/bst/ battlestation thread

/bst/ battlestation thread

patrician edition

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Hello friend

i like those old keyboards
wish i still had the one from our old compaq computer.

Also turns out it isn't my chair that's broken, it's my floor that is super uneven where my desk now is.

hi fags.
hi tart

i have too many computers

The Infamous +1

Hey man how are you?
Gotta love a bit of 90s rap


>Hey man how are you?
people are being cunts irl so I flee to the magical realm of internet.

Realforce realbros


its pretty sad when people on Cred Forums are generally better people and more tolerable than people IRL.

fuck I hate people.

missing from image:

Jamming some Big L myself.

Did you finally realize it was a bad idea to let them shit on and around your battlestation?

10/10 for hotline miami wallpapers


I'd +rep back but I ran out of reps for today.

Off to bed. Pls rate.

don't take the logitech speakers seriously, it's for ambient sound when i'm just chilling on my bed

be nice pls


IKEA desk? How is it , any complaints? Looks cosy desu.


You've got a stylish build there, but seeing all that empty unused space makes it look too puristic for my taste.

Get a phone dock. Put that watch on a stand, or inside a case. Put the coaster away when you do not use it. Things like that.


get a real mic stand, otherwise i like it. desk shape would bug me though. i like the monitor shelf. good choice in keyboard, ok choice in mouse.
is that an azza case with a razer sticker?
and razer gear..
unique desk/storage area idea but it seems cramped at the keyboard/monitor area
memer keycaps but i don't mind it so much since everything else looks extremely well done
don't put cups and mugs on that deskpad though, get an actual coaster
>sacrificing tenkey for some reason
>resting headphones on monitor
pic related
are you seriously smoking inside? disgusting
those monitors look ugly, but that means they must have been pricy
sexy desk
like period blood. nahh
seems really office-like, i'd feel unwelcome here.

Don't worry mate, theres someone out there for everyone!

Already have someone, but thanks for the sentiments!


>inb4 manchild
The Star Wars franchise is almost 40 years old, Marvel is old enough that my grandfather's younger brother could have enjoyed the first comics as a child. There is nothing wrong with keeping up to date merchandise of these franchises.

in the form of toys, it's pretty weird. why not tasteful posters and prints?

not calling you a manchild but there's better ways of showing your affinity.

nice ultrawide though, what's that wallpaper?


Because prints are always sent folded, never rolled. I don't want to put shit on my wall that has seams.

And thanks, here's the link:

>You've got a stylish build there, but seeing all that empty unused space makes it look too puristic for my taste.
I cleaned up. It usually isn't that tidy.
>Get a phone dock. Put that watch on a stand, or inside a case. Put the coaster away when you do not use it. Things like that.
All inconvenient desu. I have a wireless charging "dock" on my bedside table and I have a watch case for watches not in daily use. Coaster is on the desk because I use one every time I spend time on my computer which is a lot. I could re-arrange things for a photo I guess but it's more functional as it is.

not every seller does that, but that's unfortunate. maybe a better display would look appropriate for those things though, instead of just stacked on top of eachother. might have been too critical right away

this is me btw

what is with the hanging dildo?

Yea, I have yet to buy an apropriate desk and shelving. That's why they are unpacked, so I can stack them to occupy less temporary space.

blue yeti blackout, better than a silver bullet
didn't want it on my desk, i bottom out on every keystroke so vibrations went straight to the mic and fucked everyone's ears up.


yes it is an azza case with a razer sticker on it, I slapped it on there because i was bored, and yes it is razer gear, unfortunately, my old keyboard shorted out and my mouse crapped out on my in the same day and well, I needed my porn and i didnt have any extra ones lying around.

as for the space, I intentionally made the desk part that my keyboard and mouse sit on short as I have very very limited space in my room and I got pissed off with my old desk (pic related) in there because it could barely turn around, I was standing at the very end of my room, completely zoomed out with my camera. the chair is sitting up against my bed, due to the lack of space I put in the shelving and cabinet

I have more desk space, with less desk, if that makes any sense, with my monitor wall mounted I dont have to worry about the monitor stand getting in the way, so its a lot more space than it looks like

Bulky wire ducts to hide cable look worse than seeing just a few cables desu.

yeah then that's definitely not as bad as i thought. i just like having some space on my desk, because i'm a giant slob and eventually my desk is covered in wrappers or soda bottles etc. usually it's pretty clean though.

i'll bump it up to a 7.2 then for how you managed space with so little of it.


trust me I get like that too, having very little space to put garbage is making me clean my room more often, its nice being able to come home after work and not have to crawl over 4 dozen cans, 8 piles of clothes and wade through 30 cups just to get to my keyboard and mouse.

also thanks for the 1.2 point bump.

That's your opinion. They stand out a lot less in real life.

Yea, right, they "stand out" a lot less. The gap between those and the wall is so uneven, I get seasick looking at all those waves. You'd have been better off with chiseling into the brick wall, and painting it over. You could've also covered those wire ducts with some paneling... anything is better than seeing that shitty implementation of cable management.

it really doesn't look bad. stop hating on something like that because you literally can't find anything else to judge

hey man, is that a .45 revolver?
what make and model?

Exactly. Everything else is damn near perfect, that's why your choice of cable organizing you have going on there sticks out so very much.

i can see the reasoning then, but i mean there isn't a lot of other elegant solutions that don't include damaging the wall for what is a non-permanent setup.

Well, if it's not permanent it's excusable.

what's not excusable is the keyboard

I really have no issues with the keyboard, only the cable management. I can see why he chose that particular kind of keyboard. I hate having completely different typing experiences across several devices, so if I have a laptop with flat keys, I'd want to have one for my desktop too.

You can always buy something different for gayming if that's what you want.

lol it's a 357 magnum...pellet gun.

I'm a bong it's the best I can do.

aww, i was getting wet in the penis area
but oh well, its something
I need to get my PAL (im a leafbro) then i can buy my buddies 30-06 P17, SKS, and when the gun show comes back, splurge on a 12 guage, but this is Cred Forums and not /k/ so here is another picture of my old setup before I built the desk in , hopefully this further emphasizes the lack of space in my room



>so was richfag guy really ibuynothingnew poorfag poster all along?
It would have been a good plot twist wouldn't have it!?

it's wouldn't it.
not wouldn't have it.

M8 it seems that you care a little too much about my cable trunking.

The wallpaper is ll fucked up next to the big one that's why I couldn't get it flush. The small one to the right has a gap because it came away slightly when I caught it on accident.

My walls in general are a mess and I made the desk myself. Besides the electronics everything is cheap with a lick of white paint to keep it simple.

Iv'e done a great job with my piece of shit room.

I've had no sleep.

this is my favourite by far.

is your laptop connected to the monitor?

and is that xps..15? is it worth it

hi fags

I live in victorian terrace housing, if I get speakers will the neighbors be able to hear them? I play my hd600s (no amp) at usually 10%-30% volume in windows.

I was considering yamaha hs8s, if he neighbors will be able to hear the bass with those should I step down to a smaller monitors like the lsr305? or will they still be able to hear that too?

terracefag here.
Yes but should be ok if you keep them to the center of the house.

The fuck is that, a duplex?

Can you ever hear your neighbors? That's a great gauge for what they can hear.

Move-in station. I'm getting a fancy desk and an actual bed soon, though.


What keyboard layout is that?

My sub died today...

Few months ago my amp died...

Everything around me is dying...

>is your laptop connected to the monitor?


>and is that xps..15? is it worth it

Yes, XPS 15 9550. I like it. It was essentially the only option that had a 6th gen i7, nvidia GPU, 32GB RAM support, matte display & no numpad.

It's a Keycool 84, so it's 6 row instead of 5 row like the Poker etc.

Oh there you are. By the end of next month my battlestation will be a real copy of yours. I'll get the same wood for my desk, same LEDs behind the monitor, same amplifier position. Just that mine will be on the right, because I'll do that PC-in-desk thing again.

Sadly I can't afford a 40" monitor so I'll get a 32" one, but with a similar thin bezel.

One question: What kind of Vesa mount do you use? I want to get one with a long arm so I can turn my monitor 90° to watch movies from my bed, but I am worried that the arm might cast ugly shadows on the wall. Is yours just a "fixed" one?


how phat are you

fix your stretched coiled cable plz


Oh yeah, the two art paintings-guy, right?

I'm using a 3axis table mounted arm for mine. Just a warning though, extending it will bend it, so the entire thing tilts. So it might be troublesome pulling it out every night, might break even though the weight might be supported on the specs.

Mine is just a cheap one though, 50bucks or so. So it might be worth investing in a proper one.

Just about as fat as you can get, functioning normally.

Finally got everything set up the way I like it.

The way you want it is messy and gross?

Are you from 2008?

Yeah I am I'm not gonna sit out in the cold everytime I want to smoke a joint. I don't smoke cigarettes in the house but every now in then it's nice to smoke a doobie all cozy. Mostly dab though so it's really not that often

>Just about as fat as you can get, functioning normally.
s'all good

fina högtalare förresten

How does one tighten the coiling?

If this is messy and gross then we might have a problem

So there is no shadow on the wall from the arm axis? That's nice to hear. I've been trying to find telescope type mounts but didn't find anything but looks like a cheap one should work then.

10m of LEDs behind the monitor, right?

Yeah i think you do user

comfy dorm

Run a thick cable through the coil, like a power lead with both ends cut off and pull the coil tight together and tie a knot at both ends of the cable so the coil can't loosen, then put a hairdryer over it for a good 5 minutes and let it cool, it'll go back to normal.

Reminder to get your

care to explain why? genuinely curious. like if its not >muh minimalism is it instantly messy?

Thank you! I'll take care of it this weekend.

Wires fucking everywhere
Shit all over your desk

Running cables nicely isnt hard user

My setup always looks pristine but if he think your room is too messy then he's clearly the one with the problem.


but it doesn't impede anything, they're behind the monitor. Goes back to the
>muh minimalism
stuff that Cred Forums shills so hard. just because it isn't all perfectly routed doesn't make it super messy. jesus.

Thank you. I used to put the time into routing and everything but I'm also moving in 3 months so why spend all the time doing that.

Its not minamalism its cable management
I dont care that you have pointless shit on your desk (which you do) i care that its a mess

No it's about cable management, you have a cable coiled up and zip tied practically on the wall and you haven't found a tidier way to route it under some cable conduit, same thing with the other cable hanging down the wall.

Your Apple airport shitbox is turned so the cables come out the side which is fuck ugly to see.

Can also see a bunch of crappy cables bunched up behind your desk.

Here's a tip, push everything back to the rear edge of the desk, it makes the cables look less visible as they can drop straight down instead of stretching over your desk. The desk you own is clearly deep, so make use of that space and re-do your setup.


meant for

sorry for triggering you Cred Forums

Im sorry you have low standards user

You shouldn't be proud of this

Post yours messy boy

Back when I first got my desk, it has gotten much dirtier since

How about this one you cunt. I'm the cable master. You have autism.

A bong trying to talk about tisms

incognegro battlestation

Tack tack, väldigt ledsen över subban bara.

Oh right forgot about that. No, no shadow from the arm. The arm is basically in the middle, surrounded by the led strips.

2x5m strips. and another 4.5 or so under the shelf.

Nice argument, get destroyed





wipe off your lens, you'll get a lot less of those bright smeary spots.

Are you an ayylmao


nawl dawg

Who is arguing?

Usually I don't like brightly colored watercooling rigs. Most of the time it's pretentious ricing.
But this is so well executed that it looks both futuristic and classy.

Well done.

Thanks user, she's a beauty

Here's mine(disregard Funko shit, they have been moved)

What is wrong with your monitors friend?

You or your whammer boyfriend getting autistic about that guys non perfect cables.

Am I cool?

That was my first post in this thread

I've got this one:


Best pad I've ever had including the HyperX Skin Control/Speed mouse pads, that were three times this expensive.

>dog dick pipe
>shitty looking weed
>am I cool

It really doesn't matter m8, forget it.



My god, it's beautiful.

How much did you pay in total for that Aquarium? How's maintenance?

I've considered one for years

thx friends

Surely an e10k would do those fidellios justice?

They're easy to drive and are warm as fuck as it is.

>How's maintenance?
>I've considered one for years

Not him but don't fucking do it. It's a pain in the ass and a huge money sink. Find another hobby or buy a dog. Anything else.

Mirin that Model M keyboard

He has a Schiit Magni/Modi stack right there.


nothing special tho. get a plant or an ant farm or something

And my point is that they're overkill. An e10k would do the exact same thing for a lot less money.

Am I cool yet? Yes I know my shits dirty, need some more alcohol to clean it. And yes, my desk is dirty, need to get blazed and clean it

This. I burned 300 dollars in maintenance on a fairly small, 15 gallon fish tank in the first two months. Then I got plants that had snails on them (the equivalent of rodents underwater), and they bred like rabbits and totally destroyed the entire tank.

Now I finally understand. I looked up the old /bst/ threads looking for this picture. I remembered it differently, with the LED strips across the whole surface, not just the edges. It makes sense now.

nice hat

I had the snail problem too. Among others. It's nice when it's going right but hell most of the time.

I hope your day has improved since you replied earlier!
Uh oh I've been off of here for a while and don't know this reference :(
>memer keycaps but i don't mind it so much since everything else looks extremely well done
Swings and roundabouts so thank you :)
>get an actual coaster
I have one, not sure why I wasn't using it here though.
N-no you.

I'm in Australia, everything is expensive here. Filtration was around $1500 Tank was $600 Cabinet + hood was $2000 Lighting was $300. Fish as fry (babies) was $300 sand and rock was $500 total. Quite a bit.

You could do it WAAAY cheaper than I did if you went second hand. I bought everything new.

Then you have to consider where to put it. It weighs nearly 1000kg. It has to be put somewhere dead level and preferably on tiles. I've flooded the tiled area in my place twice. Luckily it didn't make it to the station.

Maintenance is also high and a huge pain in the ass sometimes. But they my bros and I love them so I don't mind.

>that hat


Why do you stick your stuff on the wall?

If you're going like me, you might want to secure them much better. I'd make a frame out of cardboard, the shape of the way my strips are attached.
You can attach the leds onto that cardboard frame and don't have to worry too much about leaving glue residue on the back of the screen.

That's assuming those are the only headphones he has, he may own others that require more power.

I have and use AKG K712 as my daily headphones, but I also have a pair of sennheiser HD595 and Denon AH-D2000.

I don't really care about the residue, but I might consider this because sometimes these strips have shitty glue that doesn't stick when it gets too warm.
How wide is your desk, by the way? I'm going for 2m.

You talking about this? It's a place where people(mainly close friends) can come and draw/write whatever they want on it. Idk, just a random idea I got one day

>That's assuming those are the only headphones he has

Well yes. I've seen his setup many times and it looks as if they're his best pair. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

They won't stick on for long. Mine started letting go after like 2 weeks. It looks like a mess back there now with all my tape.

Actually, I think I'm gonna make a frame like I said, I recently got a huge cardboard sheet.

It's 190cm or so. I want to have 250cm ish next and about 20cm deeper, it's only 70cm deep now iirc.

If you buy decent quality strip lighting they stick for awhile, mine have been up for ~6 months now. Not peeling away at all.

sauce on the two-monitor pape?


Good thing you told me, otherwise I would have probably made the same mistake.

I am so excited, I even made a plan in Gimp. I would go wider if only the wall was wider. The room is huge but the shape is retarded.

what kind of ibm keyboard is that

rate please


It's a Model M 84-key space saving compact design. Looks like it has custom keycaps.

Probably $1k+ including keycaps.

no they like it here

no complaints, best damned desk to go cheap on

the yeti looks awkward with a stand but I would love an arm.

hello austra- oh. nevermind.


Use Sketchup. It's not that hard to learn. An added benefit: If you're too lazy to model everything yourself you can use the warehouse to download existing models of the actual crap you want, or just something very similar as a placeholder.

Pic related.



awww i love chickens.


>tfw comfy new gayman desktop in a mini itx case to catch up all the PC gaymes I've missed out on in the past 5 years

GTX 1060, liquid cooling. The machine never goes above 60'C no matter what I do to it. I'm in love.

too bad the macbook ruins everything


>having your PC tower in the same room that you compute in

I seriously hope you guys don't do this. The tower should be in a closet that has been modified to have ventilation.

Reasons for this:
-Silence, you can't hear your computer if it's in another room
-Keeps your battle station cooler since the PC isn't shooting hot air into your room
-Minimalism, as it's being tucked away out of sight.

You've got a tiny cock dude.

Is this what the face of autism looks like?

I actually do that, have a hole in the wall for the cables
Best decision ever

the disadvantage is buying 3m+ cables for everything
displayport hbr2 is especially annoying

My thoughts exactly.

kill yourself

You think that now, but I actually got hearing impaired after spending most of 17 months in one room with my computer that's turned on 24/7.

Yes, you can damage your hearing with as low as 30-35 decibels of constant noise.

Stop bullshitting

>no matter what I do to it
try lighting your desk on fire

>having lamps

I enjoy dell made sound bars for lenovo.
That might be a harder fix then a chair though.
Im waiting on comfy mouse pad you gey boi.
cute dell
the meme dream
thats a very cute fluffy dog.

>ruining your eyes

I have lived here only two weeks and I don't know anyone in this city.
Rate my bst tho, it's the only life I got now.

where are you user, mb i can be your friend

Hey stick onto the shelf. But the smooth warm plastic of the screen, they let go after a while.

If you can post pictures of the rest of the room I can share ideas if I get any.

Where do you live now? Try going to a local pub or something

In Finland, in Pori.

I will tonight. Hope I find someone to sleep next to tonight.

But light gives you hope.
its a comfy one

Sure, give me a few minutes.

I have that same case and yours looks giant in that picture for some reason.

Been dealing in mini-ITX too long.

Can confirm it's a cool runner, though.

monitor mount only arrives on monday after all

The only surefire way to make the Fractal Node look more like a kitchen appliance is to get it in white.

dual arm, or just for one of the monitors?

I'm planning mini ITX too for my next build.


>wanting eyes

>That Victorinox

My. fucking. nigga

Best of luck my dude

I want to say that's the Farmer but it's too thin. Electrician?

Cadet here.

I've had it for years and can't remember but it's not any of the three you mentioned.

> not having lamps

dual arm

I've got the same desk, its awesome if put your mouse & keyboard far from the edge or you're gonna have to put your keyboard in an awkward angle

Nice octane. Had one forever ago but it shit the bed.

You really need a thin bezel 24" monitor in there.

>Im waiting on comfy mouse pad
Is my current one not comfy enough? :(
>you gey boi.
I know you are so what am I?

oooooooooh YOU are waiting on one.

As you can probably tell I didn't clean up or anything, but maybe you got some ideas. But remember that I might move soon. Thanks a lot anyways.

silly tart you still need more comfy in life.

are you Have A Nice Life?


No sadly not. But it's actually an old french revolution painting, not just their album cover.

sick lamp

Why are most of the people here using Windows? :(

video games
and windows just works

Sauce on the figures.


Why do most people on g use lenovo and linux?

Do you honestly think that you're escaping the jew?

Think again frond.

normie influx

Oh, pretty big room.

I would definitely have the battlestation at the end wall at the bed, that white wall. It would be really symmetric and it would be good for the speakers too I think.

Place the bed where the battlestation is at the moment.

It would open up a lot of space too if I see things right. Could fit a nice recliner for movies/etc.

I thought about that, sadly that wall is too small. It's only about 2m until the windowsill is in the way. Because of that I would not have any space for my speakers, which I really really want.

I will however remove the white Ikea thing on the left in pic related (don't know the english word). That should give me some more space on the wall. I could put one of the paintings on the right where my polaroids are right now and the polaroids go where the painting is now, just further to the left. That way there is more space between them, which I will need when I get the bigger monitor.

the only problem is that I know there is a huge spider behind it. It hid there a while ago when I tried to catch it, but it didn't show up since.

You have paintings like that and are afraid of spiders?

Yeah, they are the only thing I am really afraid of. But not all kinds. everything below 1cm length is fine.

yeah i plan on getting some prints or something to spice up the walls so it's not just a desk and pc

moved my shit. lots of space now and the spider is gone. now i just need to wait for the new tabletop so the amplifier isn't in the way of the painting, move the whole desk a bit to the right, and add some magic.

Oh, didnt see that there was a window there, too bad. But yeah, then your current spot is the best.

You could diy a rail along the angled wall and ceiling hiding a led strip. Then one behind the table. Third behind the monitor.

Fucking hell you need a bigger screen m8.

I can imagine moonlight sonata blasting from those speakers with that picture in the background.

Lucky cat game on point. I like it.

Oops, I guess it was not really visible from the picture. My bad.

I like the idea. Maybe use purple on the angled wall and ceiling like you have on your shelf, then I would have the same effect.

You have any idea what I could do with my current monitor? I don't really want it on the wall once I have the big one but I am always open to crazy stuff. Maybe mount it below the desk so I can hide it underneath or pull it out so it kind of looks like a cockpit? Dunno if I have the space for that.

Is it really that small? You're not the first who mentioned it. It's 23". Either way, one or two months and I will replace it.

Good efficiency. I like it.

Wait is that a mac? You shit bird faggot ass mother fucker.

I meant something like this, for clarification. I'll see if I can find a Vesa mount that will allow me to do this and also hide it underneath the desk when I don't use it, otherwise I'll just keep it as an emergency monitor.

why are macfags so poor?

Oh fair enough I thought you had a 22" or smaller. If you have no need to go higher than 1080p then a 23/24 inch is fine.

I think it's the angle of the shot and the size of that picture lol

I've seen that picture many times but do you know the origins of it?

lol great idea
I need this too


Love it. Cheers m8

I removed the matte film over my "excess" screens and ghetto rigged a vesa mount.
Right now they are just backup.
Even with 43" I feel like I could use another screen sometimes.

So I guess wait and see what how you feel, having it in portrait mode next to the new one could be nice.

Keeping it simple may be the best though, style wise, for your future station.

This is my favorite setup. I'm going to get a big tank like that one day. I just need a spot for it.

Rate pls, First time posting

God, that's worse than my station

wp mate

XPS. Nice

I hope it isn't the touch screen version

Are some 16:10 monitors made to be vertical like that?

Beginning with studies?

Bst red flags

>ikea desk
>large amounts of free space and compact keyboard
>multi use room

The fiance and I just moved into our first flat together. Living the dream senpai.

I believe that would be this one

I hope to live that dream soon, Gaming next to my qt fiance.

>don't talk to me or my son ever again

Yep. It's a decent machine for university, and the only reason I could justify buying it was that my parents covered half as a gift.
Nigga fuck you, my previous setup died in a fire and that laptop was all that survived. I used the money to buy a shitbox to get to school and work with.

I made bad decisions in life.

Real industrial M? I've noticed the full size ones are becoming much more common now.

ew razer keyboard wtf dude

that ssk is fucking glorius, how much did u pay for it

Yes it's real. I-I was an idiot and switched the key caps between my normal model Ms. I also broke the warranty sticker to repair it, though I wasn't planning on selling this ever so it's not that big of a deal.
I think I bought it for $80 in 2009 with my first paycheck. I almost bought a 2048x1536 ThinkPad but I didn't know if I had enough money in the bank. By the time I checked it was too late.

$1000, it has gone up to like $1500 now.

h o l y f u c k, whats the closest switch to BS on MX mount switches?

how did you enjoy your adventure book written for sigle women in their late 40s?

I only really care about the papes

Probably MX green although I've never tried them. I'm a fan of MX clears though.

I got Gat Greens sound quite nice, havent tried them with PBT yet, but i have some doubleshot DSA's coming in.

Got it for £20 off a friend, can't complain. Already had it for a year. It's good enough that I really can't justify spending money on a new keyboard at the moment.


What audio interface is that?

What are those audio monitors? They look awesome

m8, those Micca´s, how good are they?

What sort of drink is that?

you will be sorry one day

4hands Contact high.

4hands brewing company. It's a beer.

Fresh from the oven.

Is that DAC any good?

what desk is that?

nice shortwave

where u from texfam

I can tell it's new. You need to put 10 coats of poly urethane on that shiznit before it starts splintering and soaking up dirt

north east of san antonio


What monitors


Hope everyone is having a great Friday.

Mind sharing right wallpaper?



im still deciding what kind of stain I want to stain it with, once i figure it out im going to take everything off and sand it down, then do the staining and then coat it with 3 or 4 coats of polyurethane

More than meets the eye.

I'll never forgive my parents for letting me have those as a kid


more than meets the eye

The Asus Xonar are for my Denon AH-D7000 cans.
Those shitty logitech speakers are plugged into my monitor when I need my pleb GF to hear something.

There's simply no excuse for having the most expensive PC audio equipment on the market for your cans, along with the most pleb tier speakers you could possibly go for.


Maybe, I'm more concerned about upgrading my PC to get above the pathetic 53fps in the Witcher 3 on ultra than upgrading speakers I use for 10 mins a week.

What amp aaand....amp?

What desk is that?

Steinberg UR22 Mk II

Genelec M040.

-Get an actual monitor. That keyboard tells me you're a gaymer, and a TV is the worst thing you could use as a monitor.
-Clean up your god forsaken wires
Overall, 5/10
Very clean and minimalistic, I like it. What monitor is that? I love it's lack of bezels.
10/10 tbqh.
I like it. Feels pretty cramped, though. 6.5/10
I like the lighting and the monitors. Could do with some wire cleanup, though. 7.5/10
I really like it. Very clean. Really random, Do you happen to know what those glass cups are called? We used those at where I used to work and always really liked them. 8.5/10
It's comfy af, but I don't like the CRT's. 5.5/10
Please kill yourself or get off this board.
I like it for a temporary setup. 6/10
Comfy as hell. What monitors are those, and what lamp do you use? 9.5/10
I like it. What desk is that? 8.5/10


>Like all the leddit /bst/s
>Really """""random"""""

>He didn't get a good rating and is upset about it

Nice contribution.

Most people have lives, most people want/need to use software and and hardware which simply isn't available for Linux based operating systems or getting it to work takes too much effort. It's like it has always been here, nothing new. I still don't get how a minority on Cred Forums has such an issue with Windows or OS X. Same minority fails to understand a concept of personal computer, too.

Because they aren't autistic.

where did you get that blue electronics mat?
not sure what I need to type in to find one

I really need to find an acrylic case for my nendoroids

>Trump supporter hat
>Toys on your desk
Jesus christ. At least it's a clean setup, I guess.

just go to the hardware store and get a shelf to drill into your wall

Schiit Magni 2 (Amp) and Modi 2 (Dac)

I like that you have the same mouse pad and mouse as me :^)

lol i got that mouse pad free at Press Start event in Irvine.

Kudos to those comfy 770 Pro cans.

Doesn't look too ergonomic desu senpai.

How are 21/9 screens for everyday usage?

Shit taste in waifus.

hello birdie

hello,it's me,buy new shit

There isn't a lot I can do about it :/
Sitting down is quite uncomfy because of how much you need to adjust to get straight :/

>How are 21/9 screens for everyday usage?

Utter shit. You either have websites that you literally have to browse with your head turned left, or they are centered and 2/3rd of your screen is just empty, wasted space.

Quite a lot of games only support the resolution, but not the aspect ratio, which will result in flattened images.

The only thing these are good for is watching movies.

Wasting time machine.

what keyboard?

are all your chicks so small? pedo

Hey, at least he can say he picks up chicks all the time, and sometimes several at once!

get that betta out of the bowl mane.

they need at least a 5gal with a filter and a heater.

yer texas flag is wrongwerds. blue goes on the left.

>Giant painting of Saturn

I can't tell if tasteful, edgy, or both...

>blue goes on the left.
i mean white.

blue on left is for vertical murica.

>botnet google chrome
>listening to music through YouTube
What are you even fuckin' doin' with your life mate.

>but I don't like the CRT's

Don't pretend your entire shit isn't antiquated. The last time I had a rig like that was '98...


>hurr durr i haz gud meme retro tech
kill yourself along with those fucking idiots who spend 1500 USD on that IBM keyboard