You wake up in the world of fallout 1

>you wake up in the world of fallout 1

But that’s fallout 2, user.

That's the map for Fallout 2. YOU FUCKING NOOB

>fallout 1
>map of fallout 2

>fallout 1

Yeah I forgot 1 and 2 are in different worlds.

dude what the FUCK that's fallout 2 not fallout 1 baka

They don't take place at the same time you dummy dum dum.

I create a band of brigands and scum called "The Absolute Darlings"

We make Russians cry in their sleep and make Goons cry to their mamas, and rule the wasteland with an iron fist.

Get my fair reward


Fallout 1 takes place in 2161
Fallout 2 takes place in 2242
Fallout 3 takes place in 2277
Fallout:New Vegas takes place in 2281
Fallout 4 takes place in 2287

So yes different times. Lots of things change.

>you wake up

>you wake up in the world of grand theft auto 3


Fall out in India?
(You) for yes
Yes for no

so everything would look the same?

Sky rim in inda


But, OP that's just California on a good day.

I only played a little bit of fallout 2, is this a mod?

I’d probably smash Tandi and fuck off to the Hub for some drugs and rope to scavenge some plasma rifles in the Glow for mad money.

wtf I hate india now praise kek im white

>there is supposed to be a 110/120 year difference between Fallout 1 and 3/NV/4

Why is Bethesda so retarded. It's like they didn't play the old games at all. Fallout 3 honestly feels like it should be the first game chronologically.

It's a scene from Fallout 1

When you make this thread at least post the map that is not for ants.

Really? Man my memory sucks.

No I'm actually convinced they didn't play them, just read some bulletpoints of what looks cool about the first 2 games and made a 3rd one out of that. Toddy's brand of game design.

I wish I'd wake up in the world of Fallout 4 since it's a better game.


Actually it's a mod but I'm planning to release it eventually

>Wake up see this


Don't goof with me man.
I will keep an eye on your mod *wink*

rawr x3 nuzzles you

Yes, but it would be depressing as shit knowing how many homeless people and poor people are gonna die. I’d rather a Deus Ex in India, desu. Future Mumbai would be baller as fuck.

I never played FO1 and 2 just the others.
What do you mean?
Technologically wise or something else?

>just read some bulletpoints of what looks cool about the first 2 games and made a 3rd one out of that


Better music, best game play in the series, settlement building, crafting and modding weapons and armor, you get power armor early instead of it being a stupid endgame armor, 'dungeons' respawn with loot and enemies, the protagonist finally has a fucking personality, and no more stupid 'diplomacy' or speech checks. Plus it has an active modding scene if you want something tweaked or changed.

The only people that hate Fallout 4 are the people who self-insert role play as their characters and have some bizarre hatred to role playing as a parent.

>Fallout 1: You roleplay as a Vault Dweller seeking a Water Chip.
>Fallout 2: You roleplay as a tribal seeking a GECK
>Fallout 3: You roleplay as a Vault Dweller seeking his dad.
>Fallout NV: You roleplay as a mail man seeking to finish his delivery
>Fallout 4: You roleplay as a parent seeking their child

Fuck off Todd, 3 and 4 suck ass.


I agree on a lot of those points.
The thing that pisses me off about FO4 more than some retarded choices like the shitty dialogue system that needs a mod to actually be playable is the fact the DLC is shit tier, so bad in fact that Bethesda abandoned the fucking game.

FO3 and FNV story DLC was fantastic. FO4 was shite.


>Fallout 4
Fake news

>write out a bunch of retarded shit
>nobody cares enough about you to respond seriously
>act like your insignificance is vindication

pls respond ;(

In FO 1, 2, and NV to a lesser extent, the world is rebuilding itself at long last. Actual countries with actual governments and militaries are establishing themselves.

Meanwhile in FO 3 and 4, everything is like as if the bombs dropped about 15 years ago. People are still scavenging for old world food when the old world was literally wiped out 200 years ago.

>No argument
>Can't defend their viewpoint
>Can't even explain their viewpoint
>"I know! I'll respond and tell him how much I don't care!"


Fallout 1 and 2 had cities that had established civilization. Didn't live in trash and such. People in FO3 onward apparently are really really lazy.

Must be an east coast thing, Toddy is in Washington after all, he knows all about laziness.

You're ignoring all of the people who disagree with you. What makes you any different?

>As time passes people are becoming even more of a cavemen than before

Play them, faggot.

If you ask me how I feel about Fallout 3 onward, yes it still hurts.

I liked Fallout 3

>Fallout 4
>Yes, No, Rude/Sarcasm, Have you seen my son?

fallout in india yes very sexy time habbabi

>united territories of the commonwealth

Is this Tactics? I've never played it.


I wrote this They won't even explain why they disagree with me. The ball is still in their court as far as I'm concerned.

Fallout 1 and 2 are chock full of game systems - including chargen - that are combat oriented. The equipment is combat oriented. The maps are filled with random encounters for combat. 'Dungeons' are built and populated with enemies for combat. In F1 the devs didn't even have copypaste so all of that was handplaced. The sound effects, graphical effects for defeating enemies... everything is combat oriented. At most you have a few options during some quests to bypass all that work and get a less interesting outcome as long as the numbers of your speech skill are high enough. Fallout is better than most RPGs in the fact that it actually has a stat, skill, and buffs for it's non-combat talky bullshit.

For fuck's sake F1 has a generic doomsday plot by a madmen leading an army of orcs. It's not as interesting as people claim it is.

It's the cancelled Van Buren.


more ???
is this some fan au?

wtf was the point of the airstrip in NV anyway? I discovered it and it was just a bunch of empty nothing.

You misunderstand. You're disagreeing with the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people, who openly admit that Fallout 4 is not nearly as good as 1 or 2. You're ignoring all of the reasons they've been stating since Fallout 4 was launched and only choosing to list the reasons why you think it's better.

Your opinion goes against the established status quo. Before you can start convincing anyone your opinion is correct you first need to put a dent in the arguments made before you. You are not doing that. You are expecting people to shift the conversation onto your side of the playing field where the assumption is you are right and need to be proven wrong.

This is not reality. Reality is you are wrong and you need to prove you are right. This is why you are being ignored.

I know this explanation will not satisfy you at all. All you'll do is think this is bullshit. After all, how could ANYONE ever disagree with YOU when your opinion was created by YOU?

Fuck off, retard.


>one headed bear
deviantart wtf is going on with you?


cut content is the most obvious answer i'f say

Where is this in the picture?

Guess that makes sense. It seemed too designed to be pointless but I couldn't find anything to do there.

This was before American got nuked.

it's the flags of pre-war america

>Why is Bethesda so retarded. It's like they didn't play the old games at all

but what's the united territories? some fanfic?