Wow, has 16 months in the calendar of Americans fat?

Wow, has 16 months in the calendar of Americans fat?

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Y/M/D is the best format anyway, pathetic yuronigger

they also shart in mart

Use an unambiguous date format retards.

learn English before you try to meme, subhuman

Masterrace reporting in

they don't celebrate christmas

this, if your date format isn't ISO 8601 kill yourself

nice meme

>i will take a look on date
>have to see year frist

literally kys

which is for the Day and which for the Year?

M/D/Y is the fucking best, most common one.

more than 12 is too old

Do you also read words one letter at a time?

When I look at the date I see the date, sorry you have defective eyes


Year goes last, because not retarded.

Superior taste right here, the rest are kind of autistic

hh:mm d MMMM
24h clock

Fuck off

you faggots are all retarded the only reasonable dating system is
0 256 016.M03
it is unambiguous and perfectly understandable

i mean who could ever tell what date this is?

u wot?

month goes first

>Using anything but small icons on taskbar
>Bloating clock with calendar.
YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY are the only proper solutions.
Y/M/D > D/M/Y >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> M/D/Y

No. The American way of writing dates follows a logical structure wherein each field can hold more values than the last. The leftmost field holds the months, since there are only 12. The middle field holds days, since there can be a maximum of 31 possible values. The last field holds years, since there can be a theoretical infinite number of values here.

Truly, this is the most logical system.

D.M.Y is best for human use, because it goes from most to least useful.

Y/M/D is best for archiving becasue it sorts automatically.

M/D/Y is for people who still live in 18th century

>task bar on bottom of the screen
You aren't very good with computers, right?

>task bar on side of the screen
You aren't very good with computers, right?

Fri, Sep-16
>being notified of the year on a daily basis

what are you even trying to say?

Plebs, all of you.

I like this date format the most.

>not knowing the year

Tue 31 Jun
Jun 31 Tue
Or if you're not retarded just plain
Tue 31 or 31

Fuck off D/M/Y it's obviously superior

>- as a separator

How can ANYONE like any other format other than
Everything else literally doesn't make any sense.
It goes from smallest/fastest to biggest/slowest.

YY.MM.DD is fucking retarded.
And MM.DD.YY is absolute dogshit, it's literally just randomly mashed up with no thought behind it.
What the fuck is the logic behind those two?

>couldn't figure out how to change the default tint2 clock: the post

MM/DD/YYYY is the way people say the date orally here so it only makes sense to write it down the same way

Where the fuck do you?
"It's September the 16th XDDDD", retarded.
Just say 16th September.

>is the way people say the date orally here
Your people need some grammar lessons then

I Agree. But isn't that bad, since you can sort such filenames better.

thats pretty retarded

Today is 16375
Deal with it.

Mustard race rolling in.

signals how far away you are from earth

256 day of the year

016 fraction of the millenium

M03 millenium

easy as abc

This is xfce, not tint2

>displaying the year

Saying the month first helps when talking about things not in the immediate future. "The concert is November 5th". If someone wanted to know a date in the same month, verbal cues would make it unnecessary to repeat the month so you could just say the "16th".

Anything other than this is wrong

September Sixteenth Two Thousand Sixteen
yuropoors triggered

>putting a smaller measurement unit second because it can assume more values

Fucking amerifats, I swear!

The obvious superior choice is D/M/Y, sorted by relevance. People usually know what year and month it is, so the first thing they see should be the day, followed by month just in case. Displaying years in most cases is pointless anyway.

clock and tooltip

>go on an international website
>month and day are both less than 12
>not sure what date it is

>tfw you can't record day-of-year as an ordinal integer because some dumb fuck 2000 years ago decided to put leap days in February

This looks like WinBlows so it's Pajeet Poo In Loo, time.

No, not even close.

Oh wow, now I have September 16th listed in order by year. Fucking Y/M/D.

best format

year month day hour minute second zone

DD/MM/YYYY is the only acceptable format

Friday, 16 September 2016 master race

i wish it actually spelled sixteenth but it'd be hard to match the cases for russian and other languages

Compooters good lol :)))))

Nice Engrish you dumb retard.

No you retard.

t. Euro that appreciates the superior format.

D/M/Y or G/T/F/O

Americans use the extra months for cheeseburgers.
>You'll never have this many cheeseburgers.

>Oh wow, now I have September 16th listed in order by year. Fucking Y/M/D.
Doesn't happen on Windows 10 (tm).