Is a VR headset worth buying right now?
If so, which one?

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No wait 5 years

No wait 10 years.

I gotta say, I bought a rift after much rumination. But I regret it a bit, I think I would have preferred to pay the extra $200 for the increase in quality. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly good, but the Vive is better.

No. It only has one good game, RE7. Not worth the purchase.

I use mine for fapping on a near daily basis.
no games though

Is it worth it for the porn alone? How much vr porn is actually available?

I bought a vive. Now it sits in my closet because they never made any games. Don't let the long lists of 'experiences', tech demos, and gimmicky software toys fool you.

3D TVs.

Any good trap/futa vr porn games?

there's a neverending tsunami of real vr porn but I mostly use it for honey select which i've been in love with for over a year now.
if my vive broke today i'd go buy a new one tomorrow. it's become a permanent fixture in my room.
it's expensive so whether you feel cheated or not like some people do is going to be more based on how much money you have burning a hole in your pocket

It depends. It really is an amazing piece of technology, there just aren't a lot of games for it at the moment.

Lone Echo/Echo Arena, Superhot VR, Job Simulator, Robo Recall, Rec Room, and really not much else at the moment. FO4 and Skyrim VR should be cool, except I've already beat both of them.

Not a lot of games because not many people have VR headsets, not a lot of people have VR headsets because not a lot of games.

VR porn is pretty amazing.

I got an Oculus Rift and I love it.

If you think the primary element to immersive VR is 3D, you don't know shit about VR.

If you think the primary element to immersive VR is wiimote waggling bullshit, you are the death of VR.

I have a vive and I'd happily switch to a rift if I didn't hate facebook so much. Rift has much better controllers, equivalent tracking with a third camera, all other specs are equal and it costs less.

No, wait 80 years until we're jacking wires in through sockets in our spines, everything else is half-assed and not worth your time. There are no games either. I just put on my headset when I'm bored and make shooting noises and pretend I'm playing call of duty.

The HMD is nothing like a 3D TV.

>wiimote waggling bullshit
Still wrong. Positional audio and 1:1 head tracking.

I have 2 cameras with my Rift, and tracking is ok. I'm thinking about getting a third one when I can. I really love the controllers though.

I'm really looking forward to next gen Rift.
wireless w/ retina tracking.

>equivalent tracking with a third camera
completely wrong. you have not used both units

>positional audio
You mean 3d

I haven't, I'm just going by what others have said. How does tracking on a rift with three cameras fall short?

Can i have it? I'll pay for shipping, obviously.

The BattleZone remake by Rebellion is pretty fucking sick and it's on sale right now.
Also youtube.com/watch?v=ingxee5RowU is a thing coming out and my dick is rock hard about it

The Rift controlls are amazing