Radiant historia perfect chronology


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is there any reason to buy this if I already have the original?


Does this run on Citra?

Last good game for 3DS?

I don't see any more mayor releases on the horizon

SMT Deep Strange Journey

How do I fight this fucking boar? I need it's goddamn meat. Is anyone else having this bug(?) where the thing is unresponsive

What does everyone think of the english VAs on this game? Xander Mobus as Stocke is like audible chocolate to my ears.

Was Aht always this broken in the original? You just put down a trap anywhere and it's basically a 1 hit death sentence on anything that's not a boss.


I think they are pretty solid except when the dialogue itself gets a little weird, Aht's va was spot on

talk to it

Why is the DLC on the freeshop but not the base game?

I tried uploading both but it fucked up somehow
Someone else should try

Oh look a game where the men look pensive and the women, doe-eyed and big breasted or loli and DFC

Aht is incredibly broken, but sadly kind of useless for the 3x3 bosses.

I thought Nemesia would be another playable character, but she just hands out side quests to half-assed "what-if" scenarios. Lame.

Jesus fuck I'm retarded, thanks senpai

These. Will probably be the last two 3ds games I ever buy

yes Aht was always broken as fuck.

Too precious.

Love the dub. That said I'm kinda bummed that if you choose a bad choice it just gives you some text and a bad end. I hope it opens up a little.

Dropped them for the undub after a bit. They didn't seem very into it, even if they sound alright.

The DLC was garbage, no surprise there. I just never know if I should be glad they don't paywall interesting content or disappointed that they sell shitty CGs and 5 minutes of babbling for $2-4. I like the new portraits though, new Eruca is a better Princess, Heiss isn't quite as evil looking all the time, and the emotive portraits add to the events.
Nemesia's plot sucked but I kind of expected it given Atlus' track record on remakes. At least the original true ending is still required, it's not as offensive as Strange Journey's changes. The new quests for the main Chronicle were good too.

I just got all of the nodes done for the game, is there anything I should know about going into NG+? Also, what do you get for killing those black spider things in the Vault of Time?

>That said I'm kinda bummed that if you choose a bad choice it just gives you some text and a bad end.
Sorry man, that's pretty much all of the bad end content you get, outside of a few cutscenes of it playing out.


>we want the gayfur audience
I guess it's only fair considering Aht.

This is your teacher for this timeline. Say something nice to her.

oh you bet

why isn't there more porn of her?

i still never played it despite all these years. how good is it Cred Forums?

because furfags are subhumans

Not really. Most of the additions are cosmetic like VA and new portraits. The new story is mission based and isn't anything to write home about.

>original redrawn art for Eruca kept the short hair
Why do higher ups always have to fuck things up and appeal to the normalfags?

I'm absolutely shocked and at a loss for words that this is in the game.

Holy fuck

It's still pretty fucking solid, though it's still clearly a remake of a low budget DS game.

tfw no goat daughteru

Top right is fucking perfect.

dykes are no good for incest

I was going to ask why Eruca was such a latent brocon, but just looking at Stocke answers why.

what does rosche and marco wear?

Just trousers. You actually get to see what Marco looks like and it's kinda weird as he looks like a obese 8 year old.

post Nemesia one


Thanks, I remember her dialogue being extra cheeky here.

Someone please post the marco and rosch one

Here fag.

Short hair is for degenerates

Jesus christ Marco looks weird.

> We want the chubby audience also

>yfw Marco slaughters your whole group and forces you to retreat because you got her spy waifu captured