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>We recruited Roshe, another benchwarmer
>Marth's army easily took care of the army of paladins
>Then Julian got some level ups off the ballistas, bishops, and the boss
>Marth seized the castle, and was told by a wounded Boa that Hardin was evil because Nina was forced into marriage with him while Nina still loved the dead Camus
>Then he said the dark orb took over Hardin's mind and turned him completely evil from his sadness and jealously
>Then we started chapter 20
>It was the final battle with Hardin
>He taunted us, and told Midia to watch as he kills Marth
>We got through the castle with minimal problems
>When we got close to him, Hardin taunted us again and told us that he always hated Marth and that Marth would not have survived book 1 if he wasn't helping him
>Then we had Sirius come and get ready to kill him
>Sirius killed Hardin, and with his last breaths, he was able to overcome the dark orb's power, and told Marth to tell Nina that he still loved her
>Hardin dropped the dark orb, which let us complete the shield of seals

And that's where we left off. This a blind ironman run done by me, from time to time I will ask you guys to make decisions such as who to deploy, what items to buy, which unit to use stat boosters on, etc. So far only Cain, Bantu, and Julian has died, but it was voted to reset for Julian because he's needed for the best ending.

You gonna just seize now?

Of course I fuck up my trip.

Is this chest worth using a warp on?

You really went nuclear in the morning at my Catria thread assholes

5 warp uses left, is it really worth it to warp Julian over for whatever is in that chest? I remember boots were in there in book 1.

I wasn't one of them. But I did post saying that Est is best peg sister

It's a Devil Sword. Could be useful for Julian during the final chapters, but it's up to you. I'd say it's worth killing the other enemies just for the EXP.

Don't think you need to use a warp use. I think the enemies abide by the same aggro rules as the Dolhr troops in Book 1 Chapter 20, in that they all just stop doing anything once the boss is dead.

You mean ?

>a sword that could potentially kill someone on use
Yeah no I'm not wasting a warp for that. I already have a unused one as well.

You better not be bullshitting me, because if you are Midia dies.

Yes that one, thanks for the lews btw,

I'd say it's worth savestate abusing. They fucking should be surrendering at this point, after all. But if not, then seize.

Mangs killed Est in todays video,whick i will never undertand his hateboner toward Est or Amelia

>i will never undertand his hateboner toward Est
Me neither.


Fuck this I'm just gonna seize.

Which game? Est is kinda shitty in book 1 because she just comes way too late to be useful, but you can every easily grind her on the stage you get her on in book 2 with starshards.

Amelia does suck ass though, memes aside. But she is cute.


>Watching FE Youtubers
You know, sometimes I wonder if it's just my high standards for LPs, or if Fire Emblem is just innately boring to watch.

What a great adventure.

Wasn't this fun? Shame it has to end here now.

I've started playing FE5 again because of Mekkah's playthrough. I'm in the middle of chapter 5.

Book 1, he literally kill her, he send Abel to kill her when she spawned. Amelia sure is cute

>Not-Nyna's dialogue
Incoming macros



Oh no, they're kidnapping Sheema! As a young, defenseless female, she has no possible means of defending herself from these evil men!

Only two chapters left!