Tell me why this game sucks

tell me why this game sucks

Because I said so.

it's another dark souls game
roll roll roll hit heal roll roll hit roll....


Because it got released on PC.

Lack of variety in areas/enemies, but the core combat is pretty fun and most bosses were good imo.
I don't like the loot system though, feels like it values damage numbers over learning the game.

>no open world

Enemy variety is lacking
Shit final bosses
Loot system kind of sucks
Levels start getting more linear and shorter as you reach the end

Don't listen to this retard

yeah this post is pretty much how i feel. im on the snow level and im feeling really burnt out on this game

>not rolling away before healing

t. Killed by Onryoki

don't forget to never skill dex :^)

>Levels start getting more linear and shorter as you reach the end
the 2nd to last level in the base game is a labyrinth
the last level in the base game has 7 bosses
if you're counting dlc, the last level has 4 bosses and tons of megatsu warriors that you did not speed through unless you summoned all game, which I get the feeling you did
speaking of, there are new enemy types all the way through the end of the dlc.
I dont care that you didn't like it, I got my hours in, but don't spread misinformation

>randomized loot
>too few enemy types
>boring looking locations
>borrows too much from souls and tries too hard to "outsoul" it
The game is alright. I had fun playing in through, but never want to launch it again

Too much weeaboo wank.

this game is 7 or 8 /10

stats kinda seem irrelevant when im doing about the same damage with a random dex weapon as i am with a odachi and 60+ str

games ok but not a big diablo fan so eh

does anyone even still play this game? i feel like literally everyone was playing it for a few months after it came out and now no one gives a shit. seems like soon it will be almost forgotten

It dosnt.

Im having fun with my axe wielding muscle wizard.

I played one of the betas for like 8-10 hours and got hooked on it.

A few months later the game came out and for the first part of the game i just felt like "oh, i did half of this shit already"

>boring looking locations

Nah. The level design could be better but i thought they looked great.

Just started this game. Am I doing Ki pulse right? The whole point is that it instantly refills your Ki? I don't think I've seen that if so

boring locations kill it for me. souls games have always had interesting shit to look at, but all the places you go in this game are just drab and forgettable

If you time it right, yes, Ki pulse can restore all of the Ki used for your last move. It's an essential mechanic, so you better learn it early

it does nothing better than what it is clearly drawing inspiration from.

I never played a souls game before and after beating this I got ds3.
ds3 feels so slow and shitty in comparison.
after seeing the amount of discussion the series gets here for years I'm incredibly disappointed and really hope nioh 2 becomes a thing

just bought it going for lightweight tonfa build so i can live on the edge shits fun as fuck but 1 hit pretty much means your dead

hell i dont even know if im doing my stats right

>Last level in the base game has 7 bosses
5 of them are bosses that you already fought in previous levels, not unique
>speaking of, there are new enemy types all the way through the end of the dlc.
Are you kidding me? Namahage is basically a reskinned yoki, kappas are in the base game, snowclops is a reskin of one-eyed onis, rokurobi is the only unique one. Even if you include all the DLC enemies as unique, Nioh would only have 25 enemy types. That's nothing. The last level of the DLC has only one boss, Maria

Also I didn't summon once all game. Nioh isn't even that hard of a game, really. Why do you think I'm bad because I crticised Nioh? It's a good game, I had lots of fun and got 101 hours out of it. A game can have flaws

I'm not the one spreading misinformation here.