Plug good servers

Not sure if slots are open though

Other urls found in this thread:



open slots

still there, end my suffering

tell people it's a fucking GB server in your post

hit me up with a HOT NA server

Why does everyone like playing d-boys? They're so boring.

Region/Intercom time?


Post good vidya jams to micspam across the intercoms

>it's a guy has a high pitched voice changer episode

quit fighting in voice chat please you're making me sad

the most fun to sneak around with

Stop spamming your shit random server

Official Cred Forums servers:
NA servers:

GB servers: (not running)

Feel free to add more

>Not playing the Game Boy port

I like to read my favorite recipes over the intercom, I hope it inspires people to try out new foods.

if you do spam it please give me the server

AU servers are the best servers.

>all full or ded

Any comfy keto recipes, especially desserts?

Make them not ded by populating it and shilling

Get in there and play this on loop


>join server
>see people die and respawn before me

fix this crap already

Funny enough I am a keto man myself, for desserts I like whatever posts


its random

Why in the world did you go into the pocket of hell

I think we need to get a system going to document Cred Forums servers
maybe google docs but le epic trole xd might just clear it

>Close door on the Peanut
>Fucker rounds the entire place at sanic speed to necksnap me from behind while I'm talking backwards.

Spoopiest shit in the game.

>Somehow failed the tutorial
Welp, off to a great start.

>Nerd Squad
>Get to 914 before any D class and close the door
>Those Dboy chads found a keycard on their own and get in anyway, start upgrading it while bullying us
>We swipe their card after it upgrades to red and agree to give it back if they all leave us alone
>They agree, we give it to one of the Dboys and open the door. As everyone leaves, card Dboy stays behind and closes the door
>He literally just betrayed every one of them
>We're now trying to upgrade to 05 and decide to work together, He'll get Chaos not to kill us and we'll get MTF not to kill him
>Screams of Distance Dboys and snapped necks
>Chaos gunfire draws close, like right outside. Eventually ends. Dboy opens the door to go check
>173 right fucking there surrounded by dead dboys
>We juke him and lock him in 914 but leave a nerd behind, so we open it up to save him. 173 is standing there still. Blink once and 173 literally teleports behind us and snaps our Dboy's neck
>106 at this point walks through the door and in the panic I hide in 914. Screams of my nerd friend are cut off by SNAP.
>Thought I made it but then 106 finds me and spanks me into the shadow realm.
>Shadow realm littered in dead bodies of MTF, Chaos, and my other nerd.
>Pick up a gun just as a chaos gets gooked by larry and we start firing. I barely kill him.
>Really low health, "I'm sorry, I'll avenge you by getting out of here"
>Sprint into the wrong path and die.

Wild ride last night.

so what is this?

>Lose sight of Baby Peanut for 1 second
>Cat purring intensifies

free multiplayer game on steam, monsters vs various human factions

basically multiplayer SCP containment breach

a couple of teams with different objectives all clash and co-operate in a randomly generated compound

>ntf tells someone to stay behind while they go arm the nuke
>they all never come back, just dead radio silence
>he ends up getting killed by 106

Looks like a good site, thank you. This one looks nice:

I'm also looking into low-carb peanut butter and oat/cereal substitutes. Do you have any recommendations? All I've heard of is hemp hearts, but everything I'm finding is notably more expensive than higher carbohydrate options. At this point, I'm questioning if I should just keep fasting intermittently and drop keto.

Legitimately one of the funnest free steam games

>someone actually made it to the nuke and is trying to radio to the surface to let them know he did it
>there is no one is left on the surface

Place your bets, who do you think is gonna ruin it first?
I say it's Markiplier.

If you're hearing this, the warhead button room has been compromised

Criken already ruined it.

>Killing the D-class and scientists

Good job MTF

Finally connected.

First time playing but I have no idea of the controls.

It says Q for voicechat but no one answers and I cant see if im talking or not.
Don`t we have a list of the commands?

How do you ruin a game that has private servers?

No he didn't, nobody fucking remembers Criken, even I barely remember him for a couple chivalry and left 4 dead vids

>Criken ruining anything
He, Bed and Tomato made it funny

>anyone who picks up the card gets shot
>pick up neither card
>shot anyways
Get those nerd scum 106

If too many other people enjoy something then I can't anymore.


i was him, my nigga you my friend for life

Unfortunately when it comes to peanut butter substitutes, all there are is expensive substitutes unless you makes them yourself (Still expensive). You been doing strict keto for long? I only ask because usually if you get deep into it you don't usually want to stop doing it after feeling like superman from it.

I remember criken because I'm friends with Oats.

>that scientist screaming "who the fuck took the card" to the d-boys in 914
>he has a pistol and starts shooting everyone
>as they go out both peanut and larry are here

>tfw you lead a D-boy through the fire and flames and when you finally find help the NegroTaskForce kills him

US E FF few spots left

Post changes you want to see

>a lot more different keycards can spawn, including checkpoint cards, so scientists/Dbois have another option other than sitting at the refinery for 5 minutes while all the SCPs stack outside
>SCPs made weaker, ammo made scarcer
>SCPs actually gain win condition to leave containment, so MTF/CI actually have something to do other than "don't get nuked"
>hackerboi gets readded to fuck with doors
>173 gets vents so he's not fucking useless
>Map drawing item spawns in light containment zone/offices
>medkit item spawns in heavy/offices
>SCP attacks not being such a random fuckfest of spamclicking and praying
>Containment breach's door opening
>blink meter

So how the fuck does the radio work?

Does everyone use voice chat?

>get UR action and tell MTF Mike they suck ass
>that motherfucker methados frags his entire MTF unit because he's secretly mike

how do i make a nickname?

Criken's a Cred Forumstard so it's fine

Yeah, No mic retards ruin the game

>IKEA SCP alternate map

>want to play this game
>too anxious over the idea of fucking up in front of everyone


No one cares. You'll be fine.



but user, that's half the fun!

>106 walks into a tesla gate

we'll just call you a faggot and forget a few minutes later

No one will care, we're all just fucking around. Just don't touch the machine if you don't know what you're doing and everything else will be fine.

online SCP containment breach

Did close?

RIP that match, I already miss my zombie boys :(


>these guys arguing over why one didn't use the microhid against peanut

Im sorry, i broke my mic cable with my metal chair.

>30 seconds into round
>SCP-106 has been contained successfully


people fuck up so often nobody remembers
the only fuck up I'll remember is 5 MTF's finding me and actually teamkilling one of the MTFs in their pack due to shit aim

go to steam options, voice, and set up your microphone
you might have to detect devices on that page so you can see your mic
disable any other recording devices you might have in the control panel
if steam is picking up your voice on the settings page then you are good, boost gain if you have to

>brightness at max

Underlondon would also be cool.

has slots open but is lagging really bad at the moment

>grab a microhid dropped on the floor
>have like 400 fusion ammo
>it won't fire
uhhh help??

then FUCK THAT my man

Too bad life isn't fair. I can't stop you from shitting up servers but don't expect to be treated nicely.

every fucking time i get a good card as d-boy i get murdered right when i get to heavy containment


>Finally get a shot as Plague Doc
>Find Light containment VERY quickly
>Down a dude and convert
>About to ravage everyone Peanut hasn't already
>Nuke timer starts right as I down the 2nd dude
>Die violently

People fucking up makes the game fun

Reload you fraggot.

Pls I didn't throw the grenade. I just saw it and got out ;_;

this isn't l4d verses, fucking up is a part of the game

77:100:90:203 isnt dead

R does nothing

>Someone outplays 173 by turning away then back just as he's over the electric field and 1 shots him.

>Tutorial kicks you out the game if you burn too many cards

is 1:1 better than fine?

Guess your game's broken innit?

D Boys > Doc > Larry > Blue Boys > 173 > Green Boys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nerds

no, it just changes the type of card.

>mtf on announcements
>"w-we're the real chads of this facility...! we're coming to get you sciboys!"
>the sciboys are all dead
keep trying mtfcucks, one day you'll be a tenth as cool as chad insurgency

I know, im not being treated well, some people even think im insulting them by not talking.
2 days left till my cheap generic looking mic arrives.

is still not full. helop it out!


Guys why can't stop crashing?

fine has a chance of making it better
1:1 is a sidegrade

the ideal way to upgrade is alternating, the option you start with depends on what card you start with

If you don't want O5 you can probably get away with 1:1 -> fine or fine -> 1:1 -> fine

post yfw

use your mobile fag

Someone needs to make an image like that
Chad Insurgency vs Nine Tailed Cucks

I like the way you think.
Coffee machine when?

>uncle larry comes in

is no one talking or is my game fucked because i havent heard anyone for 10 games now

Tell me more about this.
I have a Moto G, will it work?

If Scientist basic card:
You can now access EVERYTHING.

>173 is blocking the music room entrance
>me, another scientist and some d boys.
>a dboy sneaks out closing the door behind him
>get the door open again
>decide to charge the entrance
>the other scientist and dboy get snapped on their way out
>close the door behind me, leaving 173 stuck
>get Doctored.


more like nine tailed fucks am i right lol

yeah, I'm using this shitty phone and it works:

follow this:

>Inb4 someone actually makes an overhaul mod that makes all the characters anime girls
>Fox is all neon-blue fox-girls
>Chaos is military army girls
>SCP are custom
>Science and Prison girls

Will do, thanks.

no mic what do


you're boring, dont join.

I'm starting to get tired of getting killed by Armenian players as Doctor taking me out at a stupid distance with their player model not even facing my direction

Go play something else if your mobile isn't an option, or at least use a soundboard like the other no-mics

Whomever threw a grenade at the elevator door as it was about to open killing 6 NTF friendlies, fuck you

And fuck any server with FF on

actual help unlike hurrdurr spergs

>randomly drop dead out of nowhere


This one goes out to my two bestest friends in the whole world- Doc, and this big peanut guy!

Ranch or Cool Ranch?

Somebody isn't checking his six


lmao loser

Is there anything I can do about my game crashing?

Top tier oc user kek.

*blocks your path*

consider the following
from scientist basic card

all access except for armoury in half the time

>Steal everyone's cards
>Hide in 914 input
>Hear them all die while screaming "WHO STOLE THE FUCKING CARDS?"
>Be the only d-class to escape



Fuck off newfag.

People who shoot scientists on site are faggots

Quit being a baby and join a Reddit server then.

>get 05 keycard with another d-class
>we both have guns, moving out in the heavy containment
>he gets snapped by 173
>hide in the meanwhile, then find the exit to the entrance
>ntf nigger shots me down

such is the life of D, im sorry holo i couldnt make it.

>Any time there's a threat just fire blindly and randomly while strafing around in circles.
Wow, so much fun. Anyway, watching Chaos kill themselves while fighting any SCP is hilarious

does that sound actually play in-game when he appears

oh im laffin user

I don't. I shoot D Niggers on sight though.

FF is the only way to play this game
fuck any server without friendly fire
it's so obvious this game benefits immensely from friendly fire

Server admins need to up the chance of CI spawning instead of MTF at the round start so that being a D-class isn't always just waiting for some CoD faggot to show up and 360 no-scope you.

>Glitch elevators

Send your prayers, some say he's still trapped there to this day.

>he plays to win
what does a penis in your butt feel like?

Sometimes, Does it with other scp's as well.

Post more scp memes


I'm the one who let Peanut in, D-Boys.

Yes. If you turn to face an SPC that was already close enough to be in your line of sight that sound effect will play.

>never played before
>get peanut

I fucked it

Its just a SCP user.

>try to be a selfish bitch and open up Peanut again with O5 and leave with the card after the incident with
>everyone else who was there escapes while MTF guns me down

So, fellow D-Bois, what're plannin' on doin' when ya get out?

Any US servers that aren't full?

Some OC for you guys, I can upload the normal D-boi wojak without 173 behind him if you want.

Why is camping elevators then merc'ing everyone when the door opens so much fun?

suckin dick

Ride around in a Humvee with two other D boys shooting the 50 cal.

I love the game but when are we getting new maps? The same map over and over is getting old

>get the d crew to elevator
>scp 049 is there
>great escape foiled


>new maps

Not sure if it's still a thing but

>If you every wonder why you always spawn as something I hope this also helps you understand since if you stay in the same spot in the queue every server restart you will always have that role. There is no way to make it completely random also this overrides server_forced_class and as far as I've tested there is no way to make a game truly 'random'. Also I'm unsure if you put in more then 4 slots of SCPs if you will get people spawning as doubles of SCPs already in game since when I did this testing I only had three people.

PSA: Disconnect & reconnect during start every few rounds to jumble up the player pools

I got it a lot as host
when I switched to dedi it stopped


Post item SCPs

>220 ping

>us shitty net
>and on wifi
this is not the servers problem


If anyone has footage of me leaving with the O5 while peanut enters the room send it to me, goddamn that was one of the most fun betrayals I ever had the pleasure of doing

>spartan in the intercom
>use his move against him




You're not stealing my slot on the server, buddy

>find rogue D-boy as rogue NTF
>tell him we have to stick together
>I don't disarm him so he trusts me
>he has a black keycard
>go to nuke button
>nuke is disabled
>he sprints out and locks me in the nuke room
>get grabbed by 106 a little while later


As long as you don't TK, you'll be fine.

One of you anons who can write well, go write an SCP that like possesses elevators or something and sends their riders to an alternate dimension so that this glitch becomes an in game feature.

>MTF spawns
>half of the squad is fucking zombies before i can take my gun out

lol. I'll stay as perma-DBoi just to keep my spot.

>Throw scp 018 in a room filled with d-boys
>Close the door

Adios, mis friends.

Can I request a cup of cum though

>one person is bad so everyone else is!

does this mean that if i spam reconnect every roundstart, i can eventually perma scp?

At least tell us where the server resides.

Daily reminder: SHOOT D-BOYS ON SIGHT

holy shit i hope the knife gets in. SCP-034 would be so fucking fun lmao. From D-boy disguise into a scientist to turn into a chaos babby.

t. D boy

SCP's don't respawn, so you can only become one at the beginning of a brand new round (IE server restart)

Well 106 I made it, despite your {REDACTED}

Its TF2 Spy all over again.

D-Class are meant for bullets.

Yes actually.

Dude I can play with 280 ping just fine.


>Lock two D-niggers in the Super weapon room and swooce out

Ah, SCP-049, Welcome! I hope you're ready for an unforgettable spookfest!

one with the doctor and shadowman please

Posting in this thread since I've had it with threads archiving before I can post responses

It goes:
D-Boys > Blue Boys > Nerds > C-Boys

Escaping as a D-Boy doesnt need further explanation, it's the best experience you can have

Extracting scientists succesfully and containing SCPs through careful coordination with your squad, and living, especially if youre the first squad, is also extremely satisfying. Very Operator.

Nerds are similar to D-Boys, but they don't have that underdog charm D-Boys do so it's hard to root for them or to care if they escape since they've all probably done some sick shit. And don't give me that "D Class is full of rapists and murderers" shit, look at this face. Does that look like murderer to you?

CI, despite however theyre portrayed in the official canon, are basically just DUDE CHAOS LMAO due to their lack of apparent purpose in the situation. NTF are there to secure the facility and make sure prisoners don't escape, why is Chaos here, why do they care about any of this? It doesn't help that their weapons are only effective at extremely close range, and they don't even have radios so don't even try to be an operator while being Chaos. Smoke grendes but no real grenades? Seriously? They literally show up in dads SUV, they're honestly just a bunch of larpers especially when you consider this is the face that's under all of them.


Most pop server atm?

>D-class shitting on the people trying to save him

Is it possible to have 40 player server so we are all not spread into a bunch of tiny ones?

Ah, SCP-049, Welcome! I hope you're ready for an unforgettable [DATA EXPUNGED]

Why is everyone complaining about random crash on steam?

I played for 16 hours and at 1 crash

Having more then 24 players seems to really fuck up servers.

Okay guys i'm confused about fractions.
Who's who and who should save who?
There are red(scp), blue(ntf), green(forgot their name), anyone else?
And i'm confused about round length. When does it ends?
Sometime i respawn as blue or green and i can't understand if it's a new round or i'm respawned as a back up team.
Also how do i play as scp? Random?

>not despite your redactions
NA West Coast
600 second intercom

But TKing is part of the fun too

Except it seems like you should be able to do it to a corpse. So the conditions are a bit easier.

Literally me.

One scientist wojak and uncle larry coming right up.

>600 second intercom

>1 Connected
is this a prank on me. what did i do to you.

>implying I need Chaos
Theyd probably kill me anyway, accidently or on purpose

Is ded?

Can we get a la creatura/56% D boy?

Dunno if I have enough ammo or wallspace in here user

Is there anyone important alive in or am I running around as CI for no reason?

Save the scientists, Kill everyone else
Save the D-Boys, Kill the Scientists and NTF, Ideally avoid SCPs
Escape, collaborate with the above
Kill everyone else
Round ends when only NTF are alive, or when Only CI are alive.


Fuck off Mohammed

Chaos Insurgency kills SCPs, Scientists, and MTF while saving D-Class (orange)

SCPs kill literally everyone

MTF saves scientists, kills all other
Scientists work with MTF, escape to become MTF

D-Class kill all other and work with Chaos Insurgency

Win conditions
>173 and 049 dead, 106 contained/dead, all scientists and MTF are dead
>173 and 049 dead, 106 contained/dead, all D-Class and CI are dead
>All D-class, CI, scientists and MTF are dead

>Plague doctor and zombies follow you until teh CI spawn
>you and a CI bro fight them off
>CI spawn and kill you like the nigs they are
>they win the round

No. Your retarded meme already fucked all discussion of Subnautica; don't ruin SCP, too.

>Stuck with D boys as zombie with Doc in 914
Was chill.


t. mad Scientist cuck

>fire the microhid at larry
>he teleports me anyway

>play Touhou music over intercom
>your MTF buddy puts this on the wall
God speed

I'm busy making the scientist wojak, so here you can have Wojak D-Boi without 173 in it.


micspammers deserve 3 bullets to the back of the head

any good servers or are they all dead?

>try to play sinner's sandwich over intercom
>get tk'd
Fuck, I didn't know you niggers don't have taste

tfw stuck in missle silo
>only scps left are 049-2
>locked in warhead armory
>it's just mtf/ci hide n seek

You could request a cup of orgasm that instantly makes anyone you splash it on experience an orgasm if you want.
Or something that can kill 682 and it'd probably instantly destroy the universe.

>implying I don't host the servers

as I understand it, yes
however there's 4 SCP slots and as far as I understand there's currently only 3 playable SCPs, so i'm not sure how that works

Nofun faggot dectected


This is beautiful.

Yeah sure. A lot of fun must be going on in /mlp/.

Plenty room here.

Take this shit to /vg/ or /soc/, faggots

Mods, delete this shit


>waaa they're having fun playing videogames


It will occasionally spawn doubles of one of the scps but rarely happens. I've seen two 173s.

079 used to be playable but he sucked ass so they removed him to rework him


Imagine this being what you want to spend your life doing lmao

how horrifying.

> D-class personnel ("D-Boys") are orange and have to survive and escape the facility
> Scientists ("Nerds") are pale yellow and also have to survive and escape the facility
> Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 "Nine Tailed Fox" ("MTF, NTF, Male-to-Female") are blue and have to help the scientists escape and kill or contain everything else
> Chaos Insurgency ("Chaos, Chaos Marines") are green and have to help the D-class escape and kill or contain everything else
SCPs are always red and work together to kill everyone else. It's random pick but I'm pretty sure the longer you stay on a server the better chances you have getting picked to play one.

I think this is a server admin setting?

Oh god forbid there's a thread on Cred Forums about VIDEOGAMES
>inb4 "Cred Forums was a-always about s-shitposting, n-newfag"

This is general level faggotry. In a few days you'll all turn into tripfags this is probably the best one with no memespammers and laughing stuff

>waaaaaahhhh they like a game I don't like waaaaah

>waaaaah I want to waste time by telling them off waaaah

sounds boring.

I'm fairly certain two 173s was actually a tale too, go figure

They're fresh servers, y'all niggas need to populate them

literally playing it wrong

>playing on nazi servers

>not appreciating Cred Forums multiplayer fotm games

Fuck off, I bet you're too new to remember ace of spades and other stuff like this

Does anyone have the damage per round for the saw, plasma rifle, and the gay guard pistol?

Why do NtFs always ruin every D-Class and Scientist alliance? They're so stupid

Spectators should be removed, and all dead players play as Mal0 instead. They're invisible and can't interact with anything, but can warp between players, and rarely a living player can see them for a split second.

18-51 for saw
18-54 for plasma

I don't know guard pistol as I just drop it.

And a decade ago we had rage comics polluting the board. What's your point?

Why did everyone leave

The same reason any game that has a 'Security' Force, is filled with people who want to power trip

Neutralize D-Bags on sight.

Like CI is any different.
The best teams are those who escort both groups to the surface just to shoot the civilians who aren't on their side in the back

18 dmg body, 51 head
>Plasma rifle
18 dmg body 54 head
21 body 61 head

In this game you don't get to choose being a NTF, though.
I personally find every other role more fun than CI or NTF

>Things that were popular back then were used in this board
Wow who woulda thunk it

I want to see 513 in game, but with a twist. I would like to see this thing be a weapon for the SCPs. It can be picked up from light containment, brought to the intercom room, and rung by an SCP in order to inflict hallucinations on anyone who can hear the broadcast. Instead of seeing a generic spooky thing, everyone affected by it will start seeing any of the SCPs in game for a few seconds every minute or so. Open a door, and you might be staring at 173. Check the corner, you might see 106. Just imagine that, you think it was a hallucination, and then you get crunched.

So always go for the saw for the sheer mag size and rate of fire

Pretty much.

>comics being spammed on a video game board is the same as people playing video games on a video game board

Fuck off, you grinch

Let people have fun, filter SCP if you don't want to participate

Literally less effort than opening the thread and typing some angry post that won't change anything

Would you prefer open-mic styled karaoke?

>Intercom on
>"Attention everyone, this is the blue guy..."
>Intercom off

well, that's reassuring

>always disarm or ally with opposite-side civilians as a soldier because respawning takes forever and it sucks to die
>some other power-tripping teenager runs up to us, immediately guns the D-class in the face, and keeps going down the hall without saying a word

I would really prefer if you'd be quiet.

The ones that bitch don't know how to filter lol.

I like the MTF solely because the radio. It's actually helpful, especially when you get separated from the group.

for close fights, long range fights MTF always wins
thats why if you have plasma leave long corridors open, if your chaos close every fucking door

>Specs start organising
>All stalking one player constantly
>Player sees at least one of them every few seconds

Because they spawn as the enemy.

It would be completely different if an arrested D-Class would spawn as MTF.

>don't talk about videogames in my funposting board!

CI really need their own radio.
my favorite coordination with that thing lately was holding a red card while lost in heavy containment, someone escaped from Larry's rape dungeon and shot to help me locate where it was.
We ran the fuck in and I sacrificed myself as larry himself showed up

>d-bois encounter lone NTF
>They convince NTF not to kill because they can access 106's lair and contain him
>get to 106's room, 106 was waiting there
>In a mad dash, card d-boy opens the door, and another d-boy immediately runs to the femur-breaker and sacrifices himself
>106 contained, and card d-boy, the only survivor, is allowed to escape by a fresh NTF squad for his service
>but one NTF had other plans and executes him just before he reached the door out

It helps build morale

does the term “d-boy” mean dick boy?

I Just wish you could actually trick people with the radio
>spawn in as first wave mtf
>my 2 squad mates get wiped
>get down to 914
>keep trying to make a 05 card
>try to escape light containment but am getting lost
>hear the new squad of ntf on the radio
>here them start screaming as they get killed
>don't see or hear anyone
>try using my Mic to see if anyone is there.
>no answer or any chatter
>radios dead

Shit was spooky, i found a new radio and almost made it to the surface before getting killed by a zombie.

>find another NTF teamed up with a D-boy who has a red card and claims to know where 106's room is
>i follow them
>enter the room
>D-nigger pulls out a weapon and kills us both
Never again.
I always disarm all D-boys before being "nice" to them now.

>get neck snapped through door

>Mambo #5 over the intercom


>Play Doctor for the fist time
>Find a nerd and dumpster him
>Learn that it takes fucking forever to turn someone into a zombie
>Later on in the round I'm suddenly able to make zombos extremely quickly
I don't get it.

Are there any servers where people are goofing off and having fun rather than being tryhard faggots?

The time it takes to make a zombie is inversely proportional to your health.

There is no more relieving feeling then turning the radio on the widest range, asking if anyone is there and getting a response. It feels so good to be reunited.

You're health determines speed. 173 gets to a point where he can teleport past you and he moves quicker.

>Pickup radio, long range
>"Anyone there?"
>"Yea...are you CI or MTF?"
>"I'm MTF, where are you?"
>"I'm over here, at x"
>Run over and kill him

looks interesting, anything I need to know about before I start playing?


I want to marry 172.

No. This game is for serious gamers only.

weebs ruin everything

>blood decals
>106 corrosion decals
>better corpses
>better 096/106 models
>049 reaching animation
>less fucking gloss and shine on everything
>voice commands

Download just finished. What address and

>doc and his zombozos are trapped in 914
>mtf are just walking around in heavy containment

It's SCP-173. You don't even know their name.

My finger slipped on my scum encrusted keyboard.

>voice commands
I would love if chaos sounded like the half life 1 marines

Game's fine without that shit. I'd rather they focus on adding more SCPs or game mechanics.

any servers with a couple slots open?

Tell it to the devs, theyre pretty active on steam and discord

It's a Japanese statue

>Turned into a zombie
>Trapped in elevator hell

Well, that was fun

Learn to use tab quickly and you pick things up by holding down e, the community is friendly and will help you out.

Let the devs actually get the server software stable before barraging them with superfluous crap.



>be scientist
>pick up a second keycard
>D-class runs after me the whole game yelling "YOU HAVE TWO KEYCARDS, YOU DON'T NEED TWO KEYCARDS"
>refuses my offer to give it to him in return for him shutting up
>orders glowing CI nigger to shoot me instead of Larry
Being a nerd fucking sucks

Learn to use 914 and what each faction is supposed to do before playing

whats the ip?

Where do you think you are

Don't worry nerds, blue chads will save you.


>gpu is fried
rip my fun

Not an excuse.

Why are NTF using these weird spacey toy guns? Aren't these tools reserved only for Marysue-5?

>20 person server
>spend 10 minutes walking around
>don't find a single enemy

Nice game you have here, fags

I honestly wish they had MP5s and glocks

I really wish they had more modern, less future weapons. Or that they would at least add another MTF faction that spawns earlier in the game, equipped with guns that actually exist, like an MP5 or another SMG

Delivered user. Here you go, just as you requested.

better than the morons with nothing but SAWs


You have 2 keycards, you don't need 2 keycards, lolisaurus.

Add a third faction of lesser, "safe" SCPs which have to aid the bigger scps but don't have such a lethal impact.

>thinking they give a shit about server-side problems and QoL
servers shitting themselves, room collisions, and the elevator SCP are all ongoing problems after being "fixed," not to mention the unusable server browser and a whole host of other things

meanwhile they've been adding superfluous crap like door models/animations, unique footstep sounds, flashlights, etc.

>be d boy
>oh shit it's 173 and i'm separated from all my boys
>reach heavy containment, dead end because no card while being chased
>managed to juke 173. it thinks i ran away but im still at heavy containment
>wait it out until scientist with o5 opens up
>follow him and make it to the elevator out
>elevator opens and a swarm of MTF comes out

Now we just need a sad NTF Wojak and a smug Chaos Insurgent behind him and possibly vice versa

you don't need 2 keycards

>people STILL don't turn on their fucking radios


what radio


timing out, user

Do you find yourself letting people go as a SCP just to make the round more fun for everyone?
It's too easy to wipe light containment.

shout out to the D boi squad who stuck it out til the end in the 914 room



What server are y'all fuckers in

It's more fun to make the D Boys panic and split up.

How will they balance this game when they add more SCPs? It might making d-class/scientist nearly impossible.



>Nearly impossible
D-Boys will always find a way.

Why do you hate fun?

>when you kill all furrycucks and end the round by yourself

Chaosh is a ladder

Limited amount of SCP's spawning. It should be no more than three to four.
Get in here.

get good

forgot the pic

>want to play more SCP but have work in the morning



I'm hoping for a small chance for a D-boy or nerd to be replaced by a small-time guard. One with access to the armory but not the checkpoint.

Just for more power trip memes at the start of the game. I love it when that happens.

>Tfw too shy to use my mic because my english sucks

>Guard on standby in the empty Containment room

We're all in this shitshow together user, don't be scared.

Those are the best
>Broken english
>Starts shittalking in their native tongue

The virgin self consciousness

> limit on how many hostile SCPs spawn per round
> useful (but still risky) SCP items to loot from light containment zone
> rare chance for friendly SCPs to spawn, such as 208 or 999

this one is alive. need more people

Like a third of everyone in Cred Forums servers has a foreign accent.
I'm honestly amazed how everyone just has fun together instead of things devolving into Cred Forumskiddies starting fights and team-killing.

NA or EU?

>PC broke
>stuck with shitty laptop
>missing all the fun in this game
kill me

ive honestly talked more to the ESL guys than the actual english speakers

Run it at 800x600 in low settings, the grain make it look good at those settings.
Currently running it on a weak IGPU at 50FPS.

i feel your pain my dude
>pc crashes every time I die
>have to play on the lowest settings

>tfw only 20 slot euro servers

back up

Im getting lost in this labyrinth of a map how do you guys find your way around?

>server im hosting is full
>too nice to kick anyone so I can take their place

Just pick one direction and stick with it.

You're the cutest host and I love you!

Isnt the lift right behind the ntf guy?

>23 ping

East Coast burgers this server is fine and dandy.

>peaceful d-boy
>zombie chasing me
>run into MTF
>MTF zaps me with disarm thing and then shoots me while zombie is still chasing me

>Kill d-class
>He explodes into keycards

Do you like 173?

>All NA servers are full

Cred Forumstards don't actually play videogames

New thread?

Say two keycards one more time, I dare you

gonna try it then, downloading right now
Thanks user

I do.
I don't like shitty fanart.

>all the d-boys and nerds band together to bully 173
>we all stare at him in a corner
>he rage quits

Where does unity games store their config files? I want to reduce settings and force the game to run in exclusive fullscreen

Actually SCP and CI goals aren't exclusive.
As long as there are no Ds Scis or NTF, SCP and CI both win.

>all na servers full

if I had the specs to run a server and play, I would be doing so, unfortunately i cannot so i need to leech. any open servers?


To the guy that was just killed by Chaos and the D-class, sorry i failed you.

Idiot. Half the fun of that scenario is to wait for 106 to send them into a panic and sanic your stone ass to revenge.


What are the different options on the radio for?

How many SCPs typically spawn? is it always 3?

Range, the batteries dies way too fast on UR which covers most of the map but lasts 2-5 minutes tops.

>tfw suck at this
>tfw too shy to use mic
>try to use it and not even sure if it works

S-sorry guys

No idea what I’m doing, but I like it

Fucking momlets, when will they learn?

>spawn with a pack of D bois
>luck out and get a checkpoint keycard
>somehow juke past doc and Larry into entrance zone where chaos was waiting
>escort 4 d-bois to the surface before fucking furries show up and almost everyone dies in the aftermath

Are they working on fixing the fucking crashes?

Needs a more tedious keycard changing system

I crashed and couldn't rejoin actually. I was laughing my ass off at D-boy bullies. Only got to snap one scientist.

>guys named chaos always more harmonious than male to female

>Scientist and D boy trapped in a room where the Dr and his airplane boys stare him down
>every time someone comes to try to rescue them, they get juked

Right now even cuffed D-class become Chaos Insurgency anyway, expecting NTF to rescue D-class is like expecting SCPs to rescue D-class

I was waiting and crashed right when he hit light containment. Feels bad man.

>Spawn as NTF
>hop in lift with the rest of the squad
>someone drops a nade in the lift
>kills the entire NTF squad
this is why I want FF off.

Insult someone and look if he looks back.

They do. They're actually always crossposters, I doubt that there are many people who only go to that one board.

Any serbs that aren't filled up?

all the servers are full REEEEEEE

it's the most populous board on Cred Forums now, dude

>There is one guy turning the nuke on and off

his name is riktheprik
feel free to tk him later

I solved your fucking maze, Larry
fuck you

The worst is when you crash right when doctor heals you and it looks like you're being a big zombie baby about being out fucking cured



>Chaos and MTF are cooperating to kill Riktheprik now

Fucking server when

What the fuck even is SCP anyway? What is it based on? What is a SCP? Why is this penut creature breaking my fucking neck?

Tell him that the landphil is still laughing at him, He'll know what it means.

everyone sucks at this when they first start playing, and if you're shy at least let your team mates know if an scp or chaos are nearby

How can there be anyone this new?


Sometimes I doubt you guys' commitment to chaos

What server isn't full?

All your questions will be answered here.

Just yell "FUCK YOU" into the intercom a few times. a best

Typical Skaven coward

Server in OP has spaces a full

Can someone end Cowe?

Fuck my internet, I just rolled an SCP and a disc. I swear, it’s perfect for an entire round, and then less then a 15s of stoppage tops a fresh round.

>Game crashes when round starts
How do i fix this?

git gud

>not exclusively attacking people by throwing smoke grenades at them

>Find 914 right off the bat with my bros
>Nerds come out of nowhere
>One has a gun
>Makes sure none of us steal the cards, or we die
>173 right outside the door
>Manage to get scientists distracted enough to steal their card
>Thought I stole the right one
>Lock 173, at the cost of some of my D-bros
>Reach quarantine doors
>Realize some other D-boy else grabbed the correct keycard and I didn't
>Nerd executes me for fucking everything up
That was fun.

>d boys chimping out when they spawn

You know the one thing I do love about these threads is the stories I see sprout up from their adventures

>remove ability to increase brightness
>more graphics options to reduce for poorfags
>better models for 106
>better animations
>better hud
>proper tutorial for each scp and ntf/cl/d/nerds
>proper 914
There, game's fixed

>Two fucking keycards

>cant tell if my mics working or not

this is my biggest fear and its come to life before my eyes

They are the best part.

You forgot fixing dead bodies from turning into generic moldy boys.


>spawn in
>some nerd is playing Tomorrow is Mine from Bayo 2

good taste.


just started playing this game for about an hour
never hear anyone talk, is this normal?

D-boys story time, share yours, here's one of my faves

>run away from the scary SCPs killing my fellow D boys
>make it to Lift A and hide in the checkpoint, sometimes wander out, but end up just being next to light containment
>99% I'm the only one alive
>hear a million footsteps
>plague fuck and his zombies step in
>scream FUCK YOU FAGGOT and run out
>lots of running and internal screaming
>make it to the nuke silo and throw the switch
>hiding down there panicking , saw corpses on the way there
>KNOW I'm the only one alive
>elevator door closes
>one lone zombie comes out
>scream and start panting heavily into the microphone while intercom rings out
>riding elevator alone
>door opens and half the server come into the elevator with plague doctor
>MTF spends the rest of the round shouting YOU'RE NOT THE D BOY every time a zombie appears
>pretty sure doctor won that round

People are being fags or you need to restart your game



also remove eurojank, add some resemblance of balance and just fucking port the entire game to UE4


>add some resemblance of balance
>remove eurojank
hello r*ddit


how do you know if you are talking? im pressing q but nobody ever responds and theres no message on the screen saying im transmitting sound

>get sent to the pocket dimension
>only a couple dead bodies in the hallways
>a single grenade sits upright in front of one of the paths
>take that path and pop out into the world by 106's containment

to the guy i was talking king of the hill with, this is what i was talking about

>corpses in two hallways
>take the opposite one of the corpse I spawned looking at
>escape and yell over radio larry's got nothing on me before walking into tesla gate
>respawn MTF
>manage to get 2 more MTFs out alive with my previous knowledge

I do this as well. i leave a useless keycard or something else i dont need for other to see.
>item with corpse is bad
>item without corpse is good

This is a Chaos thread now.

trolled SCP 173 by traping him in the computer room, ruined his whole game.

>mfw lock pickle rick in the WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRR room
>mfw i escaped with someone elses O5 card
>mfw the cacophony of snapping necks graces my ears
>mfw i motherfucking escape and become the ultimate Chaos Boi

server ded?

>know there is a black card in front of larrys house
>get caught by larry on purpose
>escape successfully
>press femur breaker and jump in the box

Look, Ive got work at 3:00. I could be jerking off instead of reading server full messages.

What server isn't full you fucks?

Look at this faggot trying to show superiority over the magnificent NTF