How do we fix Samus Aran?

How do we fix Samus Aran?

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We start by remodelling her shithole.

give her to sony

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Is she sitting on top of herself?


make her even taller

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bigger tits

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By modifying her shithole.

Samus Was already fixed in Samus Returns, the bigger question is how do we fix you, mentally?

The Zero Suit was a mistake


She's fine as is

I don't like her face there. She looks a bit too much like a generic blonde bimbo there. That body is unreal.

But to answer the OP seriously, let her speak just a little bit, but be very conservative with how often you do so. But also give her a stoic, badass personality, with a hint of having a bit of a deadpan, sarcastic wit, but with genuine warmth for allies and the helpless that need protecting. And hire a solid voice actress to voice her, preferably Jennifer Hale or whoever did it in Brawl/Smash 4.

The only thing I can think of is to make her an actual bounty hunter instead of a free agent that only gets missions from the federation

It's bigger samuses all the way down

It gets Samus design right, something none of the 3D games can ever get right, I bet she looks just as shit as she always does in any 3D game in Prime 4.

>I bet she looks just as shit as she always does in any 3D game in Prime 4.
Hey now, she looked alright in Prime 1. It's just that Nintendo forced animu Samus on them, so she looked like absolute shit in 2 and 3.

You can fix Samus by making her someone who can be playfully flirtatious at time, a bit more lively, willing to get serious when needed, and basically turn her into some kind of actual human that exists.
The type of women that responds to a male friend coming on to her with "Maybe tomorrow if I'm not busy" with a grin on her face because they both know she is going to be very busy shooting literally everything.

she needs to be a black female
blondes are old and busted

We can start by having less focus on Samus out of the Power Suit. As soon as they started flaunting that shit Zero Suit in Zero Mission it was all downhill.

Tune the fuck down the oversexualization for a start

I want cosplay girls to stop making ahegao faces. Ahegao will never EVER not be disgusting.

She looked ugly in Prime 1, the only games she looked good in is Metroid, Metroid II, Super Metroid, Metroid: Fusion, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Metroid: Samus Returns. Figures every game I listed was a 2D game which seems to be the only games that give Samus
>fit body
>tall height
Something every other game with her in it fails at.

That's not an ahegao and you're wrong besides

remove the materal over her stomach so her navel is exposed

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>You can fix Samus by making her someone who can be playfully flirtatious at time
See, I don't mind Samus having a fun side at all, but you need to be careful with it. In my mind, Samus would be someone who actually does have a bit of a joke-y side to her, but it'd be more of a sarcastic, deadpan, sardonic sense of humor. I can't imagine it being anything else. I wouldn't mind her having a snappy one-liner every now and then. I think she should be a bit of a flirt as well, mostly when it's not too serious and only really occasionally.

Actually speaking of, I feel like Samus should really get some really cool, memorable lines here and there. I feel like out of any Nintendo character, Samus should be the one to get some really awesome, snappy quotes.

Brevity is the soul of wit. If your joke needs this many words to work, it's probably a shitty comic.

who is pretty lady?

Make her hips and ass bigger, make her tits bimbo sized, keep her mole,

>implying Samus hasn't been sexualized from the first game

She looked fine in Prime 1, it's just that they were going for a more mature, older, utilitarian look. I don't necessarily mind that sort of thing for Samus. I do agree that she should be pretty but not overly so like in some of the 2D games, at least not while she's on duty.

put the suit back on



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I miss the ponytail that was almost a topknot. Not the droopy thing from Other M.

I want her to respond to someone at a bar saying "Hey Samus, you're lookin' pretty good today" with "Too good for you, in fact!" with a wink and a grin.
That type of person.

this is fine, but plznoafro