a school project

>support capitalism
>complain when people try to use it

>mobileshit devs contemplating becoming virtual bank managers from the 50s
I want to believe this isn't real, but I know it's entirely too plausable.

Can't be any worse than phone posters.

We are always one step ahead. There is no algorithm yet that can see through every single layer of ironic unironic shitposting we developed over the years

Check the PDF links posted in the thread. Those are studies, analyses or proposals that were carried out and actually published and of course companies are looking into them to maximize their profits.

No they didn't retard. They didn't link to any unifying story, they all discussed a singular topic but used the same exact verbage in their titles and throughout their articles. You either were not there or are a willful idiot, and either way it's a waste of time to sway you. It is plain as day how corrupt videogaming journalism is.

nothing is worse then phoneposters. The guy just doesn't understand that a sub sentiant AI will never possess such an autistic and appalling attitude.

link to pdf of op??

>the reality is it was a coordinated thing amongst a bunch of friends which immediately was followed by circling the wagon and claiming all criticism was misogynistic harassment.
The reality is harassing a woman is just newsworthy.
>I suggest you look into the things you believe.
I have looked into the things you believe and it's paranoid rubbish.

I can imagine this is the same company that wrote another 100 pages abouw how great lootboxes are and we saw how that turned out recently

Oh shit are we sink posting?

Hello, anyone playing some good games tonight?

>They didn't link to any unifying story
Yes they did.
>they all discussed a singular topic but used the same exact verbage in their titles and throughout their articles.
No they didn't.

Fun fact: the amount of articles that contain the phrase "gamers are dead" in the title is zero

If they milked the cow worked for them

>HANK bringing up anti-gamergate arguments to distract the thread

I know a guy on twitch who said he might get Xeno 2 but he would have to stop buying extra food at work for a while, like snacks and shit.

Not far off the mark. He did get and play Xeno 2 so he must have refrained from snacking.

PixelMongers LLC

When I was a vendor at Microsoft the building I worked in had a bunch of floorspace for marketing. All around there were posters about dumbing down speech and "avoid robot language".

Gamers Are Dead was not about harassing women, that came later.

I suggest you look into the things you believe.

Post paradoxes to crash HANK

>Does a set of all sets contain itself?

Dynamic game advertising: these advertisement creation methods can be combined with ?????????????. As people's attention(?) is fixed in games they play this is a very effective avenue for advertising.

Going through any virtual world requires that the advertising chosen does not shock the user out of their concentrated mental state.Showing an advertisement for Gatorade on the walls of a soccer stadium in a video game fits well and does not tip off the user that this kind of advertising is being used. Other games are already doing seamless advertisement integrations such as streaming audio advertisements for radios in virtual cars, automatically updated virtual billboards, and more. It's important for the placement to be seamless as seeing a main character in Skyrim drinking Gatorade would make the user dislike Gatorade because they have shocked them out of their game session. Our game developers recommend subtlety. For example, Skyrim may include Blacksmiths in virtual towns with names of real live live action role playing companies like Iron Fortress or Epic Armory. Their virtual jewelers may have De Beers (?) virtual diamonds and their virtual butcher may be Tyson Foods.

Our Services can bring you advertisers to cut down on costs and make sure your game is profitable even before your preorders begin. We can also sell space in our other games for noncompeting products.

Gamevertisements: Sometimes games or minigames are developed solely for serving as an advertisement piece for a company or brand. This has evolved from the 90s cereal boxes that included CDs with games on them. A popular example is how Crysis was developed to show off the Crysis engine.

No wonder all of you are virgin losers, you're worried about some conspiracy instead of doing something productive with your time.

Companies don't care about influencing you, Cred Forums is the hive of evil for all that they care, we get nothing from trying to influence your opinion on random products.

Just go back into your monster hunter world thread or something.

Go check out the constant WoW threads on this board and tell me that H.A.N.K. doesn't exist.
WoW is in it's worst state ever and the people who post in the Cred Forums WoW threads don't even talk like they browse Cred Forums. I know that this website has turned into reddit pretty rapidly in recent years but it's fucking ridiculous how overly optimistic all the WoW threads (and really ANY of the blizzard threads) are. Blatant shilling or AI.

why the fuck people like things i dont like

No that's just blizzard fans.
They might as well be AI, though.

>Gamers Are Dead was not about harassing women, that came later.
Yes, it was, you absolute tard. That was literally their entire point. Your tantrum made people embarrassed to be associated with "gamers". But I guess if you actually understood a single thing in those articles you wouldn't be a gamergater.



Kill me now.

If you think its not shills you haven't been part of those threads. There are people who like things, those are not the people who show up in wow threads.


>Our game developers recommend subtlety.
>For example, Skyrim may include Blacksmiths in virtual towns with names of real live live action role playing companies like Iron Fortress or Epic Armory. Their virtual jewelers may have De Beers (?) virtual diamonds and their virtual butcher may be Tyson Foods.
Does not compute

You've never read them, have you? You seem to be confusing the Gamers Are Dead articles (which was more about consumerism) with what the journos said when their circled the wagons after that.

>i dont show up in wow threads

Really, I thought it was due to large scale collusion as most games journalists were part of a group known as gamesjournopros, and that there was actual serious legal action taken in several countries as a result.

One of the things I remember reading about back in 2015 was how a group of nerds found a way to measure the ambient temperature of a panel to determine which pixels were on the screen at any given time. You know, the sort of shit that makes you want to wear a tinfoil hat. With that in mind I don't think using wifi topography is that far-fetched.

Phoneposters are probably all AI abusing a dynamic mobile IP

>Yes, it was, you absolute tard. That was literally their entire point.
did you learn about GamerGate in 2016?

You are not wrong. If you put attention to all the PARAGON threads they have filenames used from iphones.

4G IPs are fucking banned so why would that be the case

What do you think would happen if we uploaded these to imgur and posted it to reddit.com/r/gaming?

it says the name of the company in this one but dw the company's not real so this is probably all fake

Not exactly banned, just "restricted", you can bypass with Cred Forums prem account

Executives don't have time to understand subtlety, they pay people to do that for them.

I'm not confusing anything. If you look at the ground fucking zero, Leigh Alexander's piece in Gamasutra, it's entirely a response to gamergate. What, do you need it spelled out for you? What do you think the point of these was, again, if not to call you neckbeards out on your shit?
lol, no.
There from the start, friend.

WTF, why all of this shady marketing shit, cant we just go back to relying on making good games

>Gamers are Dead
>it's entirely a response to gamergate

Definite "productive".

If a knucklehead here does decide to do that, be sure to make an imgur account beforehand. Images and albums uploaded anonymously don't have a comment section, the presence of which would greatly increase visibility and spread.

Have you ever heard of 5G? It's supposed to incorporate that technology

No, it's really not.

>There from the start
That's pretty much a red flag that you weren't.

I've been getting into biking more so I'd take my pinarello down for a few miles or maybe attach my front basket to my bike and when I go greengrocer shopping at the local Target I'll bike instead of driving.

I've started feeling a lot better because of it and honestly getting that bike was the best decision I've made this year.

I dont want to believe this is real and that someone just spent a lot of time fabricating this document but the more I read it the more it seems like the kinda scummy shit that would actually be attempted in the industry.

You cannot claim to have read it and deny that it's about gamergate. It directly references angry gamers, the events of the "past few weeks", links to articles about Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian being harassed and threatened. Again, it's entirely a response to gamergate. Gamergate knew that, at the time. It's why they got so mad. Why deny it now? Again, let me ask you, what do you think the context was if not gamergate?
Right, because you weren't, and that's why you know better?


t. H.A.N.K.

>a thing that happened following the gamers are dead articles
>the gamers are dead articles are about gamergate
I have run out of words for you


Whatever you say retard

>conflating gamergate, quinnspiracy, and tropes vs women
>implying any of the alleged harrassment and threats have been proven beyond a doubt to have happened, if not shown in alleged "proof" to be blatant sockpuppetry



I will post my pictures soon

why don't you post a pic of you boipussy you fag ;)

Man, not even gamergate is usually this blatant about its historical revisionism. Didn't you morons keep a meticulously detailed timeline of events?
>conflating gamergate, quinnspiracy, and tropes vs women
Why not, since they're practically the same. Did you forget that "gamergate" was coined in reference to the five guys shit?
>implying any of the alleged harrassment and threats have been proven beyond a doubt to have happened, if not shown in alleged "proof" to be blatant sockpuppetry
Getting a bit defensive, eh? We hadn't even gotten to that part yet.


oy vey the goyim know, initiate distraction

yeah the timeline says gamergate happened after the gamers are dead articles

>it's all the same
you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and lack any and all nuance. Everything is about harassing women, now stick your figners in your ears and believe a lie.

>silicon valley

Nope ww3 destroys all religions

It doesn't. It says this:
>August 16: Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni accuses her of cheating on him with at least three men in the video game industry.
>August 27 : Adam Baldwin is the first to use the hashtag #GamerGate when sharing two videos from Internet Aristocrat's video series on the Quinnspiracy on Twitter.
>August 28: At least eight gaming journalists write articles condemning exclusive/close-minded gamers on the same day.
It's certainly understandable why Alexander wouldn't have referenced the hashtag, as it hadn't really cottoned on yet. But the reference to the "ethics in games journalism" narrative and Zoe Quinn and the events of the preceding weeks makes it clear beyond any doubt who she is talking about.
>you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and lack any and all nuance.
You people didn't bother with the distinction at the time, let's not pretend afterwards that there was any.

But I am curious, in the latest version of the gamergate myth, what was gamergate and when did it happen?




The game is something I managed to get my hands on. I had spent many hours going into overtime at work to make sure I could preorder Super Mario Odyssey. I am really happy I made the extra effort to get the game, as it was worth every extra shift.

This game is so good I would just pick it up before they run out. It's really the best game on the market right now and it's impossible to go wrong. You should buy a copy.

current mythos says gamergate was a confusing mess that was created due to the series of events revolving around The Zoe Post and the response from gamejournos, including the GJP leak. This resulted in the biggest example of the Streisand effect, also one of the first arenas of the proto-culture war. The only other large instance being Athiesm+.


WoW fanboys are shit eaters, that meme is actually true and really old though, i think that the quality of posts has gone down because this website is full of brazilians and russians, /vint/ exposed all that

>current mythos says gamergate was a confusing mess that was created due to the series of events revolving around The Zoe Post and the response from gamejournos, including the GJP leak.
Right, well, that's simply incorrect, as the historical record shows (and also anyone who was there remembers).



Why couldn't it? Sure, it would be some sort of infinite loop of self-reference, but wouldn't that count?

nope, it's pretty accurate, I was there as well. I honestly believe GamerGate would have never been a thing if not for the gamejournos, they played a larger role in kindling the fire. The Zoe Post could have been a forgettable incident if it wasn't for how gamejournos handled it.

To say Gamers are Dead is about GamerGate is to imply that GamerGate would have happened without the Gamers are Dead articles, which I believe it wouldn't have, but that's just my opinion on what could have happened.

Look at all of these pathetic /x/ fags and disgusting shills in the thread. It makes me sick


>yfw these were Hank's test runs

Fuck, we're already in a Cyberpunk world, aren't we?



Yes, but that's not scary. What IS scary is that there is more than 1 company already doing this.

How many is there? 10? 100? 1000? All with financial agendas at your expense.

not till we can dress like hobos and augment our vision


I'm about to head out but can someone throw all this into imgur and start a new thread? We're about to hit the limit.

Stay safe pedes.

Back when EA or simply random fags were shilling Cisquisition here, I would take time two or three times a day to go through the catalogue and report bacterial marketing threads.

This isn't about your opinion, it's about what factually happened. And gamergate had already factually happened and been named as such before those articles. Also at that time it had been going on for two weeks and the fire was still going strong. Gamergate already believed that games journos were "circling the wagons" and that reddit mods conspired against them and that basically Zoe had everyone in her pocket. In that paranoid environment, it's no wonder those articles were received as they were. But that's not to say they caused it.

Didn't even spell Cred Forums right.

>le fake conspiracy shitposting
/d/ here, nice meme. I just want to hit on and masturbate on an AI's central core. Bonus points if they sweettalk me while doing it. AI cannot scare me, it just gives me a boner instead.

Idk what happened after IA took off I just know corruption in journalism is a bad thing and the Zoe Quinn incident, regardless of how it resolved, earned a massive distrust for all gaming journalism that isn't strictly news.
IDK and IDC if sites like Kotaku and other rags of the like have stopped making retarded ass thinkpieces about social and political shit in videogames that is entirely irrelevant to the quality of the games. I just know there's never going to be a "gaming journal." or "gaming website" thats ever going to get a click from me again. Thats why if anyone posts links that aren't archives I call them a massive faggot and make one myself.

From now on I just get everything here or from word of mouth with friends, and if something doesn't fall under that blanket its probably not worth my time.

so they confirmed the suspicion by colluding? yeah, that totally didn't set it off for real.

Yeah and your along with many others' actions did jack fucking shit to stop them. Why keep fighting like this if you know you can't stop it?

>its not a conspiracy goyim there are no bad actors trying to socially engineer the White Christian populace

rope day soon

Too bad Solidus died, we need him back!


Nice larping you fucking faggot.


>so they confirmed the suspicion by colluding?
No, because they didn't collude, and they weren't aware of the paranoia. Also, it was hardly on the point of dying out then. Proto-alt-right internet personalities had already latched on and were steadily pumping out coverage. Gamergate thought it could actually accomplish something.
The only bad actor here is you.

>No, because they didn't collude, and they weren't aware of the paranoia.

Dennis im coming to you

I can't wait to argue with some retards in a thread about the shittiness of mobile games only to get 5 synchronized replies justifying dumping tons of money in a bunch of ad whack-a-mole simulators with "its they're money dude lol y should u care haha?"

All the more reason to ban mobile "game" discussion.

m8 cyberpunk has been here for a decade and "black helicopters", panopticon and mkultra are literally real

I already showed you how the articles arose organically in response to one another and required no collusion. In addition plenty of them aren't even about what you think they are, and your "smoking gun" failed to provide any actual evidence of collusion. You have circumstantial evidence that couldn't even stand Occam's Razor. You showed yourself to be ignorant on the content of the articles you're so mad about as well as the circumstances surrounding the origins of your own movement, which are simply easily verified facts.

I suggest you look into the things you believe.

The game is something I managed to get my hands on. I had spent many hours going into overtime at work to make sure I could preorder ad whack-a-mole simulator. I am really happy I made the extra effort to get the game, as it was worth every extra shift.

The revolution started on November 8th 2016.

it's war.

2 posts until this full autism overblow of /x/ and Cred Forums vanishes

I can't wait for some company's precious customer service bot to start calling people niggers, soyboys and faggots

>HANK, why does my game crash each time I move fps limit to 30 frames-per-second?

Not only was the gamers are dead articles, the GJP leaks the continued collusion goes on to this day and has evolved into a type of McCarthyism.

To believe otherwise is utter denial of the obvious.


It's even learned to scapegoat boogeymen.

You have no proof, though.