Iq on g

Is Cred Forums the board with the highest IQ? It's certainly up there.

Other urls found in this thread:

/sci/ is probably the highest and Cred Forums probably the lowest

No, /lit/ and /sci/ are


Good one

>Highest IQ


In my experience people who work with computers tend to be the dumbest of the smart people. So its up there, but securely in the bronze medal class.

/sci/ doesn't have enough traffic to gather a good feel.

/lit/ seems to suffer from the same problem. I don't feel much of a community coming out of /lit/ and /sci/ in the same way I feel a community on Cred Forums or Cred Forums.

I personally have one of the highest IQs in all of Cred Forums.

/sci/ or /his/ other boards are only pseudo-intellectual.

lmao you definitely don't regular those boards to be saying that

Highest IQ:

1. /sci/
2. /his/
3. Cred Forums

Lowest IQ:

1. /gif/
2. Cred Forums
3. Cred Forums

Not a kike, but Cred Forums has a lot of traffic. More traffick means lower IQ.

Isn't gif just for wanking?

Only brainlets wank though since they are not smart enough to get qt girlfriends.

t-theyre still in the smart bracket then

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If you think /sci/ has a high average IQ you obviously haven't seen the average thread there.

Compared to /sci/, the "SAMSHIT ON SUICIDE WATCH" threads here are well thought-out inquiries.


Average thread doesn't factor into it.

>2. /his/

>3. Cred Forums
Having a redpilled opinion doesn't mean you're dumb. In fact, Cred Forumsiticians actually willingly educate themselves.

As I said, boards with many people = lower average IQ.
Cred Forums is one of the most visited boards, consequently: Lower general IQ.

Go brainjerkimg somwhere else. This is /̶b̶/̶ Cred Forums

the most intelligent board is /fa/. only those with the most bulging craniums would know how to match suede riding boots with the right belt, without looking a normie.

Id say its /diy/ or some other small niche board that doesn't attract kids

Gentle reminder.

>have full control over your free time
>buy technology
>have gf
>be forced to do things with her
>spend 90% of your salary on making her happy

I think the first one sounds more intelligent.

that's a lovely logical fallacy you have there.
I can't wait for your supporting evidence and reasoning behind your position.

post raw data plssssss

it's a fake graph. there was never any raw data.

>Is Cred Forums the board with the highest IQ?
It would be, if you left.


>spotted the brainlet

Lowest IQ is /asp/. Any discussion there is impossible.

>It is poor form to argue against scientific fact

isn't that the nature of science, that nothing is accepted as fact without inquiry?

>Cred Forums is the lowest
mutilated dick detected

>Not a kike
>More traffick means lower IQ.
Nah, you're a kike.

The traffic is higher but the it's mostly shills, kikes and good posters as well as the shit flying in from Cred Forums and /k/.

/sci/, /his are shit tier.
Cred Forums is god tier.

But Cred Forums is right up there. Fucking kike.

Lowest is Cred Forums since it is 90% 12 year olds, highest is likely one of the really slow boards since retarded shitposters don't bother with them.

IQ doesn't mean shit

t. high IQ loser

>lowest IQ

They're probably not that dumb since they know how to use ffmpeg. Replace /gif/ with /x/ and it'll be alright.

>any board on Cred Forums
>highest IQ even in comparison to eachother

Every single board on Cred Forums is equally retarded in its own way.

Fuck off you white cis cum. I bet you don't have a college degree like most Trump supporters.

I'm sure that this is 100% bullshit

>interests don't relate to thinking capacity
>Cred Forums is retarded
You're implying the average user base of the average website is smarter

Actual, 100% accurate real user-generated list of average board IQ, put together via text analysis on posts grouped by IP using Cred Forums's data set and tracked over a six-month period. For IPs posting on more than one board, their post content is considered for text analysis, but their IQ only counts toward their primary, or "home" board's ranking. Don't worry, I did all this research with nu-moot's blessing.

>highest IQ

>lowest IQ
>every board

No, it's true, at least for /sci/ (I haven't personally been to /his/). Half the threads are "Why god and love can't into real general" and the other half is homework help.

>a literal hugbox that discourages education because everyone has the same opinion

I'm decently """redpilled""" but Cred Forums is a waste of time.

Hahahaha no.
t. Cred Forums regular

>IQ thread

>look gais we're so superior my IQ is super high n sheit da IQ test told me after my 60th try

around 156

I can guarantee the average IQ of this board is pretty close to 100.

Knowing how to assemble lego and fizzbuzz in 2 languages doesn't make you any smarter than the other freshman cs students who browse facebook and reddit rather than this shithole


pretentiousness ≠ high iq

does Cred Forums hit a nerve with you :-)

>In fact, Cred Forumsiticians actually willingly educate themselves.
...with material that feeds their biases.

/m/ is. You just never mention it so newfags and highschoolers don't flood there.


This board is probably one of the lower ones due to the fact most don't know what they're talking about and it's just ironic shitposting mixed with shitposting.

The highest is probably lit sci and things like that. B is slightly below average because the shitposting and autism is the joke. Pol is just real racists surrounded by normal posters who are just politically incorrect, it's the whole joke, but actual Nazis and aspies go there thinking that people actually unironically want to gas Jews. R9k is quite low just due to the people that it's for. Mostly low because they're underachievers. T might be stupid as fuck just for even going there or wasting your time on a dead board... They just repost pirate bay links. CK might be the dumbest it's like b but food. Most of it is just fat women in real discussion and the rest is just memes and calling people fat when you see their reflection in a picture they have of their kitchen, but it's a doggy dog world over there.

Anime is just filled with weeb trash that can't wait for the next wolf girl game or whatever she's called. Umm maybe the niche anime NSFW ones but eh...

I don't know, Cred Forums in general is full of fucking retards.

Reminder that feminism is not needed in western society.


hey mr. above it all

That's definitely not true, I occasionally lurk it and peoples arguments consist of unironic logical points and counterpoints. I think one of the most heated arguments I've seen ended in "You raise a good point but I'm still not convinced." If that isn't a display of higher intellect then I need to go there to earn my rupees.

Why is the left so delusional?

tfw 80 IQ



if you define yourself as a liberal, your opinion doesn't count

IQ power tankings

Supreme leader of the world teir:

Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums
Cred Forums

Average teir:

Cred Forums

Below average teir:


Mild retardation teir:

Cred Forums

Gas yourself teir:

Cred Forums

Back to your containment Cred Forumsedditor.


obvious false flag

>posting in Cred Forums

gsa yuorslef

>xD your opinion doesn't count because i say so, that means I'm always right!

Another prime example of why Cred Forums is the lowest.

lit isn't pretentious...

>More traffick means lower IQ
By that logic /3/ and /po/ should have the highest iq.

They do.


thanks for proving my point

>he disagreed! he must be a filthy NEO NAZI from Cred Forums!

different political ideology ≠ low iq

>average ~110
>when hit should be much closer to 100

Here's the ones to seriously consider.

X - Paranoid mentally ill retards that actually believe it mixed with people that are normal and just like reading stories.

MLP - Literal manchildren and just complete losers.

S4S - 9gag by Cred Forums.

V - Video games are for children and the adults that have childlike tendencies so by definition it's filled with immature stupid people. The amateur developer threads really contain some morons. Just people wasting their time making a shitty 2D Game Maker Studio game who are so lost in their own head that they think they're the next Notch. They're like the programming threads here.

If I had to choose I'd say V is quite retarded just for the fact they won't fuck off from here. POL is just racist. B is just shitposting.

Who's "her"? Why are Cred Forumsedditors so obsessed with social media?

My IQ is 134, so yeah, I'm smarter than you.

>anime avatar fagging

ok that explains everything

Cred Forums is probably higher than you give it credit, and I don't even like those faggots. That's kind of what makes them so dangerous as a collective.

*dog eat dog world

You don't know what avatarfagging is, lurk more Cred Forumsedditor.

Cred Forums is full of tech savvy autistic people it's IQ range probably sits between 100 and 110

>unironically pay 50 quid to do Mensa IQ test
>my IQ is 119
>not allowed to join

they're all gay anyway


I think Mensa is a scam. I charged back my payment. Got 126 IQ score. I really don't think it's even remotely accurate though.

>anime avatar with the word "fag" in it

are you dumb?

yes (((tech savvy)))

This is a no anime zone

>tech savvy
>not just a bunch of pajeets and zipperheads trying to sell their shit

As someone with a relatively high IQ, IQs are dumb.

Should've done that, too, but iirc I paid cash back then.

Lots of autistic people were present, though.

Some dude showed up with his dad and loudly told everyone he made up an "orchestra symphony" in his head when you had to memorize a bunch of words

>she doesn't know that Cred Forums and reddit is two different things


>"IQs are dumb"
>t. high IQ person

why mention the last part then?

>sage in the name field

Haha, oh wow, what an idiot.


Cred Forums is marginally smarter than Cred Forums in 2% of threads.
>98% full retard

>posting a single image means I'm avatarfagging
Dumb Cred Forumsedditor.
Stop saging dumb Cred Forumsedditor.


You're really trying to prove your point, aren't you?

>different political ideology ≠ low iq

Says the person who thinks a """libtard's""" opinion doesn't count. Keep on doing those mental gymnastics.

Exactly. IQ is pointless anyways unless it's to show that you're a literal retard or someone with a real disorder. I know people that don't know basic math, but can create amazing things akin to DIY. I also know people who pretend to be smart for knowing how to program and listing to classical music, but they're the most insufferable socially retarded people I know.

Guess who is more liked? Exactly. Normal people are just better because they're just normal. You could say that that person was just stupid and wanted to seem smart, but all smart people I know always have some autistic features that are very noticeable and pisses me off.

reported for name shaming

>"Stop saging"
>does the exact same thing

you're truly laughable

I didn't say they are dumb just heavily biased

i'm actually not sure if you're baiting or not


> implying Cred Forumstards aren't biased
> implying anyone isn't biased

stop normalizing your retard behavior, making up results because someone disagree is delusional

>Projections and buzzwords
Try harder, faggot.

>"implying anyone isn't biased"
>"its ok because EVERYONE does it!"

for you maybe

I never said it was okay, I'm saying calling one group out for being biased while excusing another group's isn't okay.

i dont see any alt-right members here ranking /lgbt/ the board with the lowest IQ

so yeah, thats why i called them out because their presence here is obviously stronger

What's a good accurate site for testing your IQ?

IQ isn't affected by age.

are you saying they are... dangerous faggots?

man with highest recorded iq believes in god


>I really don't think it's even remotely accurate though.

Good for him. Religion teaches ethics and self-discipline, all athiests do is act smug and spread degeneracy.

You can't really test your IQ online accurately.

forgot to mention he uses his gift to try proving god is real

in this ITT thread: Cred Forumsays

>this thread
>every day

It's a hungarian flipbook website who cares?

IQ is dumb
This thread is dumb
I'm dumb for being baited

nice digits

Here there are your "scientists".

>special relativity

Nice anecdote bro

Sure you do you lyin namefag.

>not knowing HER


/tv is so retarded they can't even produce their own reaction images