The fuck was her problem?

The fuck was her problem?

I'll tell you if you agree to be my gf

What OP, does something about her bug you?

She's a collection of bugs wearing a human suit.


She's Zelda's niece, she was too eccentric to live in the castle with the rest of the royal family so they bought her her own mansion in the city to keep her away from all the important stuff happening in the castle


How can anyone claim TP characters are all ugly when Agitha exists. She is the best Zelda character to ever exist.

Nothing, she's just a girl with a passion, which is incredibly rare for a woman.

I want to grab her ass

Too much Bondage Fairies.

This is what bugs do to you.


centipedes in her vagina

I like her theme music. Shame that her dps in Hyrule Warriors was shoddy.

Read too much Bondage Fairies and she was never the same.


Agitha appeals to me in many ways.

post what you've got m8

She wanted a Hylian

A termite taught me this little door-opening trick!

...I know you have bugs.

she just wanted some bugs, man

Agitha's ok.

But just what the FUCK was the guy to the rights' problem? Why's he stalking an 11 year old?

Wouldn't you stalk that 11 year old?

My first waifu.

I played the game in Jr. High, but she's still my waifu. I hope thats ok.

But that's her Hyrule Warriors render. The Twilight Princess version had the same potato face, weird eyes, and unappealing colors that every other non-Twili character did in that game.

That reminds me of the blowfly girl story.

Mostly just like her because twintails is the best hairstyle and her outfit and voice are cute, don't really like bugs. Glad she got into Hyrule Warriors but without hasty attacks she kinda sucks. Her weak point smash feels strongest of them all though and it also has wide range.