Today I start my new job

It's been great meeting you Cred Forums, but I'm never coming back again, hope you all have a good life, also I won't be able to pay internet for this month so, this is it. Sayonara

Stocking is a SLUT


See you at work

I work 60h/week, I barely play videogames anymore and I still manage to get some time to shitpost here. You will be ok

OP doesn't understand how hobbies and addiction work. Half way through the day, you are going to wonder if any good threads are being made. By the time you get out of work, you will be anxious to view the site.


See you tomorrow

See you when you get home from work, champ.

user I came on here every day after work. You're not going anywhere

>just got fired yesterday
>spent the past few months buying games I had no time for
>at least a month or two before I have to start worrying about another job
NEETism, I welcome thee back

I hope your smug face gets raped on the way there and you get fired for being late on the first day.

What's the job

See you tomorrow

>posting mlp outside of its board

Fired for what

Don't feel too bad user. With all that hard work, your boss will be able to afford a new Lamborghini in no time.


Didn't ask, they just told me they're letting me go and I said "I understand". I won't lie, I wasn't the best employee.

What did he mean by this?

I can guarantee you'll be here on your little break, nice attention whore thread gaylord

see you tomorrow user

you ever baited so hard, that you just looked autististic?

My boss is actually dying right now (liver cancer) so there is a big hole in my department, they dont want to hire right now. What can i do user...

(You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

What job?

get the pay raise, you'll have more time once you settle in

I'm still waiting for PSG reaction images, fuckers.


Did you kill an angel to get it, OP


I give you 3 days before you check Cred Forums with your phone. This shit right here is fucking real.