Let me see your face

Let me see your face...

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Do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking.

You may laugh but this was considered photo realistic graphics 20 years ago.

too bad the game is only 10 years old


2006 was 22 years ago.

So is there a smarter one?

You may not like it but this is what peak elder scrolls performance looks like.

2006 what a shit year for video games, you'd be forgiven for thinking this game was peak excellence for the year it released, for reference another RPG FFXII came out the same year.

It really wasn't. Oblivion was considered visual vomit even for its day.


No, it wasn't. Most people were shitting their pants over it.

t. Wasn't even born then
Oblivion had some of the best graphics for the time period up till Crysis came out, with the exception of faces of course.

Is this worth modding and playing today? No nostalgia pls

>Oblivion had some of the best graphics for the time period up till Crysis came out
I read some stupid shit on Cred Forums before but Jesus Christ.

Refute my statement then, instead of being a baiting retard

Yeah, before it was released and bethesda kept releasing bullshots for it. Cred Forums called it out immediately once it came out

Farcry, UT2004, Half-Life 2, FEAR, DOOM 3, Riddick and many others looked way better than Oblivion. Oblivion was really ugly for its time.

An independant modding community is re-doing the game in Skyrim's engine, you could wait until that comes about, whenever that is.

>Linear corridor shooters vs fully open world game


Hint: it never will

Lol fucking no. Yeah they looked good for their day but so did Oblivion and what Oblivion was doing technically was far and beyond any of the games you mentioned you pleb.

Many of the games you mentioned are railroad shooters, FEAR, DOOM 3, UT2004 like how do they even compare to an expansive world like in Oblivion, we get it you're a contrarian or you just have selectively retarded lenses you viewed those years in.

FEAR largely takes place in what is essentially a gray box.

UT2K4 was an arena shooter, and many of those arenas were huge areas with varied terrain.

Before its release, maybe. After that, Todd's lies were open to the world. You had to do fucking hours of detailing in the character maker in order to get anything that looked even remotely good in-game, and even then chances are that your character still looked like it had down's syndrome. For all of Skyrim's faults succeeding the game, Bethesda at least made it possible to make characters who don't look like ass during character creation. In contrast, I don't remember a single character in Oblivion who didn't look like total arse.


Best graphics? Other games looked better at the time, but as an overall package of a near completely open world filled with interactive clutter was technically impressive.

Bethesda might have been one of the best devs when it came to creating open world games at the time.

Everyone knows the faces looked like dogshit, that doesn't say anything about the graphics.

There's a morrowind remake as well but I feel like those projects never pan out

And..? It doesn't change the fact that those games lacked the vision or depth of something like Oblivion, you can fault Oblivion these days for being a bad RPG because that's just relative to what we have available now but nothing came even remotely close to Oblivion before 2006 and it'd take a few more years after Oblivion released for the market to catch on that open world games were what the consumers wanted either to the detriment to some studios or the benefit of others.

What you can do with Skyrim as well in respects to how much customization and freedom you had to play with the game in TES Construction Kit was also technically advanced because no one else was doing at the level that Bethesda were doing it at or supported that software level like Bethesda did.

I already mentioned one other RPG that came out that year FFXII and if you go and look at that on the PS2 well it's no contest.

>the vision or depth of something like Oblivion

We need to come up with a name for this. Something to describe the following phenomenon:
"The autism it takes to remake an entire game in the engine of another game is the same autism that prevents said project from ever being released publically."

I think he means in terms of scope, which those other games that were mentioned paled in comparison.

Nice retort.

It actually speaks volumes about the graphics. Pretty much all the textures in the game were flat and outdated, even for its time, which was plainly obvious in the facial textures. For some contrast, Crysis was released only a year after Oblivion, which still is a visual masterpiece. While that may be an unfair comparison since, you know, Crysis came out a year later, you can look at pretty much any top-selling game from 2006 and see better graphics than Oblibion.

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It doesn't really fucking matter how big a game is for whether its graphics are "photorealistic" or not.

Pretty sure the other games mentioned weren't also bug-riddled messes held together by scotch tape and glue.

It kind of does to some degree user.

Okay but what did Crysis give to the industry..? A stale meme.

And really..? Here are the top selling games of 2006.

Madden NFL 07, PS2, EA—2.8 million

New Super Mario Bros., DS, Nintendo—2 million

Gears of War, Xbox 360, Microsoft—1.8 million

Kingdom Hearts II, PS2, Square Enix—1.7 million
Guitar Hero II, PS2, Activision—1.3 million

Final Fantasy XII, PS2, Square Enix—1.3 million

Brain Age: Train Your Brain, DS, Nintendo—1.1 million

Madden NFL 07, Xbox 360, EA—1.1 million

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Xbox 360, Ubisoft—1 million

NCAA Football 07, PS2, EA—1 million

Again, you're looking at 2006 and the following years and some weird rose tinted glasses, I'll give you that Crysis was a marvel for its time but no one played it because it required crazy specs to run.

Crysis is fun. Gears of War and Battlefield 2142 did look better than Oblivion.

Not that guy you're replying to but Crysis pushed hardware to its absolute limit and continues to do so to this very day. It also had very impressive attention to detail on top of that.
What did Oblivion achieve? Ugly character models, bad animations and let's not forget the absolute joke that is it's voice acting? Those are really impressive feats. Truly left a fucking mark on the industry.

I'd say yes, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quest line makes the game worth it. The quests are much more interesting rather than the tedious approach seen in Skyrim, e.g.

>go X and get Y bring to Z
>go into X and kill Y get Z as reward

The guild quests are more interesting to play than in Skyrim. There are other quests as well, but the main quest is boring as fuck in my opinion.

Oblivion had great side quests, and imo one of the greatest game soundtracks of all time. Everything else has aged like milk compared to how well Crysis has aged.

lets call it baitware

Okay..? I said Crysis took crazy specs to run, I didn't say anything about it not being fun, good for you I suppose if you found it enjoyable to play. Gears of War is a linear shooter and Battlefield 2142 I never played

But this doesn't look good.




Oblivion not only looks better than these games it's moddable, unlike these games and everyone forgot them after they had played them and in respect to Crysis as I said it continued to just be this stale meme that people use, that's its legacy.