I have this weird desire to buy a mac

I have this weird desire to buy a mac.

So by all means tell me about the bad experiences you have had with Apple.

ITT: We write shit about Apple.

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I was expecting to be able to rice my desktop but instead when I turned on my mbp for the first time it was already set up perfectly by professional designers.

Nice shilling, ina ll seriousness I own a Macbook Pro. To start of when they break you are fucked, the repair costs are very high. Also my macbook pro overheats quite regularly which is quite the nuisance. Further it's lacking in the games department and software in general. No web support of safari either (which is ver annoying) because for some reason.... chrome destroys your battery life.

The only Mac worth buying is a MacPro and even that's pushing it. You could build a machine that outperforms a loaded MacPro for half the cost, run macOS on it and get more performance.

If you just want to be able to run macOS, either make a machine yourself or buy a Mac mini.

As an employee of an apple product repair shop, let me tell you the 4 best ways to get into macs
>Buy a used mac pro. Get any from the 1,1 up to the 5,1, but preferrably stick to 4,1 or 5,1 if possible. Then, upgrade the shit out of it for dirt cheap using used server parts off of ebay
>used mac mini. Upgrade ram and HDD and you'll have a bangin' machine
>Retina macbook pro. these machines are just fabulous, but not upgradable at all.
>Macbook air. Lightweight, falrly powerful, and can be found for relatively cheap prices sometimes. Only go for machines with at least an i5/i7

I recommend avoiding the older macbook pros(the non-retina ones) and the polycarb white macbooks. Yes, they can be upgraded to hell and back, but they are just such problematic, flawed and twitchy machines and the screens are absolute dogshit. nvidia GPU's fail, sata cables faul, SMC fucks up, etc. Don't even look at the 12" macbook, it is literally the dumbest mac in existence.

In terms of OSX, It's actually a very nice system to use. It is UNIX, so you could easily tweak it with your autistic shit. It's locked down by default but its easy to get around. BEWARE THOUGH, HFS+ IS THE FUCKING WORST FILE SYSTEM EVER. SHIT GETS CORRUPT ALL THE TIME AND FILES DO GO MISSING. Luckily MacOS Sierra is introducing APFS, which is actually a kickass file system based on the keynote.

Gaming on macs sucks, but if you bootcamp or download parallels, you'll be golden. Don't game on anything other than an upgraded-to-shit mac pro.

They kaintain their resell value extremely well, and it's even better if they're upgraded to the max. They sell for fuckloads.

personally im just finishing upgrading a mac pro 1,1 that i got for free from work. dual xeon x5355, 32gb ddr2 ECC, 6TB + 240gb ssd(with room for a 6th drive), r9 270x. total cost for parts = $200. the mac itself is probably 200-300, so still a good deal for $500. I paid $200 in total but the machine is easily worth $700 after the upgrades.

I wanted to play webms. I couldnt with the native software and had to leave apple ecosystem. Which showed that apple is not flawless and destroyed the essence of my existence. Since then I started visiting Cred Forums and Cred Forums more regularly and even tried to install gentoo but that was too complicated so I settled on Ubuntu. I don't believe in ecosystems anymore, I am an advocate of openness. May open source prevail.

Bought a MAC, immediately loved its speed and OSX clean and well designed interface. Came to /g to post about it but everyone called me a fag. And that I wasted my money

So I've dug out my 486 on windows 95 and am using that instead and have sold mey mac on ebay and given the money to charity.

Sometimes what people think and say about you is more important than using a good computer.

webms play in firefox on the mac, and also vlc player.

2015 rMBP: Overheating, throttling, noisy fans, mirror-like glossy screen, bad OS
Older macs: Garbage-tier performance

>It is UNIX, so you could easily tweak it with your autistic shit.
I love this meme. It being UNIX doesn't help anything outside of the shell, and everything else is either impossible or a pain in the ass to customize.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) here.

All in all it's a good machine. Here's what I dislike:

- The screen is unusable outside.

- Can't code with dark themes unless you're a narcissist prick that loves watching himself in a mirror.

- I "feel" some energy or electric sensation or tingle or whatever you want to call it while the thing is charging. It's truly annoying and makes me a bit paranoid.

- It gets quite hot, not CPU-Z nerd hot, but my legs are frying and it's unpleasant to type hot.

- The keyboard wobbles.

- OS X animations lag.

>switching OS because a web browser can't play a video on a Chinese dry cleaning forum

>- I "feel" some energy or electric sensation or tingle or whatever you want to call it while the thing is charging. It's truly annoying and makes me a bit paranoid.
I've had this with multiple laptops, I think it's quite common. It helps to use a grounded power supply.

I have a 13-inch rMBP 2015, so far the only downsides I've noticed are the fact it gets pretty fucking hot and OS X shits the bed with H265 content, other than that it's perfect.

In what instance would a laptop power supply not be grounded? Is this an Americlap thing?

It's not particularly better or worse than Windows. It does some stuff better but mostly just different.

I had 2 Macs between 2008-2012.

One was a MacBook pro, which at one point needed upgrades and some shit happened where Apple just stopped sending any updates to it, I guess because there was a major OS change. It was also the model that existed a bit before they started moving to the "muh no moving parts" meme.

Took it to the "geniuses" to ask about the OS and see if they could fix a clicking noise somewhere in the PC. Their response, as expected at the time was to just get a new one because they didn't support what I had.

Decent PC though, some of the default software like iMovie was ok to have around.

Other one was a MacBook air which overheated probably a few months after purchase. Burned out the keyboard and I couldn't turn it on after that point. Couldn't afford repairs at the time, so I switched to a decent PC.

Dumb argument.

People buy laptops because they need laptops. Suggesting they build a PC is retarded.

You should just suggest a laptop that's better and cheaper, like the Razer Blade Stealth

>It helps to use a grounded power supply.
In a grounded power point.
Also, the equipment should be double-insulated.

i'm europ but it could happen if it actually is grounded but you just put it in an ungrounded outlet
also I have a 3rd party universal charger that has no grounding

If the charger is actually grounded but you still get it that just means the case itself is not connected to ground, which would be pretty retarded.

Their cables fucking suck

I went through 3 powerbricks in less than 2 years because of that shitty magsafe design

I live in the UK where everything is grounded, doesn't not grounding your devices cause issues with power surges and such?

LIES! OS X is NOT UNIX. It's sorta-kinda-BSD-abomination-whatever-Mach. It's arguably a lot less UNIX than Linux, which is specifically not UNIX. The only UNIXy things about it are the GNU parts, and GNU's Not UNIX.

Just for the record, I say this not as a Windows fanboi, oh no. I say this as an IRIX hardcore aficionado. Now, I will grant you that my DateTime struct is BSD. I admit that, and I apologize for it. But the rest is Bell System V Release 4, the One True Operating System; and I can ASSURE you, my friends, that OS X is emphatically NOT SVR4!


Bring up an OS X box from bare iron. Was fdisk involved? Did you need to bootstrap the thing from sash? Did your disks have slices, not partitions? Did getty enter in to your thinking? Was tar involved? Was it gtar, because THAT DOES NOT COUNT? DO YOU HAVE A FRAME BUFFER INSTALLED, YOU FILTHY HEATHEN? 19200/N/8/1?!?!?!

Nope, none of the above. Your machine goes "bonk" when you fail to enter your home zip code so that Apple can send you valuable offers of future services. If I tried to give a real UNIX box my home zip code so that I could receive valuable offers, it would probably detonate with the fury of a thousand Hiroshimas, AND the kernel would panic.

tl;dr, GTFO my ARPAnet.

Why are you using a ten year old OS
Also are you actually running it on some old SGI hardware? If so, nice

The 2017 updates of the mac line will remove the 3.5mm audio ports, so buy while you can

Do it.

Get yourself a chinkpad and hide in a cave.

Serious answer: Apple is going down the shitter lately. OS X used to be a great piece of software, it's getting bad at a frightening pace. I'm not buying another Mac unless something major happens.

OS X is POSIX compliant its UNIX

Cooling in apple hardware is pretty bad. Sometimes with a new version of the OS they add in some retarded feature I have to turn off. Gaming sucks unless you're playing casual shit. Can't play webms in safari. Magsafe cables fray easily.

That's all I can think of ATM. Despite these things I still use OSX mostly, since it's just about the only thing I can trust these days.

i bought a retina MBP back in 2013. My first apple computer. Honestly, i do understand all the hype around the pleasing design. It does feel solid and well built. the trackpad is probably the best i've ever used on a laptop, and the performance CAN be really fucking snappy....... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

The thing was 3300 dollars and for that kind of money there were somethings that bothered the fuck out of me.

1. the webcam was total fucking garbage. for that kind of money it should have come with a camera that could do 2k video. my logitech 920 has better clarity.

2. The fans on this fucker ramp up too often and too loud, because the thing gets hot too quick. You have to get mac fan control to keep the noise down.

3. OS updates make this thing run slower at times. Keep in mind this was the fully loaded (all things are flash) laptop.

overall id give it a solid 8/10, im not saying MBPs are shit, but if all your going to do is watch videos/surf the web. Dont waste the money getting a new one. Mine is basically a glorified mega expensive youtube/porn machine.

Yeah when you use the power brick without the grounding extension you are going to get static discharge.

the base rMBP is like $1500. choosing the max i7 and SSD config is hardly the norm or even required for a worthwhile experience

the base model 13 inch rmbp is literally the perfect laptop

too bad next generation they are ruining it with the shitty oled strip + removing hdmi and sd ports

i think you have the gay.

programmable oled seems useful but i would miss the esc button. display port >> hdmi and sd ports are pretty useless unless you're a dslr fag

i think dslr fags make up about half of the macbook pro's market

also hdmi is a lot more common on tvs/monitors which is why it's nice to have, even if display port is the superior port

not really. most normies use their phones for pictures nowadays anyways. dslr enthusiasts are really becoming a dying breed (i.e. pure photography hobbyists)

a display port to hdmi dongle is like $5 and connecting a laptop to a monitor/tv is an edge use case anyways

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if so, then your problem might be quite bigger and wanting to buy a mac may be just a small symptom

you should know since you keep gay porn screenshots on your computer

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I actually expected more comments resembling this one.

Just buy a Macbook Pro. 13 inch. Best laptop I have every had. I do not understand all the hate against the MacBook Pro's of Apple. There are freaking light, well designed and powerfull enough for most web programming etc

( 2015 macbook pro 13 inch with 16 gig ram )

- no gaming

did you just use the word "fabulous" to unironically describe an apple product?
oh you just made my day

>don't play games on nothing other than a mac pro

False. I play GTA5 on a MBPr and get quite good results (40-50fps on medium settings)

i don't get it, does applel sell you a non-grounded charger?
don't tell me you have to buy an optional accessory for that because i will literally shit my pants from laughter

Garnishing 101 - Something can look like 24 karat gold and still taste like shit. The trick is to dress your shit to look like gold. Or rose gold, in Apple's case.

do it OP. grab homebrew at brew.sh for that dank package management. macs fan control for controlling fans, textual for IRC, and movist for watching movies.
chrome destroys your battery on all OS's. safari is optimized for power management, which no developers seem to think is important
you said retina macbook pro incorrectly.
agree with this so much- APFS is also very fast on TRIM-enable SSD's - I actually went from 700mbs write/read to 1100 on my retina macbook when i tried the sierra beta.
use chrome
you dont know what you're talking about

>MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) here.
I have a Late 2013 rMBP maxed out here's my experience

>- The screen is unusable outside.
It's actually one of the better screens I've used outside as long as you don't have your fat fingerprints all over it

>- Can't code with dark themes unless you're a narcissist prick that loves watching himself in a mirror.
Never had this problem with dark themes. Have always used a dark Xcode theme and it never reflects my ugly face unless it's sunny and pointed directly at a window which, why would you do in the first place?

>- I "feel" some energy or electric sensation or tingle or whatever you want to call it while the thing is charging. It's truly annoying and makes me a bit paranoid.
Maybe I'm not that sensitive to electricity but I've only felt this when plugging in my charger and accidentally putting my finders on the lead.

>- It gets quite hot, not CPU-Z nerd hot, but my legs are frying and it's unpleasant to type hot.
Yes, the activity monitor will be your friend if you want good temps. The cool thing is it'll either be putting out absolutely no heat or within seconds an untouchable sun if there were a rough process or you went on a webpage made by a shitty webdev who wouldn't know performance if it imprisoned them for 9 months. That's why activity monitor is your friend, oh and unlike windows it actually shows you all the shit that is taxing the processor, not just top level applications.

>- The keyboard wobbles.
Don't have that problem, the keyboard is fucking fantastic.
>- OS X animations lag.
Don't have this problem either and I have an older laptop.

>porn screenshots
It's art with iPads you uneducated fuck, here, culturize yourself

I bought a macbook air for its battery life for school. Did I fuck up? Should I return it for a Pro?

It's grounded and the charger has a big microcontroller in it. Apple knows their shit when it comes to electrical engineering

no, it's great. 16h battery life and nearly half as light. definitely better if you need something on the go

No, MBA is actually good if you're just doing schoolwork and programming

>considers gay porn art

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well the problem there is gold is not meant for consumption

Apple marketing should get in touch with this guy ASAP.
This is much better than the crap they churn out.

You're just gay but u don't know it yet. Get used to it faggot

are you sure you're an apple user? because you seem to lack any meaningful understanding of art and especially art involving apple products

the retina screen is a pretty massive upgrade but the trade off is more weight and much less battery life

When you see the price, your desire will go away OP. Its just not worth it.

that's not considered good in the first world

I've been running the same Mac for ten years trouble free, and it's showing its age, but it's still quite capable.

Mine is 8 and similarly its showing its age but it still works. I had to get the battery replaced a few years ago but no problems since. I don't think the newer ones have batteries that can be replaced though so watch out for that.

My next laptop will probably just be a cheap chromebook, I don't really use it much anymore and I think the Chromebook will work better with the rest of my stuff.

I too have this desire
I want an iMac, but i'm too poor
Too bad apple will be destroyed from within by the time I have enough money to waste on an overpriced AiO

Okay. so.
It's expensive.
It's difficult to maintain - whenever something breaks you'll have to spend money on spare parts, and those are pricey (much more so that for other brands) and not always available (less so that for other brands). Some models allow you to switch ssd, but you need to buy proprietary ones, they cost a lot, you get what I mean. Most models won't allow you do shit though, you're stuck with whatever you bought, sometimes down to fucking ram. Disassemble is difficult (compared to enterprise laptops, those are basically dead now though), and time-consuming too. On the upside if you aren't a retard and have a little bit of luck nothing will ever break, except for some meme faults, like screen in some models, gpu in others, google in advance (BEFORE buying) all troubles that may arise with your particular model. You can disregard this whole paragraph if you're living in 1st world country, buying new model and applying warranty, their support is pretty good.
Software isn't nearly as good as people make it out to be, still very decent, but some things simply aren't available, and you'll need to install homebrew and fuck around with packages, dependencies and shit, basically linux-level of time-wasting at this point. This is true only for some specific tasks, or if you're very picky with your software and want to use something that isn't bloated. For example, there is zero decent music and video players native to osx, but you can compile and run some very good nix stuff. Or you can just use vlc or something if you don't care about those things. Also, all tinkering is gonna be hard. You can google any windows trouble instantly, same for most linux distros, if you encounter something obscure in osx odds are you aren't gonna find shit on how to fix it. Usually though everything works well.

So, other than those - it's a great machine if you can afford it.

I have this weird desire to buy a 20 year old Mac

Something from when they had built-in CRTs but before the transparent purple iMac bullshit

I want to play Oregon Trail and Number Munchers and Gizmos and Gadgets on it, then use iCab to shitpost

Put all of my programs in that launcher that looks like a manilla envelope with big buttons on it

Draw dicks in Clarisworks and then animate them into Quicktime mov files

Someone please talk me out of it

Some years ago, there was nothing wrong with buying a Mac. Now their technology is so antiquated that it's absolutely disgusting.

I'm writing from my Late 2012 Mac Mini. The last decent computer they've manufactured.

that sounds like fun actually

Newer ones can be replaced, they are just no longer "used-replaceable". You can still do this at home though, just need more stuff and time to do that, google it if interested.

>tfw no A E S T H E T I C macintosh

Have had a MacBook pro since 2009 and still use it to this day. Gets the job done, but El Capitan is an inefficient cunt which doesn't let you remove system apps

>I have this weird desire to buy a mac.
i bet you crave sucking dicks daily

I smiled a little

iTunes Store Credit can not be used to gift apps

My credit card was charged even though I had more than enough credit. Also, it was not clear to me during the transaction that my credit card was being charged.

Apple replied to my concern with a pre-fab answer that dealt more with the necessity to provide an appropriate method of payment.

I found the latest Apple Event to be alienating and underwhelming. Although I will update my 4S to a SE I could have been upsold but that opportunity is lost.

The only other phone that interests me is the new Sony.

What old intel iMac can be bought for $100 or less?

>employer fell for the apple meme
>right as adobe finally releases most of their software suite for windows sometime in mid 2000's
>apple's been cheating G4/G5 benchmarks for years and performance on windows proved it
>we still ended up with a bunch of $4000 powermac G5s
>whatever, it's work, not my personal computer
>doing design layouts
>load up file
>poof, everything crashes to desktop
>lose hours of work
>half the office is experiencing this bullshit
>have to deal with it because there's zero support for shit like this
>entire office now has a sticky on their apple monitor to save every 5 minutes or after any critical change
>guys in office doing video work literally have to save after EVERY action because if they don't they're at even higher risk of crashing
>legit have thoughts of suicide while working on these pieces of shit
>this is around the same time apple was running their bullshit "switch to mac" ad campaigns and how "macs are so stable"
>one day trudging through this shit
>heat a gunshot come from behind me
>duck and take cover
>coworker in panic mode as her G5 screen blanked out
>the bang came from her G5
>smoke and the smell of burnt electronics starts to emit from it
>we have to vacate the building and call the fire department
>no fire but entire office smells like burnt macs now
>load up and drive to nearest apple service center because getting it fixed anywhere else voids the warranty on these $4000 pieces of shit
>they claim it's not a standard failure and outside of warranty claim
>offer to repair if for some total bullshit price
>call boss and quit on the spot
>heard from excoworker the boss had to drive the 3 hours to pick up the G5 since i intentionally left it there

i bought a macbook air about 6 months ago. works great. I really have no complaints besides the price

I'm in the same boat. So far it has been pretty nice for basic shit I do on the fly, and is powerful enough to just werk, aside from gaming of course.

So Cred Forums tell me; aside from OSX and the price, what are the downsides to the macbook air? Are there other products that compete in this category? (Mini laptop, thin design, not garbage, not mac)

im also a long term windows user and I've screwed around with Ubuntu and some of its different DE. Very pleased with osx

>mactoddlers damage controlling THIS hard

How many rupees per post do you get Pajeet?

$135k 'cause I'm posting this at work?

The stitch: if you render or edit videos, or use photoshop, by all means buy one. Otherwise dont bother.

The stitch: if you render or edit videos, or use photoshop, dont bother.


Apple hardware is as far from pajeet as you gonna get lol.
Have fun with those thinkpads and indian OS you installed there :-)

Have fun with your original indian brand.

2011 MBP GPU glitched and shat itself on first two months
Sent it back to them for a fix and they did it. No problems ever since.

I have to use 3ds Max though.

My sister went on a spending spree one day and bought the 6s+, apple watch and a macbook pro. Showing off the macbook, my thoughts were as follows: the macbook pro is a 'nice' device; nicely designed, premium even, but, the thing that hit me was how boring it is. It's like using an android phone and then switching to iphone. It's just 'nice' but ultimately lacking. After 2 minutes of looking at it, it gave me the feeling it was an ipad with a keyboard attached. Not for me.

Why the fuck did you quote

Dumb stallman poster, doesn't see features unless they jump bloating at him with ugly buttons... If you prefer gui-less approach there is a terminal, and vast majority of gnu/linux software is available through it. There is not a single thing you can't do on a mac that you can do on any other pc, you can install any other x86 OS too if you want ffs, why are you comparing it to an iOS ARM device, are you high?

I use linux now.. If I had the money I would buy myself a mac. I like the hardware.. the OS is actually nice too.. I like both.. I love linux,,, I love mac............ I hate microsoft........

You seem anal-devastated. For that, I do not apologize. The device was boring as shit. Sorry but not sorry that you put so much of your perceived worth into a fashion accessory.

Not him, but he's right. You have the power of a POSIX compliant system, with a beautiful UI, and an operating system designed for specific hardware configs. It's wonderful.
Ask yourself why so many computer scientists use macos x.

Since 2006 Apple has been selling standard PC-hardware for inflated prices.

I haven't seen a single word in both of your posts that fit the theme of this board, only some subjective, vapid shit like "boring". I don't even own a mac besides some soon to be 10 year old machine that I rarely use. Go talk like a girl somewhere else, please. FLOSS is not some cool meme to pick up to fit in with the cool kids, at least educate yourself a bit. Mac is, ironically, the most "unboring" computer you can buy today, thanks to it's OS, which can run both proprietary software (lots of those), and free CLI software after just a couple of minutes of tinkering with terminal. If you aren't satisfied with it for whatever reason you can go ahead and install any other os, thus turning it into ordinary pc... which it were from the beginning, somehow you missed that.

>Not him, but he's right.

No, there is no "right". It's my opinion. You and the other person are getting upset at a differing opinion. I found it not worth the cost compared to what was on offer.

>Ask yourself why so many computer scientists use macos x.

Probably due to Apple having a foothold in the education sector. When I was at uni, even visiting local colleges, the Apple defence force was out trying to get students to sign up to buy them.

You are so defensive it is amusing. You actually fit the typical low self-esteem Apple buyer mindset - you just have to defend your cult because you do not belong anywhere else; it is clear as day. You are getting so angry at an opinion, lol :)

you know what you should do on your mac?
>change thumbnail size
>rename multiple files at once
>navigate with the home and end keys through text
>modify jump lists for software that supports them
>use your touchscreen
>play the new DOOM

you know, because there's not a single thing you can't do on a mac that you can do on any other pc

Got my nearly maxed out rMBP 2015 through my last job and it's my fav piece of tech
I'm using it for dev, sysadmin, music production, shitposting/general web.
It's light, has a nice screen, is fast enough to last me until it breaks, very good battery life, has the best trackpad on a laptop, a good keyboard, it looks nice and I can use all the UNIX tools on an aesthetic GUI

>b-but I can get laptops with higher clocked CPU for less money, what a shit laptop
lmao. enjoy your massive plastic piece of trash with higher benchmarks while I enjoy my well-rounded premium machine.

>Got my nearly maxed out rMBP 2015 through my last job

Didn't waste money on it I see.

>has a nice screen
>it looks nice
>an aesthetic GUI
>premium machine

Yes, we can see what you value in a tool. Here, I have a set of gold and platinum screw drivers I'll sell you for the low price of $599


I was using Arch and my system broke and I couldn't mount the operating system. I was fucked I had no live recovery media nothing

I was going to not have a computer anymore it was that screwed up

but instead I pressed Command + R and Appled started downloading OSX to help me out

Give us the tl;dr version

>I was using Arch

There was your problem.


Found your problem.

apple is shit and gay

If I bought it from my own monies I would just go for the base model.
The only other devices that come close in terms of the whole package are the Surface Pro 4 and the Dell XPS 13", both of which have their own drawbacks.

But go ahead and enjoy your 17" xXx Gaming laptop. If I was a base-dwelling neckbeard I wouldn't worry about a portable laptop either


>But go ahead and enjoy your 17" xXx Gaming laptop. If I was a base-dwelling neckbeard I wouldn't worry about a portable laptop either

No thanks, I'll just be happy with my Dell XPS in my nice apartment, friendo.

>buy laptop which is comparable to the rMBP in about every regard, including portability, size and price
>make fun of people valuing portability and size

you seem a little slow

Still upset I see. Can you explain why you need to defend your brand?

Defending a good product = defending a brand. I see.

It's not like I have recommended both the XPS and Surface series to people in my life because they fit their needs better.
Oh wait, I have.
If you went ahead and spouted some nonesense about either of those I would be equally offended by your ignorance.
But whatever fits your narrative pleb

>Defending a good product = defending a brand. I see.

Again, in *my opinion* the device was functional but boring. You or some other over-emotional wet rag got prissy and started to whine because I had a different opinion to yourself. You got defensive. You only get defensive when trying to defend something, which you clearly were.

>It's not like I have recommended both the XPS and Surface series to people in my life because they fit their needs better.
>Oh wait, I have.

Irrelevant, since this is extra to the point being discussed. I am not a mind reader, and could not have inferred that until you told me - it is still irrelevant, however.

>If you went ahead and spouted some nonesense about either of those I would be equally offended by your ignorance.

Ah, I see. So you are OFFENDED at my opinion. My opinion about a computer. Do you also have blue hair and get offended at beards, or white cis males?

>But whatever fits your narrative pleb

What narrative is that? Please, do tell. Your anger is giving us a good laugh.

macs are shit
you are shit
deal with it


Leaving now so if you reply, I will not see it.


>the device was functional but boring
You don't happen to own Razer products, do you?

>You only get defensive when trying to defend something, which you clearly were.
Again, defending a product does not mean I defend the brand.
I rate products based on their overall performance and couldn't give less of a shit if they have an apple on the back or a dell logo.
Anyone unbiased with at least a basic understanding of tech can't deny that the rMBP is a good product (and for a long time didn't even have real competition).

Your opinion of a product isn't worth shit if it's solely based on who made it.

>ITT: We write shit about Apple.

Because all the other threads about Apple aren't enough?


I would just make a Hackintosh.

I had to get one for work. The battery was at 0% and needed to update immediately so i had to wait an hour and charge it. Only device I've ever had that was at 0% battery out of the box.

>I would just make a Hackintosh.
Obviously an unreconstructed Linux dweeb who wants an endless hobby.
If you want a Mac you want a tool for doing things, not a time-sponge that requires constant tweaking and skinning.

>tool for doing things

I purchased a Nvidia GTX 680 video card for my 4,1 Mac Pro. On the card there are 6-pin and 8-pin ports. I am confused as to exactly what sort of power cables to purchase. Am I to buy this?


>mactoddler has been spamming his tech support cancer post on Cred Forums for days
>still think he or his fruity toys belong here