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Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).
If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable
Why ThinkPad? (also applies to other business laptops)
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap.
>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet.
>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels.
>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models.
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop.
>Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model. Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain.
>The best trackpoint (that red thing in the middle of the keyboard). Great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad.
>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support.
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First for nuPads

I'm really tempted to buy one. I just got paid today and I want something portableish

Anyone know if there are any reputable refurbished sellers based in the UK, would they be worth it over used ones?

8 GB RAM, 128GB SSD, i5. T420.
For 150 euros worth or not? Its fairly nicely upgraded so I'm thinking of coping.

My W530 came with a 135W AC adapter. Is there any benefit to buy a 170W one?

give some love for my new family member

Good deal. I bought today 8gb RAM with 320gb hdd for 200€. Thinkpads are a bit more expensive in Poland comparing to the rest of the world.

what's up with the touchpad?
other than that if the guy who wants to sell you this doesn't want to pull anything stupid, it seems pretty good for the price

Good night sweet prince

The bumpy thing has been peeled off. You can get used to the smooth pad (feels a lot faster) or get a new bumpy sticker.

A bit too minimalistic design for me

Not quite sure but I think you have misplaced your chassis.

he was repairing it you dumb farts

its disassembled to see why it wasnt working properly. No luck... I'm afraid it has to go to the dump now

>I'm afraid it has to go to the dump now
Please don't dump it, sell it for parts

Oh really? I had no idea! Thanks for clearing that up Cpt. Obvious.

Hardware or software problem? Isn't the screen you posted with a win10 error message? Never bothered with win10 myself so no idea how it looks like.
Try and make a USB with a live Linux distro and see if it can boot that.

>Hardware or software problem?
At first I thought it was software but I am certain now that its hardware related. Freezes when loading OS, regardless of whether its linux or windows and whether its from HDD or USB. Strangely enough, it posts and accesses bootloader just fine. Even checked the ram but couldn't find anything wrong. Maybe something wrong with motherboard or CPU?

Try installing gentoo

I have a mini dock series 3 with 1x each DVI, VGA, and Display port. My T420 is HD3000, no Nvidia GPU.

Can I connect two monitors using the DVI and VGA ports on the dock?

I think the 170W will benefit if you had the K2000m GPU or the bigger W dock, otherwise I think it wouldnt matter.

So does everyone sacrifice X6x series or just me?

Any broken USB ports?
Oddly I don't know much problems on X series, other then them running hot because of the WiFi card.

The lid/screen is worth $20+ or so.
Someone might buy the chassis... but if its in good spec and under $20, good luck.

Is there much use for tablet versions?

>few months back
>someone on /tpg/ suggested the Intel 7260 as a wireless card upgrade
>buy a 7260
>didn't get around to bios modding and installing the card until today
>turns out I purchased the single band wireless N version of the 7260 rather than the dual band wireless AC 7260
>way too late to return it to the seller
>waste money on a wireless card downgrade

Your fault.

I want a thinkpad, help. where go? what get?
Want value for money

To vague, TBLAZEIT.

Checking out another Thinkvision today

Going full retard here

I think I'm going to pick up a Lenovo Easy Reach monitor stand as well, and probably a Thinkpad branded wireless mouse

I was sort of asking this in the last thread, but I'm looking to get an SSD in my W520. Is there any benefit to getting an MLC drive over a TLC one? I want a 500gb drive, but I don't really want to spend $300 to get the 850 Pro. I was thinking of either the 850 EVO or the MX300. Since the Crucial drive is cheaper, I am wondering if they are also decently reliable.

You truly might be retarded

What's the model number and resolution of that thing?



It's a bigger number

It's a cheap hobby and it triggers Cred Forums
I also have a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 netbook I need to dig out of storage.

$20 craigslist pickup

I like Shep fairey

hey Cred Forums. Haven't bought a laptop in a long time, but I decided I want something portable to work/program on and take to interviews. Should I buy used or get something like pic related? I would not like to spend more than a grand

Looking to buy a laptop for college, will be carried on a daily basis and used mainly for notes and programming

Narrowed my choices to
Thinkpad T460 - 14" FHD, 1.8kg
Thinkpad X260 - 12.5" 768p, 1.3kg
Latitude E7470 - 14" FHD, 1.5kg

T460 seems a bit on the heavy side, X260 I'm afraid of the screen size, E7470 seems perfect but I don't know about the trackpoint/keyboard compared to Thinkpad ones

Help me out /tpg/

Get an x230 or x220

Install a fresh SSD

you'll spend maybe $300 and have a dank portable

The T410 I fucked up from trying to replace thermal paste last week seems to not yet up. It was a simple operation but the damn thing just gave up for some odd reason that I haven't figured out. I've only had it a month, it was in good shape, had it shipped across the country, and now I was the one to kill it. How should I properly bury her, /tpg/? Should I sale her for parts or keep her as a memory of my mistakes so that I may never kill one of these glorious machines ever again?

Thinking about picking up a X220. I want something that's pretty small.

Thinking about doing the 900p upgrade for my T420. I hear the Samsung and Alienware screens are supposed to be the best, but there seems to be quite a few versions of each and is there difference between those?

Hi guys, im wondering if the old lenovo keyboard would be compatible with my x230t.
By default, it has the new one (the bottom one on the pic) But that's pretty shitty, and i'm really missing the old one (top one on the pic)
what do you think? can you tell me for sure if it would work, or am i fucked?

>let's use the same model number for many different products

Still a stupid move by user and Intel

Did you use conductive thermal paste?

If so then let this be a lesson for you in future. Use only ceramic thermal paste unless you are absolutely fucking sure of what you are doing.

>ceramic thermal paste

just use anything non conductive

fancy materials in thermal paste are a meme

>buy Thinkpad with a few months renaming on the Lenovo warranty
>jew the shit out of it for free keyboard, charger and more RAM

Keyboard and trackpoint on the Dell won't be as good.

Trackpad is better, still has physical buttons. Dell docking stations have been the same since 2008 and there's a lot of cheap ones out there.

No M.2 card whitelist either.

Do I politely ask not to get Windows? This having to select 30-day trial of office is a bit annoying.

Where should I be looking? am in UK

Good morning Cred Forums, how is your ThinkCat doing ?

Forgot link

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Cat, is in fact, GNU/Cat, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Cat.

I can't wait until the TrackPoint patents expire next year and Dell, HP and whoever else can start stealig them.

I'm mainly concerned about the keyboard, trackpoint is nice but I can live with touchpad

The hd3000 generally has a total limit of 2 monitors (including laptop screen)

Had to put him down last year. But I'm sure he would have loved my Thinkpad.
That's a really pretty cat, black nosed cats are very cute. What model of Thinkpad is that?

IdeaPad? Pls no

Just found this on ebay. What the fuck? Is there some E7470 model that doesn't have the pointing stick?

Aw man, sorry to hear that, he looks like a wonderful cat too.
The Thinkpad is a modest T520.

It's a shame. He was a great cat, always very cuddly. He would follow me around and tended to go to sleep on my feet in bed.
But he was old and in pain, he had a happy life.
I though it looked a little familiar. I've got a T530 and it looks pretty similar with the lid closed.

I'm planning to buy from ebay but the shipment is going to cost me an arm and a leg. I've seen some sellers put a "warranty" on their devices, is it possible to buy a device this old and get it serviced in local official service center or I should just ignore all those "warranty" promises?

Generally a warranty from an eBay seller is as good as worthless, because once that 60 day feedback deadline is up, they really do not give a shit.

Quite often you can service a lot of problems yourself, and conduct tests to find issues (ie hard drive read / write, memtest86+, etc) and make sure the laptop is functioning as advertised.

Anyone here have experience with the T420s/T430s? I can pick one up with an ultrabay battery for $115, should I do it?

>should I do it?

That's a good deal.

That's the thing though. It was Arctic Silver ceramic thermal paste. I wore a strap and took my time with the process. I killed the thing some other way.

I bought X220 with SSD and X200. Congratulate me.

Probably overtightened the heatsink.
Good job.

T-thanks, you t-too...

The CPU couldn't be that weak. I tightened it just right. Not too loose, not too tight. I gave up trying to figure it out though.

Congrats, user.
I bought my X220 yesterday as well.

On the contrary. It is pretty fragile without an IHS.

Actually, you are right. It had two squares where I had to apply the paste and some plastic around the squares.

What should I do with the body, mama?

My T430, so proud of my buy! Today I finally got a second 4GB stick to replace the 2GB one. What an awesome machine!

Feel free to diss the games, I don't give a fuck. And by the way, I have Mint on the second HDD, which is my main os.

Any upgrades for x220 besides more ram and ssd?

>implying the T430 can run either GTAIV or V

Have you got an IPS panel?

Any software on linux that will allow me to check that out?

What's a the recomended screen to replace for my T430?

Eh, does it look like shit or not? Can you see the screen at a 45 degree angle then you're fine..

It looks ok, i have shitty tablet that swaps colors at like 30° and it doesnt look like that at all

The TN panel really looks like shit unless you're at the exact right angle.. Even then it's disappointing.

You could get a 9-cell if you want some more battery life, that's always nice


>Single Pointing non-backlit Keyboard
>Dual Pointing backlit Keyboard
>Multi-touch Touchpad


If I bought an X260, and then bought a 12.5" laptop screen off of ebay that has better color gamut, would it work? assuming that it's a newer i.e. thinner display.
Would there be connector problems?

I found a x220i for 75 on Craigslist. Thinking of getting it and upgrading the mobo with an i5. I saw the mobos going for 40 on eBay. This is a good move, right?

Is it even worth investing money into x220, wont it go obsolete in a year?

the PSU may not support it.
if you can deconfirm that, it's good.

Why would it? Penryn Core 2 Duo is still sufficient for most tasks, never mind a Sandy Bridge i5.

getting this for $20 soon, just to mess around with thinkpad and see if i like it. I think i got a deal

As long as the connector is the same (eDP), it should work. But I think its harder to disassemble the display housing on newer thinkpads.

Good point. I will have to confirm

I still use an X60 which I've had since 2006. It runs text editors, web browsers, and light desktop applications perfectly fine.

the display is still easy to disassemble from what I've read.

I'm also seeing something about a "30pin LED with eDP" as opposed to LCD. would that matter?

Don't forget the connector location (left or right side) and if the mounting rails are compatible.

In other words, I would likely just have to buy the laptop to confirm everything I need to know, and then shop?

I've read that on some models brightness controls in Windows won't work if the display isn't on a whitelist

FYI, I finished GTA IV and the The Lost and the Damned, I'm currently playing The Ballad of Gay Tony and I already checked that GTA V runs, so it's next.


Bought today t420 and I can't stand waiting for it to come to my house. Gentoo will be first installed thing on it.

try to use gen 2 pokemon next time.


eDP connector is on the right
Side rail mounting

Cool, thanks. I'll have to save all this info somewhere for when I have the money.
The X260 is almost my perfect laptop, but the compromise with the screen gone, it's literally my perfect laptop.
At this rate, I may just wait for kabylake, though.

X230 a good deal for 220eur? i5 no ssd, 4gb ram

Or L420 for 100, battery dead

5400M vs 4200M anyyone?

Get an X220t palm rest as well or dremel the shit out of the extra nub in front of the old keyboard's trackpoint buttons and enlarge the holes for the keyboard nubs in the X230t palm rest.

Then, reflash the bios to fully support the new old keyboard.

I am currently searching for an X220 palm rest for my X230 because of that goddamn extra nub in the middle front of the trackpoint buttons.

X270 will be a complete redesign.



X230T for 400€
Yoga 12 for 800€?

I am just not sure if I will be able to deal with the low resolution and bulk of the X230T.

Chassis designs only last for 3 generations.

You could get a x250/260 or t460 at that point

>Quite often you can service a lot of problems yourself, and conduct tests to find issues (ie hard drive read / write, memtest86+, etc) and make sure the laptop is functioning as advertised.
I can do all that by myself but I'm still a bit afraid that I'll get mailed a dead device I'll have to send back for half the price

ebay refunds you, and seller pays return shipping.

What is this small top part of the X200 and X201 lid, why does it start to become wobbly over time, and how can I make it more solid again

I want to upgrade the screen on my new x250

Do I order the screen from ebay, change it myself and fuck up my 3 year warranty since the screen is not a CRU or bring it to authorized service and pay an arm and a leg?

I just got my 420s and am super stoked to check it out, but im having to wait for my SSD in the mail. The hype is real, i love how that thing is constructed

are there screws on the side of the screen? if not, can you google and find a thin wedge? if the answer to either is yes, your path is clear.

Are thinkpads ever going to be good again or should I just buy a Surface Book?

They're still loads better than everything else on the market.

Thinkpads are still top of the industry. Only comparable laptop is the Dell Latitude series and the mouse clits on the Dells are awful.

Is worth buy a used x220? (used by a corp, 2 years of use aprox.)


Price, specs


i5-2520m, TN HD display, 4gb ram, 128gb SSD.

Aprox. 255 USD (177,000CLP)

Thanks bro

>guys I have an idea
>what if
>what if we make
>a hinge that scratches any surface you put it on
>guys ?
>it's great, right ?


that's been abandoned.

Okay I think I made up my mind on buying X220T from local shop

Intel Core i5-2520M CPU 2,5GH
160 Gb SSD
I think (I really hope) it's the outdoor and not the multitouch version

It's only $220 on ebay but the shipping is around $70 and it's going to take a month to ship
Also local shop has a 6 month warranty and I'll be able to check the state of the refurb quality before buying


SSD recommendations for my Stinkpad T420??

that has no trackpoint, and physical laptop buttons for otherwise have been dead for half a decade.

the cheapest one.

Which SSD specs are compatible tho?

Like 7mm or what

Whatever mSATA you can afford


I like the clean chassis, the dell pointing stick is shit anyways

and the 2.5" form factor is the one I want correct?

it's full sata.

So SATA 3 works?

Why are you using full sata? Go mSATA SSD and two HDD

>Go mSata


half transfer rates.

thats only because google has a strict requirements for IO

Only if you only use command line and minimal Linux distros or xp. Windows 7 is barely usable and passable with an ssd. My t61p is my greatest buyers remorse but I love my x230

Just ordered one of these bad boys. Cannot wait to join the Thinkpad master race~

works on my machine

try not being too poor for 8GB DDR2, it really helps

Which current models have the touch fingerprint reader, a la as opposed to the old slide one? I hear the new one is better.



Also runs Xubuntu perfectly. I don't use it much though, since Advanced Dock functionality is questionable in Linux.

Is there anything special I need to do(drivers or whatever) if I reformat my X230 to install W7 and/or Mint?

What did he mean by this

Does anyone have experience with X260, T460 or T560? I got a sexy T450 but I wonder if any of them might justify a [spoiler]hipster[/spoiler] upgrade.

Also, where to order cheap spare parts, in particular the ext. battery and keyboard buttons?

Had a T460 and wasn't very impressed. The casing didn't really feel premium (uneven gaps, plastic leftovers, creaking), screen was only okay (even though I won the screen lottery and got the LG one), one of the keyboard keys had an issue (wasnt clicky like the others and would sometimes become stuck).

Got rid of it, still looking for a replacement.

How well do they do for gaming? How upgradeable are these things?

as upgradable as laptops are, and the older models with expresscard slots can support any GPU.

just because they unfucked the worst parts doesn't mean they went back to the normal previous keyboard layout/type

the layout problems suck, but the sperging over it is silly.

yeah, it's so silly to care about a properly designed product you've been using for years turning to shit because some faggot gooks think everything should be a macbook clone

If you're salty enough about it that you'll use a laptop with a three hour battery life forever, you're an idiot.

Anyone else having issues with the headphone jack in your t420
I'm using [spoiler] Windows10[/spoiler], the mic button doesn't seem to light up when pushed, and plugging any headphones in the jack does nothing, the sound keeps coming from the onboard speakers

as if they've made significant improvements in their battery tech

All they did was add DRM to their batteries to fuck over the user even more.

They can keep their walmartpads


The problem is that there literally isnt any alternative. I'm still on my x230 and im skipping the 240 and probably 250.

I'm kinda curious about the Asuspro B series bit they don't really sell those in holland.

15-20 hours is nothing to sneeze at, user. the batteries don't have to advance, the processors have.

x201 master race!

Did the user I talked to a while ago get his nip keyboard yet?

So, anons, I know this isn't the perfect place to ask this, but since a lot of you use i3, I'll ask anyway.

I'm currently waiting for my x220 and I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with it. I've never used i3, but looking at how it might work well with a ThinkPad (it's a laptop and I'd like to minimize the amount of times I'd have to reach for trackpads or even trackpoints) and how many people recommend it, I'm seriously interested.
Problem is, I've never used a tiling WMs before, and I fear that it will take me too long to get used to it. Should I give it a try?

those are marketing numbers after you spend good money on their tumor top spec batteries

doubt their shit can pull eight hours at a normal workload and comfortable brightness

using a browser that uses hinting would help you the most a la qutebrowser. the more CLI the better apart from that.
dmenu, terminal and virtual desktop shortcuts are all I really use, although I did set alt-tab to focus the window to the right, which helped the transition a lot.
get an SSD too.

X201 guy please help
Also did you buy the nip keyboard later or did it come with one? If I like the X201 enough to want to invest, I'll be buying a 9cell and a nip keyboard - love me the extra mappable buttons, full sized windows key and large left shift plus large right enter key, only one of which is available for US/EU keyboards

It's half the battery capacity that way, so it has half the lifespan. 7.5 hours on the lowest end.
power management under linux is good now, so using a light setup would easily get top numbers.
either way, it's better than 3 hours.

>3 hours
You keep repeating that number like it's the universal truth. Meanwhile, I get at 5-6 hrs on good brightness with a moderate workload on a fucking X200T running GNU/Linux

A worn X200 6 cell can give me 3 hours

I don't mind using the trackpad while browsing since I usually have one hand on it while browsing regardless. Plus, I don't want to adapt to a new browser; I'm fine with my pleb Firefox. Generally, that applies to most stuff I will use; I don't really want to switch to new software (I'm still a fairly unexperienced moron, so consider that)
I'm somewhat low on money after picking one up, but I'm considering picking one up in future.

Forgot to ask in the last post, but how hard is it to rice i3? I've never really used config files for ricing, but I assume that it's not that hard as long as I follow the directions/guides.

3 hours is what I get best case on my worn 9 cell. you're full of shit.

I bought it later, I'm sure it would be very hard to find one that comes with one in a western country. I recommend it, but going from US layout to this was something to get used to...

Keyboards are cheap, and you can find nip ones on ali for like $20.

And what about the loose lid part? What is it and how can I make it not loose?

>worn 9 cell
maybe if you didn't have a garbage battery way past its lifespan
there are 9cells that will give less than an hour because they're fucked. Don't see anyone using those to make claims about device battery life

it's not hard, but I just mooched all my configs off someone else. .i3/config is where keybinds go.

So the fan in my T420s is sort of getting annoying.

Has anyone heard of a fan retrofit? Is there a fan that will fit in there that moves more air and spins slower?

In any case, 3 6 or 9 hours is peanuts when compared to 15-20. that's what I want in a laptop, along with a good quality screen and a keyboard that's good to type on, regardless of your autism.

Alright, thanks.
Where'd you find it? Perhaps I could do the same to save me the pain.

reapply thermal paste, dust that shit, install thinkfan/tpfancontrol.

Loose lid? The lid on mine has been solid as a rock since I got it. I can pick it up by the top lip of the lid and the chassis stays in place on the bottom. If you actually do get one that's somehow loose, it's not hard to rip these things apart. I've done it multiple times for different hardware changes.

cute kitty

here. the old lo/g/os configs, I don't remember all of them. might help.

C'mon man, did ya check the picture in ?

I remember someone with an X220 complaining of the same part starting to come loose on here some weeks ago

>along with a good quality screen and a keyboard that's good to type on,
yeah because those are key features of shitpads
shitpads have always had shit screens and now they have a shit keyboard
As for your 15-20 hours, that's a marketing meme. In reality it's still a fraction of that after spending good money on slice batteries, 9cells etc.

Every new Thinkpad gen is getting closer and closer to looking like a Walmart ultrabook

Oh whoops I missed that. Mine isn't loose, but if it did ever become loose, the screen assembly is also fairly easy to take apart. If you had to you could stick some tape behind it to keep it in place. I can't say if this is a real issue, though. I've never had any troubles with that specific piece of the case.

the screen is replacable, asshole. they're still the gold standard for repairability.
your hot shit opinions won't work on me.

>thermal paste
Done, Arctic Silver 5.
>dust that shit
Done, and do it every once in a while.
>install thinkfan/tpfancontrol
I have TLP installed.

The problem I have is the CPU thermal throttles all the damn time. It very regularly hits 97c. The fan runs basically all the time, but when it gets above 2.5k RPM it's a high pitched whine. At max RPM it's very noticeable.


Ah, thanks anyway
Haven't taken it apart for cleaning yet as the cpu temps were pretty mild so didn't need repasting

Dont use arctic silver 5 in a notebook unless you dont mind changing it every 10 months or so. Its great thermal paste but it wears out after not even a year (better when overclocking and you replace it once in a while) . MX5 cools about the same (maybe 0.5 C difference) and doesnt dry out as quickly.

Enjoy your Walmart laptop family.
This is what passes for Thinkpad these days.
It's obvious though that you've never used an actual Thinkpad and want to defend your nupad shitware that you overpaid for

When retarded gooks try to make a perfectly good business line into muh thin macbook clone you say something.

You could have had a quality laptop with the added bonus of good battery life (this comes from any modern mobile CPU so it's not Shitovo ingenuity that gave you your """20 hours"""").

After reading the discussion. What exactly passes as a good laptop to you.?
>inb4 pig disgusting macbook

tlp isnt a fan control program.

>After reading the discussion. What exactly passes as a good laptop to you.?
Shouldn't that seem a bit obvious? I'm defending older Thinkpads.

An older Thinkpad body (quality plastics, magnesium, titanium, or carbon fiber casing) with 2016 hardware and resolution/screen quality, no battery DRM is the ideal machine. Apparently, good features are """"""RETRO""""""" now

I'll look into it

Good to know, thanks

You know, you are right. My brain is farting.

But that's beside the point anyway. The fan that's in the laptop can't keep the processor cool. I was hoping I could replace the fan with a better one. I know the chances that there's a better fan that has the exact same dimensions is fantastically small, but I still gotta ask.

I know someone will probably ask, and then everyone will point and laugh, so I'll just come right out and say that this laptop has the i7-2640m.

Oh okay, fair enough. I agree that the newer chinkpads arent as good but alternatives all have shitty downsides.

Elitebooks are housefire machines, Dells are just meh and the Asus probooks are nowhere to be found here in holland.

Feel like I'm going to stick to my x230 forever.

Is the original X1 any good? According to the thinkpad wiki it has the 1366x768 screen. Are there any upgrade options to that at all?

I'm trying to adjust my display settings on my T-420
Could someone tell me where the contrast control key is?

There isn't one.

>Are there any upgrade options to that at all?

every western producer has adjusted to the shorter lifecycle of products

laptops are becoming more disposable and hardware gets upgraded quicker like phones now so there is no reason to make quality hardware.

Laptops were only made good when they had to survive longer in enterprise (so that the manufacturer was less likely to get screwed with warranty claims)

there are still some rare companies that don't go for the cheap hardware with short lifecycle market, mostly because they don't share the western consumerism approach towards good production (Panasonic for example)

this is why common good quality features that were considered a standard a few years ago are now "retro"

Not even the carbon.


Oh... I had never even heard of this machine.
But it looks suspiciously like a consumer model.

his arse

I'm confused, user. The x220 and x220t are pretty much identical hardware-wise, right? So, both can be upgraded up to 16gb of ram?

the only """acceptable""" nu-ThinkPad desu
and thats only considering the fact it's an iPad Pro competitor

Thanks to the user who suggested upgrading the t420 cpu to a quadcore i7 2720qm, this thing is fast as fug now despite being an old laptop.

My x220 comes tomorrow. Pretty fucking stoked. Going to be trying out a few distros with it. So far, I want to try Manjaro, Antegros, and Xubuntu. Any other ones I should check out? Especially ones that have been known to work well on x220s?



those questionnaires we filled out a year ago or so, are lenovo planning to make a thinkpad specced from those answers?

Late reply, but yes, I have.
It had the same nasty coating as yours.

Oh well, my X200s battery crapped out on me, so at least I'm not wearing the coating down before I fix that.

I heard a quote from someone at lenovo on the timeframe that their products are developed on. Completely misquoting, but I think it was 6 months fast, 2 years slow.
could be soon. I heard it on some yoga book design video, I wanna find it again.

Own a T23, T400, and P50. P50's only trait that doesnt destroy the other two is having prnt scrn where right win key should be. Which is a trivial problem anyways.

Since no one used the speakers on the T420, what do you think could be done with the extra space on the side, if anything?

What's the best thinkpad that matches price and performance?

Preferably something which is a quad core, dual channel, and isn't thin. But hell, I know you can't expect everything from the world.

Running lots of excel and database stuff on my trusty old memepad, need a mouse for the stuff.

What are good memepad approved wireless mice?

Bidding on an ex-company Thinkpad Helix. Does anyone know of any known issues? (Besides being made by Lenovo).

T420, T520 or W520

FUCK My x220 has a tn panel, where i can get legit IPS in netherlands?

Or x240 if battery life is really that important

/retro/ was kind enough to recommend your help, /tpg/.

Seriously, where do I find sexy little things like pic related? eBay is of no use. I have plenty of old Latitudes, and even a kickass LifeBook, but I am still memepad-less, and I would like to fix that.

>1.8kg is too heavy

What are you, an american?

finding stuff like that is really luck, honestly. try flea markets, thrift stores, pawnshops, etc.

It will fit however the tabs on the palmrest are shorter than the tabs on the old keyboard. I just cut the tabs in the palmrest taller with an exacto knife. You'll also need to add a tab in the center for the trackpoint buttons - just cut it all the way through to the bottom.

I don't recommend buying an X220T palmrest because I did that and it just didn't fit quite right on the X230T, the edge hanged over a little bit and felt sharper than the original, so I just made the original make it fit

It's got the NVS. People underestimate the fuck out if it. It's far more potent than the T420's dGPU was.

If it's IPS, it will only get slightly darker at 45 degrees up then get brighter again at higher angles. The colors will not change at any angle.

If everything inverts if it tilts up 5 degrees, it's a TN.

>trying to calibrate the pen on a first-generation Helix
I have a couple mm inaccuracy and no pressure sensitivity.

Define obsolete.

It has the distortion effect when i press on it

They only lasted for two until the T440 and on. So they could go one generation more if they so decided.

It's pretty hard to find truly retro thinkpads on ebay and stuff, your best bet is looking around in your local area

You will be able to find old thinkpads on ebay and similar places but they will be severely overpriced. Laptops older than like a t60 shouldn't cost more than like $30-60 bucks at most especially considering virtually all will be shit quality

Like, i5 2520m is pretty old processor

Only thing wrong is the layout. The keys themselves are god tier. I am not fucking around when I say it's better to type on than the T60 days.

Though, this is with a T430 I'm talking about here, I think the X1 keys have a smaller travel distance so that of course is not quite as good

T430s fan might fit. No guarantees though.

I have read that the fan can be radically different in sound and airflow between different FRU manufacturers. So do some research on which is the best manufacturer for T420s fans. Maybe you got the shit one.

>no touchpad buttons
The P50 did it right. Add them, including a middle button.

I know the trackpoint is obviously superior. But if you're gonna have a touchpad at all, how about no fucking compromises.

They sound like any other average laptop speakers if you have the Dolby drivers. SOL if you're on Linux though.

That's meaningless. All screens do that.

Maybe so but Intel processors haven't hardly changed for years. Being uncontested by AMD for so long has made them stagnate.

What's it too slow at?

It's just getting old. It does a good job at making portable shitposting machine but nothing else


Thinkpad's new keyboard shouldn't count as chiclet. The keys are not flat. They are probably even more curved in than the older style even.

Nothing else like what? Unlike the T60 or whatever it can handle 1080p videos and shit no sweat. That's not going to go away unless you want to watch 4K on your 768p screen anyway.

Only thing it can't really do is vidya, but you would be an idiot to play any vidya other than Doom on a laptop anyway

What is it that you want from processors? You can't increase the clock speed. There are already as many cores as programmers are capable of utilizing. What more do you need from a processor?

I don't, hence why I disagree that it is obsolete. You're only proving my point.

What is the most requiring game i can run on that i5?

>Only thing it can't really do is vidya, but you would be an idiot to play any vidya other than Doom on a laptop anyway
Even this isn't the processor's fault but rather the GPU (or lack thereof)

Even a 6th gen i5 isn't going to do great for that on the iGPU alone

4Gb of static ram.

I don't think any game this side of fucking ARMA 3 or whatever is really going to be held back by that CPU.

It's the GPU that's going to suck. But you can plug an external one in through the expresscard slot to fix that.

>I don't think any game this side of fucking ARMA 3 or whatever is really going to be held back by that CPU.
And even that's not the CPU's fault but rather because ARMA 3 is based on an old engine and is more or less single threaded.

>here are already as many cores as programmers are capable of utilizing.
The 2nd gen i5 is only dual core. So it can definitely be improved from there.

Getting an i7 QM will fix that just fine and won't require a new laptop.

Can I upgrade to i7 in x220 without replacing entire mobo?

Geekbench scores between that and the X260's i5-6200U are pretty close to each other.

2,507 vs 2,424 single core
5,404 vs 4,982 multi core

It's an utterly pitiful difference. So either they're really skimping out on the current gen U processors or the old one is just fine.

No. It's soldered.

My bad, I was thinking of a T420, which can be upgraded since it's socketed

>So either they're really skimping out on the current gen U processors
It's this senpai.

I think 6th gen U processors are literally slower than 5th gen U processors

Also X260's i5-6200U is also dual core.

no x series laptops has a quadcore

This is true even on this year's gen

If you're buying a new laptop for a faster CPU than X220 you're fucking up unless you want to go up to the 14 inch laptops

isn't memeing, Intel has hardly improved between generations because they have no need to

Holy fuck scratch that, even T460 has no quad core option

I had no idea the stagnation was that bad

why would you want a quadcore in a laptop that struggles with a dualcore
the t460p has a qc tho

I don't, I'm just struggling to understand why user above is saying X220's CPU is obsolete when today's thinkpad CPUs outside of the hot n' heavy performance models have hardly any better ones


Holy fuck

X230's i5-3210M is FASTER in Geekbench single core than X260's i5-6200U

If you're upgrading, make it an X230.

Okay, so the reason for this is because starting with T440/X240, they started going with the 'U' processors, which are made to be thinner and smaller but are weaker as a result.

So the consequence is that the CPU has actually been slower than X230 until the X260, and even then it's only caught up in multicore performance but only by a little bit

We have so many fuckloads of CPU power today that there's not much to be improved. It's a huge surplus.

I couldnt find a x230 in neat price senpai, but im suprised how neat is that x220 for nearly 200 euro. I was just worried that this processor will bottleneck me

Why are the Exx series worse than the Txx series?

Since I've heard that you should avoid them but I don't know why exactly. Reason why is because I have a friend willing to sell me their E430. Should I just get a T430?

It's the budget model. Has uglier bezels and worse build quality, much harder to take apart.

What price was he going to sell it for?

They're uglier. That's about the only significant reason. It's "Not Muh Thinkpad" but it's still a decent enough laptop with the same guts as a T430.

$85 and it looks pretty new. It's the i3 one. Worth it?

That's a nice price but i3 is a little underwhelming. A T430 will probably be found for closer to $200-$300.

Depends how badly you want a laptop now I guess

Thanks for the info, I'm going to head to sleep and I'll pick it up tomorrow.

Night /tpg/

>Why are the Exx series worse than the Txx series?

Practically, it has worse battery life (no extended battery option), and in the case of E430 vs T430 a worse screen (1366x768 vs 1600x900)

What resolution does T510 have?

A place near my work is offloading a shitload for $120 each

Is that a good price? They're also dumping T500's for $50 each

T430 master race here
>tfw faggots still buy ULV CPUs
Top kek. Enjoy being jewed by intel

How's your battery life affected with that thing in it? Temps? Compared to the stock i5

Daily reminder that T430 can be equipped with dual 9cell batteries, so it can get 26 hours of battery life.

What ram do you recommend for x220?

>chink battery


>battery life
Don't know, since it also has overclocked nvidia 5400m GPU and two 2TB HDDs + mSATA SSD.
When browsing Cred Forums and using foobar in the background it's about 7-8 hours on new 9cell battery.

>When browsing Cred Forums and using foobar in the background it's about 7-8 hours on new 9cell battery.
Well shit, that's good enough for me senpai

Once this piece of shit Dell dies I think I'll upgrade to a souped up T430

Hopefully by then they'll have the LVDS/eDP IPS mod board sorted out

>overclocked nvidia 5400m GPU
How do you do that senpai? Is it just a bios setting?

msi afterburner?
It pretty much allows me to play GTA V at high settings and 1600x900 res at 30FPS+
Also Fallus 4, far cry 4 and many, many more...
That's the best thinkpad I've ever used. Too bad I can't afford T440p in full config. But it also lacks expresscard slot... So fuck it, T430 is my last thinkpad ever.

>Too bad I can't afford T440p in full config. But it also lacks expresscard slot... So fuck it, T430 is my last thinkpad ever.
What about a W530 with the Quadro K2000? You get a kickass screen out of it and it really isn't that much bigger

You could just drop in the CPU you already have too

>15,6" screen
No thanks senpai. I own T520 already and it's definitely too big. Also
No desu, I really enjoy using 90W PSU. I don't need 135W/170W one.

Shit son, it seems like the K2000 is spec-for-spec equivalent to the GT 730M anyhow

But the T440p needs 135W

>No thanks senpai. I own T520 already and it's definitely too big.
Wanna sell it senpai? What screen's it got?

I gave my T420 to my dad and I kinda trade for it back

Fuck it then. T430 is the master race in that case. :^)
Also posting my old X230.

My dad is using it and he's pretty happy with it, so I'm not gonna sell it.

>chink seller

My T420s used to go to 80C on 1080p 60fps videos and games like guild wars 1 on max fan.

I went to power options, reduced CPU to 95%, I feel no difference in speed but I'm now sitting at 40C on idle and never more than 60C on those two previous events. Definitely recommend trying that to anyone on windows with similar issues

I want to get a laptop for university, I will mainly code, browse, work and play hearthstone on it. It shouldn't be too heavy and it should fit into my bag. I thought about a ThinkPad. What do you think is good? Budget goes up to 1200 € but I don't have to spend it all. I just want a nice laptop that will live through my 5 years of university.

>going to university
You're a failure.
And for failures like you there are macbooks.

It's cause doing that disables Turbo Boost, which is a shitload of heat for very little gain

I used a c720 chromebook with crouton (linux) for the first 3 years of CS and now own a T420s alongside it for longer hours/usage of windows when needed for my master's. 1200 is just too much for what you want it to do, you shouldnt spend over 200

Is this a Windows only thing? Can I disable it elsewhere?

At least he's not a NEET like you.

The shit you'll be coding in your classes won't need fuck all for processing power.

My X230 runs Hearthstone fine and weighs like 3 pounds and lasts 6-9 hours on battery (12 without wifi)

Got that baby for $160 bucks though $200-$300 would be more typical

>tfw this burned thinkpad still works
That's why you should never buy consumer grade laptops

>implying I'm NEET
No you fucker, I was employed as a software engineer immediately after high school.

No, it's a CPU builtin feature

Limiting the core clock (which is what the Windows CPU max usage does) will do it

I bet there's some convenient Linux package solution that specifically disables it too, if limiting the core clock is too simple for you

What, did your dad get you a job?

Not everyone lives in a land full of tech opportunity you know.

>No you fucker, I was employed as a software engineer immediately after high school.
Your demeanor and maturity suggests you haven't graduated high school yet. You're just hoping a job will fall right into your lap.

I'll browse it a bit, thanks

Where do you live?
Because I live in Poland, which is considered as a 3rd world country.
The deal is simple: you got something valuable to offer which your employer wants.
School diploma is NOT what most employers want, unless they want to wipe their ass.

>Because I live in Poland, which is considered as a 3rd world country.
By definition yes but it is a hell of a lot more dense and connected than Bumfuck Nowhere, United States.

Since when you need to be mature to be employed?
Corporate cuck detected. Do you also wear suit and your trusty old fedora when you go to work?

>School diploma is NOT what most employers want, unless they want to wipe their ass.
In Poland maybe.
First world is different.

Anything I should know before buying a thinkpad off ebay?

>School diploma is NOT what most employers want, unless they want to wipe their ass.
Outside of Poland you will get laughed out of the interview if you don't have a degree.

>tfw murican companies are more interested in a piece of paper rather than actual experience and skills

Check Craigslist first.

Usually a better deal, and you can check it out and test it before throwing down money.

You're being trolled.

It's not called high school in Poland.

Those murican companies designed the laptop you're shitposting on right now.

> First world company wouldn't like to pay you less for the same job because you don't have a diploma
You must be german or from any other diplomaland with over 9000% of public workers.

Thanks brother, I ordered a MacBook Air.

>outside of poland
I don't think it differs from sweden, germany and other european countries. I got a lot of friends from these countries and a some of them were employed straight after high school.
Unless education system in your country works as it should and it gives you actual knowledge that you can use in your work (therefore, save employer's time to teach you everything) then going to uni is a waste of time.
Of course I'm talking here about IT private sector only.

Did you remember to also order iDoldo Dragon PLUS(TM) Dockin Station?
You'll need it.

High schools in the US don't teach jack shit about computers. Least in my experience. Unless you go to a dedicated tech high school but those are fairly rare and you might not live near one

Sure you can learn in your spare time but it doesn't show much experience compared to Mr Money Fuckhead who did a bunch of class projects on IT shit in college because he had the resources and colleagues and internship connections to do so with

>The shit you'll be coding in your classes won't need fuck all for processing power.
>My X230 runs Hearthstone fine and weighs like 3 pounds and lasts 6-9 hours on battery (12 without wifi)
>Got that baby for $160 bucks though $200-$300 would be more typical
I checked it and it's 300€, looks fine to me.

Yeah, thinkpads are pricier in europe for some reason. Must not be as common there. Main reason they're cheap here is they're mass business surplus offloaded when they upgrade to the next model. Maybe yuropoor businesses are more into dells or hps or some shit

Almost forgot, cheers man.

>First world company wouldn't like to pay you less for the same job because you don't have a diploma
Nope, because they contract out to pajeets in overseas firms in India instead

The reason to do college for programming shit in the US is purely so you have easy ins to get internships. That's what employers really want.

Nothing on craiglist, it's unpopular here. I've found some local deals with people selling the device I want but it's $300-$350 against $100-200 on ebay, but shipping is up to $100 and takes forever to ship

Blame your government for allowing that.


I'm just strapped in for the ride though. Nothing I can do about it.

I have an IT job without a diploma here by the way, but I only did it because my dad worked at the place, convinced them to hire me as a temp for the summer to do trivial shit they didn't wanna bother with, and I ended up getting hired full time because I did the work of 3 of their guys in much less time

Ah, sorry I put that on you. :(

I'll probably be buying another just because I'm OCD about my electronics, not sure where I'll look, but if what I get looks pretty I can recommend it again. Promise I won't fall for chink tricks again!!

That, or if you grab another before I do that'd be swell to hear where you got it.

what's your temps under full load?
my t430 struggles with an i5, i don't want to imagine a 45 watt cpu

Disable Turbo Boost to cut 20C off basically for free.

Hah, don't worry, I would have probably ended up getting it anyway! At least it's working

Not sure if I'm gonna spend any time with this machine in a while now, not really thrilled about having to get another battery for it (and then find that the charging circuit just gave up)

But please report back if you find a good one! Really glad I found one for my X220

it still throttles
it just takes slightly longer to throttle with turbo boost off

Then repaste it. You're doing something wrong, satan. Maybe your fan is fucked up? Or the heatsink heatpipe is cracked somewhere?

New thread:

Thanks, I'll see if there are different FRUs and see which one I have

Possibly. If the above doesn't work I'll try this I guess.