And my name, by the way, is Dante

And my name, by the way, is Dante.

But you can call me Dante the demon killerâ„¢.

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kill yourself nigger

>not xXxDemonKillahxXx420FTW
Come back after you become a real man. If you walked into a bar everyone would laugh!


Cred Forums style tournies when?


Mi nombre, por cieto, es Dante

la creatura...

Would you go to the prom with him, Cred Forums?

I'm your prom date you ugly sack of shit

Le 56% face

>nobody posted it yet

The sound editing on that spanish guitar is just unreasonably good.


I see squilliam Dante found his way to GAF

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


If my copy was like this I might actually have finished the game and I don't even speak that language.

>people actually disliked the soundtrack
Shit taste.

I thought it was a general consensus that the game is shit but the soundtrack is good.

>Mexican music
>Spanish dub

>implying there's a difference

edits were the only great part about donte's shitty vidya except the sound track

>people enjoyed a dollar-store brand Marilyn Manson
it's like enjoying Donte from DmC...oh wait

already posted, how could you doubt fans of this amazing game like that????

what hurts the most about this game is it's not really -that- bad on its own, sure it doesn't hold up at all to the top-tier ones like DMC3 and Bayo and whatnot but honestly it was okay

I didn't even mind how edgy he was, but I fucking hated that he was Dante. If they'd made their own IP, same story, altered names etc. it would've been great.

Are you some how implying that WUBWUBWUB is not the pinnacle of human musical endeavor!?

>Combichrist wub
That would be Noisia.

>dollar-store brand Marilyn Manson

music by DJ ebony black death of the shadow soul nightmare void... of DOOM

this game was GOTY just for giving us this gif

also all other aspects aside, with the patches the combat is actually really fucking good esp on turbo mode