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>Post references and names
>Keep it vidya, no OCs
>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis's name
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it
>Have fun

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW: (current) (backup)

Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!
NSFW Deliveries should also be posted in Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky
Drawing Books:!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA

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Have you ever requested for someone else? Catered to what they like?


Requesting Elphelt Valentine as a Cupid Monstergirl. Instead of the bow, let her keep her gun in riffle form.

Cupid reference

did you have a wonderful day anonymous?

Requesting and Hyde and Vatista from UNIEL napping on the couch together. I'd like to see them wear simpler, more casual clothing.

Requesting her in a drunken stupor after a pub crawl.

Requesting the middle image with Fi as Clank (left) and Zelda as Ratchet (right). You can also substitute Zelda with Link or whomever if you want. Ignore the bird in Zelda's reference.
Fi's dialogue should be: "There is a 100% chance that the word you were looking for is 'Dashing'." or something like that.
Thank you in advance!
I was inspired by this artist:

Requesting ORAS Flannery, barefoot and posing her barefeet in any of these poses here.

Have her be cute and flirtatious too.

possible anchor post. → #

I'd like a new anchor image, featuring your choice of Tetra, Medli, and/or Makar (or some combination thereof, or all three) holding a comically oversized anchor while standing on the King of Red Lions.

Requesting epic art of Sanzang Zenyatta

Hi, I got this absolutely wonderful fill by a most wonderful drawfriend a few days ago. In that thread, I asked the drawfriend if he wouldn't mind making a handful of on-model changes (namely the lipstick and glasses to be blue). He was having a rough week, so I haven't meant to bother him, and if you're reading this, drawfriend, please don't feel rushed or compelled or obligated! Gentle anchor for whenever you feel up to it. Thank you so much again for all of your work in giving me such a blessed image.

Requesting Re-Class porn/lewds
Bonus points for thiccer body, bigger breasts and big bush down there.

Oh, and possible anchor!

Requesting Mario & Luigi, or any video game duo performing pic related, bottom specifically but any pose will do.

On Cred Forums.

Someone in one of my discord groups had an idea for a FMA drawing so I was like....yeah I’ll request it.

When it got made she was pretty thrilled and I was impressed with the final results.

Requesting color for this beautiful art of Marina as an OL (office lady).

Requesting Skye Autumn, from the Sanctum games, relaxing and using her left arm to jerk off an imaginary penis, like the reference on the right. Whether she's being cocky to the viewer or has a lewd expression is up to you.

Request any FE pegasus knight as a lewd pegasus-girl knight.

Instead of riding a pegasus in battle she herself flies around naked with white wings, tail and pointed ears.

I’ve been addicted to IDW TMNT, these two fun loving guys specifically, so requesting Wario & Waluigi drawn posing like Bebop & Rockstead in any of these covers/panels, or any interaction with Wario & Wakefield having as much fun as IDW Bebop & Rocksteady do in the comic at all.

Requesting Cranky Kong pulling a Heihachi from Tekken 7 and summon Mario to a over-the-top location like a volcano to have their final epic battle

A couple of months ago, I frequented /lozg/ on /vg/ and someone came up with a pretty hot scenario. people were talking about sealguy and everything, I had a drawthread tab open, sealguy was present, I asked if he would mind drawing the idea and he agreed. they were pretty pleased with it and so was I.
the dude always draws great legs.

That's a cute request user.

Requesting Bandanna Waddle Dee dual-wielding harpoon guns

Requesting Bowser posting shitty waifu requests

Requesting the left image but with any Doki Doki Literature Club girl of your choice

Requesting Thicc Dancing All Night Aigis with big titties and no other fetishes or weird shit

Requesting a portrait of Lucina as if she's in a regular fighting game(just the waist up is fine) - preferably with her sword, and masked or unmasked is good!

Alternatively, a rock or metal version of her!

>3 new posts
>only 2 new ips

You can see who has the new IP's you know

Ja!, you are right Heer user!

Thanks a lot to the draw friend who did this.
I love it n_n

>it's not the linked drawing
>but I'm not downloading that nazi shit to my computer.

What kind of cuck behaviour is this one?

The psyche of the great masses is not receptive to anything that is half-hearted and weak. Like the woman, whose psychic state is determined less by grounds of abstract reason than by an indefinable emotional longing for a force which will complement her nature, and who, consequently, would rather bow to a strong man than dominate a weakling.

Anyway, thanks guys for the help

Requesting "Getting Over It" with Light Cruiser Demon.

Requesting Misha with a jetpack

I would like to request Ahri, watching a Sona gangbang porno while afk from LoL, and masturbating to it.

Basically a reverse of this situation depicted here:

Have you considered drinking bleach to whiten your insides?

Make your request user. The most bullied one just might get done

Requesting Kay Faraday, naked only wearing her scarf or wearing a bikini.

Bullied in what sense?

no memes just cuddling

Jesus, just fucking shove the bleach up your ass and get it over with.

Will this do.

>throw an oc into a game
>it's vidya you guys
Literally worse than shovel knight dude

Meliadoul stripping Agrias out of all her bits of armor with methodical precision..

>goal post moving

That is last thread shit man, let it go.

Mario is an OC you retard, sonic is an OC, Shantae is an OC, Aigis is an OC, every fictional character in existence is an OC. they all had to be designed before being put into the games they were in. stop being dumb.

You said you wanted a fucking game.
Character was designed for a fucking game even though it was a pile of shit in the end.
Quit bitching.

Give me a mermaid maid (male)
Requesting Aigis being toonfied and by that I mean transforming into a kids type cartoon character, but more lewd.

Due to Toei going insane with the leaks and all, requesting Mario & Wario acting as Super Saiyan Blue/Ultra Instinct, taking on Donkey Kong in his Super form from Tropical Freeze, acting as Jiren. Artist can pose them however they please.

Midna getting defeated instead of Zant in her final moments with an imp Zant using his hair on her.

Requesting Ness using his PK Thunder and using as a transformation similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

pic related but popuko as Zelda and pipimi as Cred Forums

So bait. Nice to know.

I'm not drawing that and kill yourself

Requesting Abe Nana (left) in a shy pose showing her feet/soles (pose examples in the right)


37 y/o feet are gross

Requesting more art of older Platinum.

Requesting a fusion of the Female Fallout Vault Dwelller with the Final Fantasy Tactics Female Monk

he never said he would draw anything you dink
he just said something might get drawn.

Requesting Ramlethal naked and tied with ribbons and her areolas and/or nipples and thick bush peeking out.

Little info: with or without hat is up to the artist. Or two versions with and without hat would be nice but not a must do. Her bush like this way would be good:

Requesting this with any vidya characters of your choice. If you don't have anything in mind, I suggest FeMC from Persona 3 being comforted by Maya from P2.

What do you mean 37 year old?

Requesting Patricia Wagon version of Inspector Boarder

Requesting Chameleos

I'm not buying her 17 y/o act

I thought we were done with Aigis DA fetish shit?

she is at least 28

Requesting cool and epic James Pond (RoboCod) drawing
As example what-if modern cover art for a reboot/revival, sort of like with Deus Ex and Human Revolution.

strange face

>Someone actually downloaded my draw and is using it as an action reaction image
Also Wind Waker anchor post is...50% doneish, probably post it by tonight

Requesting three Hunters enjoying the reading material avaliable in the Hunter's Dream, with all three of them reading the book "How to Pick Up Fair Maidens". Middle Hunter is holding the book and has a hand on his chin, looking thoughtful yet flustered while his reading buddies peeking over his shoulders seem either smug (right) or unreadable (left). Feel free to take liberties with right's appearance since his face isn't covered and I just pulled it from the wiki.

Optional bonus: a fellow Hunter, a girl in any attire, judges them harshly from afar.

>my art is the OP
Th-thanks. And thanks to everyone else who liked it, along with the galaxy DQ slime and the sockless bunny girl.

predator face

Requesting sexy Risky Boots laughing boisterously

Requesting this made vidya related

>based user who did the Fi bait image that I saved is also working on my Wind Waker anchor request
You're my favourite drawfriend in these threads user. Also that Fi image is 100% top tier. I don't know who requested it but I'm always on the prowl for art and reaction images.

Requesting Sachiko fighting sneks with a shillelagh.

Requesting a big tittied dirty and sweaty Sunny.

requesting cerebella getting titfucked from the guy's point of view, with vice versa restraining her arms while she looks angry this is happening

Requesting a cute Salix

Oh and don't rush on the image. I'm a patient sort. Just happy that you're doing something.

>I'm not downloading that nazi shit to my computer.

Heer = army
You mean "Herr"?

Sachiko must die.

Requesting Laura taking Mira for a walk down the foggy streets of Silent Hill (no monsters, of course).

Finished the Rin pantyhose request.
The second link has her wearing...less. I hope having her tits out isn't too lewd for you, OR.

Requesting this death scene with Sachiko! (see at 3:45)

Requesting THICC Minerva.