Who is the intended audience of Splatoon?

Who is the intended audience of Splatoon?

you, user :)

Japanese kids

Kids and squids.

Westerners and Japanese. Kids and adults.

Seriously, Splatoon's design is amazingly good at having things that different demographics like. Its like, 90s Nickelodeon style + 90s clothing + seafood references + cute characters + pop idols + good gamplay and music = Instant mega hit.


The problem with pedo fucks is they literally interpret children EXISTING as sexual.

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Males denied the ability to be men by a society run by the idiotic majority.

>official Splatoon 2 advertisement
What did they mean by this?

Sup H.A.N.K.

Japs know whats up. I recall a pokemon clip where they had Meowth crushing on Gardevoir and Glaceon. They know.

People who enjoy squid puns

>E for Everyone
really makes you

People who like the game

>Different colored "splats" coming from different directions.
I passed by this pic probably like a 100 times I just noticed that. Neat

Splatoon is pretty aight.

Unrelated note, which of these two squares do you like bust?

mint chocolate

They were aiming for kids.
They got lolicons.
The truly enlightened play for the squid boys though.

my penis

Thanks doc

That's a pretty small demographic

unironically the same audience as monster hunter

japanese boys from middle school to college



My squigga


Shitters and casuals who suck at aiming and get anally destroyed in CSGO and other competitive precise shooters. They finally could feel useful by painting the floor.

Thanks, doc

including Cred Forums

Mentally ill retards who can't be bothered to play the objective
Draw-only faggots
And as of Splatoon 2, social justice warriors.

Marina is Love.
Marina is life.


>denied the ability to be men
you mean too afraid to man up and become what they know they should be? stop blaming society for being such a little faggot

i want to gas the kikes and i play splatoon,infact my kids playing it for me right now cause i cba grind lol

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thanks doc


of course

women, small children, gays, blacks, japs, spics and jews

what about large children

that's my intended audience


A man's place is relative. How can a male be a proper husband, a proper father, a proper neighbor, a proper friend, etc. in this society? There are no proper wives, his influence over his children is stymied, his neighbors eye him with suspicion or plot to steal from him, and there are no fellow men for him to befriend. You surely think of manhood as some sort of standard of physique or behaviour, but it is nothing so simple. "Man up"? The world within the man must necessarily mirror the world about him.

Pedo, but since it's Nintendo, aka the modern cringe factory, it's alright

Splatoon 2 doesn't have good gameplay and music, only Salmon Run does. The main modes are awful.

T. Sony pedo who is an actual pedo


There are no square there, just 8 triangles.

The square that contains all of them.

People with refined taste. So lolicons mainly.



I have no clue but it's not me. One of my friends really likes it and still plays the Wii U version but I have no idea how he doesn't get bored with it.

Lee Goldson

>Using this stallion of an user as fuel for your console war
Genuinely disgraceful. Shit like this is why everyone o this fucking board is in the defensive all the time.