This is your tank tonight, you have her back right?

This is your tank tonight, you have her back right?

If we're being realistic, I'm going to wait for her to get knocked down and then I'm gonna run up and teabag her.

imma blow dat back out with my dick niqqa fym

not after the rework, only blizzard could break something that wasn't broken

like fuck give the rework to jimmy or something fucking retards


Why do you keep making these threads?

I would rather him make fat anime ass threads than see Cred Forums and twitter screencap threads.

>go to trump thread
>nothing but anime girl awoo~~ posting



They reworked Johanna?

Of course I do. I always cover my tank's exposed flanks with my own girthy member of our order



More like I'll FUCK her back
giggity giggity (quagmire reference)

what does a buttjob feel like

You can't even enjoy these threads that long before the interracial cuckolds come and shit every thread up.

I haven't seen that shit kicker around here for a while. I wonder if he finally killed himself.

Is this the epitome of ass faggotory ?

Healdoms and tanksluts? is this the future?



Glad you could make it Uther

I hate Cred Forums so fuckin much. Why can't we just post asses in peace.

She's better now
>muh Regen

Yeah like six months ago now