Tell me, Captain. If the Federation is so great, why aren't there any good star trek games?

Tell me, Captain. If the Federation is so great, why aren't there any good star trek games?

Shut up dukat. If you wanted a star trek thread you should have just said so.

I'm really digging TOS but I feel like the other series' will probably be shitty compared to this

Most other trek also manages not to take itself too seriously except for certain arcs.

TNG and DS9 are fucking excellent.

because Star Trek isn't a good series

season 5 of ENT where they finally build the federation never ever.

DS9 is the only trek I'd rate above TOS. TNG is overrated as fuck.

The Star Trek Armada 3 mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is pretty fun.

The first two seasons, especially the first, of TNG are basically TOS Phase 2, before TNG eventually grows to become its own thing. DS9 is more related to TNG but has a crossover episode with TOS. Voyager and Enterprise try to relive the nostalgia of TOS and fail at it.

Deep Space 9 is amazing. I liked next generation too but the characters and plotlines in 9 are just top notch.

STO has a shitload of really trek moments spread out amongst the warhammer 40K fighting. and the ship combat is Fun as.

Cardassia did nothing wrong, smelly dumb bajoran scum had it coming with their dumb ear rings.

The first couple seasons of TNG and Voyager will have a lot of trash episodes, but they just get better and better as the series go on.

DS9 will be absolutely fantastic all the way up to the last season, where the writing suddenly takes a drastic drop in quality to focus on space muslims and Dukat turning into space Hitler. Also they kill off one of the best characters and replace her with a counselor.

Still worth the ride.

>tfw no Odyssey Long Jacket
>tfw really autistic about confirming to lore and no 700 day Jupiter Veteran belt

I've never seen anyone actually hates ENT but people keep saying that, why?

STO was fucking fantastic until you finish everything and don't have shit to do anymore.

s5 never ever

Godawful opening.

you can get the 'odyssey excursion' outfit from fleet vendor. then you can make your boffs etc wear the 'canon' outfits your crew wear.

i just made mine as a 'tosling trying to fit in in the wrong time' hence the little out of place cues like, wearing a gear and ammo bandoller, a physical communicator big and bulky, WoK stlye, wok pants etc.

and that's why you fuck off for like, 6 months or more, come back, and they have a whole new bunch of shit for you to do.

or you play foundry missions.

>or you give yourself something to do like building out your tosling's bridge crew as lethally competent bridge bunnies who are cute / sexy from all the founding and original members of the federation.

>or you make stupid sexy space gobbos, dorfs and dark elfs for boffs

is STO worth it as a ST-themed time waster?

Who /klingon/ here?

Foundry missions suck balls though.

the opening is fucking SHIT.

instead of being a trek show about how the federation got rolling as an actual thing and how it worked...

We get almost 2 seasons worth of timey-wimey BS who gives a fuck.

so half of the show is marred by a giant piss stain of silliness that isn't even star trek silliness and therefore enjoyable. it's grimdark timewar BS.



Yes. You can get a few months out of the game, then drop it for a year and pick it up again. Unlike some other F2P MMOs, all the actual content is free, you just won't get your shipfu unless you pay up.

very. considering it is an ACTUALLY free to play with 0 paywall'd content. yes.

even all the cash shop onoly crap is NOT pay walled, because you can timesink to get Dilithium in the game, and then exchange that for the cash shop currency, zen. It is of course much slower. but there it its.

Tell me former legate why’d you sign the alliance

>more /klingon/ than thou
art thou klingon enough to rock the bald of evil, or do you need silly barbarian hair to pull of your klingon?

maybe if you didnt sell out to the dominion youd have access to bridge commander and voyager elite force

>t. PWE shill

Star Control is the closest you'll get to a good one

If he was a shill he'd be talking about how much you need to spend money to get the shiny things and how it's totally worth it honest. You can enjoy STO without spending a dime.

>You can enjoy STO without spending a dime.

Star Trek 20th Anniversary and it's sequel Judgement Rites were superb adventure games. Puzzles were good, with the missions and characters about what you'd expect from a real episode. They're old as turkey today, but they were good.

>explaining it is quite possible and easy to play a game without ever having to pay anything for it is now 'shilling' because some retard has decided he's the ruler of the internet and all of our reality.

or maybe you're just a faggot and actual shilling would sound like

'mega ship packs and bundles are totally worth it and you should buy them. crap tek doesn't make bad looking ships ever that you will hate flying and want to kill the designer and programmers of, nope, never!"

You can say that all you want, but he's telling the truth.

dukat did nothing wrong

>mega ship packs and bundles are totally worth it
They are.

>how dare you have fun for free and tell others they too can have fun for free! stop liking what i don't like!

Watching TNG after skipping TOS, should I go back to finish that off before getting into DS9 or nah?

hey man. i'm fucking LTS and have spent WAY too much moneey on the game, you can see that by all the fancy shit i have, but i will falt out state cash shop crap is at LEAST too expensive by a flat 30% or more.

30 dollars in star trek online gets you like, one fucking ship.

in mech warrior online, a supposedly thuroughly jewish and evil ripoff from hell. 30 dollars gets you three mechs

one ship should at MOST cost you 20 ish. so that when you get a pack they cost maybe up to 10 dollars

Why is Ezri such a better character than Jadzia despite having astronomically less screen time?
And why is she so fucking cute?

My bridge crew was all qt's. My main character was male (joined Trill engineer) but the rest were bitches of various races.