System tray

System tray

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OS: Botnet

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kys my man

otherwise you are correct, yes

>Foobar2K in system tray

for what purpose?


>action center icon
>ambiguous date format

I'm 12 and a half

I don't like trays, so I don't have one


Just udiskie. Win+T to toggle tray.

How'd I do?


what is this information going to be used for?

in b4 botnet

I already work for the Government


Lol, you thought I were an pajeet, didn't you, fama-lama-dingbat?

This is the most retarded I can make it.

Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism Autism
OS: Probably Debian

Recommendation: go fuck yourself, nobody cares what you think.

What is that C with a gun looking thing?
That blue icon?

I'm bretty boring.

Logitech gayman bloatware

Logitech logo




Logitech gaming software



On sale all the time for like $9/2 years and highest rated AV all years.

Common sense 2016 means its never been needed though.



>Unironically paying a yearly subscription to an anti-virus


Enjoy getting butt blasted one day

Oh... hmmm

I have a gaming mouse, myself, but it's not Logitech; it's UTechSmart - this logo:

I don't do much gaming, though. I use it for hotkeys and shit. Great when you have a lot of manual copy and paste work or some other tedious crap. And then you wanna switch to ur browser and don't wanna move all the way to the keyboard immediately, or you're just a lazy shitbag for something else, you know

I'd kill myself if I had to go back to a 3-button mouse.
It's called a UTechSmart Venus

not with this GODLIKE brain of mine

literally nothing wrong that

Lol not gonna happen because I don't just randomly open shit and anything even remotely sketchy gets sandboxed.

Not everybody needs a paid nanny to watch out for them all the time to stop them from sticking forks in the power outlets.


calm down poorcuck
if he wants to pay for an extra layer of security then that's completely fine

Except for the fact that there are both free and one-time purchase alternatives that are just as good if not better in every way.

Almost all anti-viruses are using the same signatures at this point, the only thing that matters is how intrusive it is and how resource hungry it is. Kasperky isn't a shining example of either of those.

>Doesn't pay for an unnecessary service only stupid people need


Lol. I don't have rubber bumpers on the edges of my coffee tables to stop me from ramming my head into them either, I must be super poor.


butthurt: the post

>nobody cares what you think.
What do you think this thread is about?
It's about virgin neckbeard Windows users who have no human contact in their real life and thus want people on an anonymous image board to tell them how awesome their taste in software is.

ok whatever you say pal

roast me

look like you have some windows updates pending :-)

A lot of you using ShareX. What do you tend to use it for?

be gentle

I just replaced Snagit with it yesterday after some user namedropped it. I use it because it has scrolling capture, it also comes with tons of options and built-in profiles.

Also it's open source so Cred Forums loves it.

qjackctl, nm-applet
most of my background tasks are non-graphical, so have no tray icon


I don't like the bloatcrap




using foobar instead of MusicBee should be illegal.



i don't know why realtek and the windows audio shit has to be there, but fixed

>windows audio settings
>malwarebytes (small footprint, just nice to have)


Well, at least it isn't FOSS

>Windows 7


why don't yo just go and sudoku yourself?

Too easy.

that's windows 8, you dumb ass


Come at me, fags

>Windows 8


I bet nobody has these 2 simultaneously


Literally autism


>he doesn't have a ups

>5 AM
Go to sleep bro

System tray?


Don't really have a lot of stuff running at once.



>rare soft

Kill yourself
I fucking hate that shitty ass software

>why arent you just using common sense [current year] to protect against software vulnerabilities xD

these are the same idiots that allow javascript and proprietary CDMs to run in their browser

Nothing special

What do I win?