What are some games where spiders are NOT wrongly represented as evil?

What are some games where spiders are NOT wrongly represented as evil?

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Any game where they are evil.

>monsters that use a trap to snare and torture innocent buggies
>use painful venom on them
>eats them alive in the worst way possible
Fuck Spiders, fuck you.

Every fucking game. Spiders cannot be wrongly represented as evil, because they are evil.

despite what you may think, spiders are actually the good guys, we help kill flying bugs and other menaces that invade a typical human home. Most spiders aren't even poisonous!!!

>innocent buggies
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I'm so tired of people who turn into big blubbering babies if a spider is onscreen. It's just embarrassing since they have basically devoted part of their livelihood towards pushing a meme.


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What picture?

>Most spiders aren't even poisonous!!!

i'm onto you, venomous shill.

I would prefer most spiders over ANY stinging beetle
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Thats why I have nice giant web of fucking spiders to catch them and kill them all when they come into my garage
Wasps too, those dumb asses disappeared very fast
Spiders literally started hunting down the wasp daubs and eating the babies out of the cocoon
dog bless a spider

What are some games that let you experience the thrill of living in australia?

I'm not even arachnophobic, but that still got me.

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Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3.

spiders can't understand morality user
they're useful trap and ambush predators for the environment though

unless you mean games with sentient spiders, at which point yeah I dunno any where they're not automatically evil or at least amoral.

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Mordor Shadow of War

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The vindictus tutorial shows a bigass spider that's supposed to be a town guardian and was supposedly very cuddly.

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DKC3, look at this based fucker.

Dota 2

>i don't like it so that means it's not a game