Are video games art, Cred Forums? Why?

Are video games art, Cred Forums? Why?

Art in 2018 is a really meaningless word. Yeah, they are art. If I consider them art, that makes them art. Just like a hipster can paint a few lines and declare it art, so that is art too. It's just a matter of whether or not the term is important to you. For me, it isn't important.

Anything is art, so yes.

Video games are Saturday morning cartoons for adults.

t. keksimus

culmination of different artforms but not really a medium

Yes, a combination of programming, game design, 2D art, 3D art, music, sounds, voice acting, story, cinema etc. is art. Why is this still being talked about?


It's a medium to convey emotions and experiences, I don't see how it couldn't be considered art.

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the word "art" can be applied to actual dogshit nowadays, so why not call video games art?

no, and i never want it to be. because when you stop making shit to be fun and trying super hard to be pretentious is how we got in the current situation in the current year with "interactive movies" and "experiences". now you have to cater to the lowest common denominator when games that are fun are literally blowing the fuck out of the industry by 2 cocksuckers in a shed

On average no, but it can be.
The perfect blend of refined gameplay, great gfx, music an story that conveys feelings and emotions is something utterly rare in a very market focused industry mostly dominated by greed. Art needs money and disregard for the potential outcome, something that publishers are not likely to risk. Sometimes, a game managed to have some artistic values, but it's uncommon.

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Art doesn't mean pretentiousness or a lack of fun.

Why does it even matter? Just have fun playing vidya.

The best definition of art is "something that elicits an emotional response" so yes, technically they are.

Art requires benefactors. Video games do not have Benefactors. They have investors.
Kickstarter is a step in the right direction but baby steps are not walking. Give it more time and maybe, but not yet.

All human expressions are art. Art can be good, bad, pretentious or base. Therefore, video games are a form of art.

The problem is right now we use "video games" to describe a massive variety of interactive experiences. Something like Tetris is clearly a game. Something like What Remains of Edith Finch is somewhere between a movie and an amusement park ride. They have totally different goals. They should not be classified as the same thing.

Who gives a flying fuck if games are art, i just want to enjoy them.
The less people get into idnustry thinking they are artists, the better.
Maybe we'll have some actual gameplay and interesting design instead of twats pouring cheap modern philosophy into indie pixelshit

it definitely means trying too hard to make video games something that it never will be

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Art doesn't have to be good. Art can be shit, too. Video games are art, just rarely good art.

No, it doesn't. That's not what art is.

Why wouldn't something that basically combines every form of art imaginable be a form of art?

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Yen's are pretty good too though.


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Yep, videogames confirmed art


The reasons they haven't achieved the cultural recognition of things like literary fiction or music is because of three factors.
1. High barrier and cost to entry-Programming, music, art design and a shitload of other things along with expensive equipment (varies on what game you're making) means it's harder for one person to make a game than to write a book. More people have to be added to project which means more $. More $ means more corporate interference leading to my next point
>2. Corporate Advertising- It's likely that if a small indie game were given the ad budget of a AAA game, there would be no cut content and the game would have much more depth to it. but because all the budget goes into these big hollywood experiences and other games don't have them, the games you typically see or hear about are shit like CoD, WoW, Fortnite, or PUBG, which are certainly not high art. This causes mainstream to have a preconceived notion of games leading to point 3
3. Public Perception- Most books and movies considered art because they represented a cultural milestone or displayed a mastery of technique. Since both film and literary study are developed fields steeped with unique terminology and videogames have had basically nothing of that sort written on them, people are less likely to make a game with the purpose of being critically reviewed and found to be excelling in these areas and concurrently the people who would review them and consider them "art" in such a way are less inclined.

Video games.
Games = challenge.
To challenge an opponent (chess, basketball)
To challenge luck (any kind of gamble)
To challenge the game itself (puzzles, rubik cube)

If you consider all above cited examples art, then yeah, vidya is art.

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