I'm... I'm finally free.
Thank you, bro


God I hate kids, i just want to handcuff one to the top of the stairs and leave them there for the rest of time

sorry for dropping pokemon gold in the toilet bro

>*overwrites your fucking face*

>not having an older sister
>not hanging out with her and her female friends
>not being the cute and adorable young brother whom they pamper and play with

You missed out mate.

*snaps the DVD for his teletubbies episodes*

What now, asshole?

One time my brother pissed me off so I deleted his metroid prime save. I bought the memory card so, I did what I wanted.

>*inhales* MOOOOOOOOOM user broke a dvd!
>gets grounded/punished

what now?

>that ugly top lip

Does he have herpes? What the fuck


>It's my turn
>mom said

I’ve honestly never been grounded before. My parents only ever gave me stern talkings and then made me apologise to my siblings, then I forget it ever happened.

I think it’s stained from juice.

that's orange drank nigga.

at least op is not gay like you

>tfw older cousin made me suck his cock when I was 12y/o

i always wished that i had an older sister where her friends would """bully"""" me and put me in panties/dresses

It’s either juice or cheetoh dust

No you didn't.

you liked it


>Had a younger sister.
>Hated the loudmouth.
>Told mom when I caught her masturbating when she was like 10.
>Constantly neglected and avoided her every chance I got.
>Now she's a slut.
It's probably my fault. I should have been nicer.

i didn't wish for that? what

why do japs like south park so much

I didn't even knew what I was doing, it was just weird. At least he returned the favor..

>Now she's a slut.
dude honestly, sluts are more fun. these fucking uptight conservative girls annoy the fuck out of me. i'm dating a girl that is so conservative that she refuses to wear an actual bikini bottom in the hottub because "it shows too much," so she wears some bottom/skirt combo. she has a perfect ass but she refuses to show it off. i hate it.

Why do westerners like anime so much?

I came here to laugh, not be sad.

I once excommunicated one of my friends from my fucking life for deleting a 100% complete save with hundreds of hours on it.
I don't even remember what game it was, but I do remember I was fucking livid.


>not blackmailing her into sex
you ain't cool like my japanese anime.

>mfw everyone in family got molested except for me
Was I just not desirable?

tags:Masturbation,Lolicon,Moral Degeneration,Sister,NTR

Yeah you're just gross

>Was I just not desirable?

That reminds me of that episode from Its Always Sunnny In Philadelphia

>spend a month of my time Final Fantasy 10 during 6th grade
>baby brother just turned 2
>I come back from school to continue where I left off
>panicking like fuck, I run over to stop him
>I was too late
>brother falls and bashes his head on the PS2, knocking it over and breaking the system and snapping the memory card
>major head injury for my baby brother, was knocked out because of it
>younger brother lives rest of his life with permanent brain damage, costing my family loads of money
>I still have depression from losing my Final Fantasy 10 save
>All because mom was on the phone.

did you fuck your mom

I'm sorry user. Have some puppers.

>Its just a game user, get over it and be nice to your sister.

>Made a duplicate copy save for this such occasion.

but who was phone?? XD

>snaps memory card


It landed face first on the hard floor, and was high enough to make an impact when colliding. This was also the fat PS2.

Now I imagine a 2 year old boy standing on top of an early 2000s TV in a green suit doing an irish tap dance. Which makes me wonder, is your younger brother a leprechaun?

>Had a bunch of older cousins that were girls and lived blocks away from me
>They all got along with each other
>They were like 15 years older than me
>They would take me with their friends and show off how "cute and adorable little user is" whenever they could
I most certainly can relate, felt fucking amazing man

>have hot twin cousins
>never see them
>have massive crush on one
>have faggot asshole brother
>they come to visit for a while
>go out to dinner with them and rest of family
>end of night brother is all quiet
>IDGAF faggot has long hair and shit probly just being emo fag as usual
>get older and realize he has an aversion to our cousins
>gets uncomfortable when i talk about how theyre doing
>i've gotten over the crush by now
>but all of a sudden realize
>my cousin raped my brother
>havent mentioned it to anyone. confronted him about it, turns out he lost his V to her
>mfw i would have been overjoyed but he was traumatized instead
>mfw world is really this unbelievably shitty

dios mio...

When I was a kid, I over wrote my brother's save of FF1

Girls can't rape boys, m8 :^)

How is it gay to do that in order to put your head on their crotch or between their breasts and get away with it? Yeah that's what I thought, don't fucking post if you don't know what in the HELL you're fucking talking about cunt. I will destroy you. Don't mess with me kid. Ain't in the mood. Got it? You better. Cause trust me buckaroo, I'm a wild force of nature who will unleash the sword of Damocles upon your tight little virgin butthole and you're gonna feel it for months. Okay? Good. Now shut the fuck up.

>tfw I found out at my grandfather's funeral that he molested my mom, aunt, and like three cousins as well as having 6 bastard children and went to jail three times for having sex with underage prostitutes
I still find it so hard to believe, then again this is 1950s Latin America

tell that to him he doesn't hear it when i say it.
he's actually legitimately upset about it too.
he was like 9 she was like 14.

Life is a cruel mistress my friend.

fucking hell

kek even your family didn't want to fuck you

ITT: Incest experiences

God you must be hideous


>a ps2 made someone retarded
How am I not surprised?

Oh, I didn't know you seriously believed that. I was fucking mocking that attitude.

9 is pretty young user a lot of kids haven't sexually awakened yet at that age it could definitely be traumatizing no matter how hot she is if it was forced upon him without his consent.
Honestly if you want it that bad you could blackmail your cousin over that shit and see if she'd do somethin for ya

It's this rash like thing people get, I have it but on my lower lip and I have to always wear cream and shit or else I look like I ate a bunch of spaghetti
Pic related is the cream I have to wear for it

I want to knock up both my older and younger sisters

It's a rash from him licking his lips so much because his nose is constantly pouring snot and he probably breathes through his mouth all the time.

She's got a classified job overseas. kind of out of reach atm. Legitimately thinking of taking her on dates though. there's weirder things in the world.

the kid in this image has kids now

I've never thought about fucking my cousins or taking them out on dates, what's wrong with you anons?

Does the cream only attack rashes that are enemies of Israel

This happened to me and now I’m obsessed with crossdressing and sissy things. And I’m not cute. Help.

My cousins are geniuses with 10/10 bodies.

Just white people things

We're not gay.

This type of thread is so old the kid in that picture is probably old enough to post here.

This was me. Excluding the part where my sister beat me up on a regular basis and proceeded to say how everything going wrong between mom and dad was my fault.


I did some messed up shit to younger girls and boys when I was a teen. Feel pretty bad about it even though nobody found out about it. But I've only had misfortune since those days, feels like Karma.