Let's argue over software

Let's argue over software

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Isn't firefox much worse than Chrome or Opera atm? Why use it instead of Chromium or Chrome?

also put how many girls you've fukked

because there is no way that you're using opensuse and all that gay software and still fukked a grill

FF is comfy af.

OS: Gentoo
Environment: none
WM: awesome
Browser: firefox
Language: brainfuck
Text: vim
Torrent: rtorrent
graphick: inkscape
music: mpd + ncmpcpp

nigga plz

Tell me then, what software makes a girl wet

Python, C

Holy shit this was more work than it's worth

I think it looks nice. never crashed on me and it just works.

Is gimp wearing underwear because the ui shit it's pants?




No, an autist diaperfag makes mascots and logos in mspaint wearing diapers.

iOS 10


ayy lmao is windows only, but deadbeef is totally can replace it. +1 for nightly

No vimperator and no chrome.css file so this browsers are useless.

You fags realize you can download Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Suite 2 for free?


It's old as shit, but at least it isn't gimped by a terrible ui.


CS6 or bust.

That's only for if you own CS2. If you download it without owning it you're kinda breaking the EULA dude.

os: manjaro net
environment: n/a
wm: i3
browser: chromium
language: python
text: vim
torrent: rtorrent
graphic: gimp
music: mpd

>tfw ultra casual

OS: windows 10
Environment: Don't lnow what it is
Browser: Firefox
Language: Can't program
Text: Microsoft word
Torrent: Don't torrent
Graphics: Paint.net for intense meme making, microsoft paing for simple stuff
Music: Youtube
Video: Youtube/ windows media player
Backup: Don't backup

is dead

don't make me laugh

Is you want an alternative to Firefox then Vivaldi is a way to go.

Gnome3 cuts too many features that exist on Gnome2. Gnome3 is probably a good option for the people who don't care about that features, but the others like fans of Gnome2, think Gnome3 is clunky as hell. Thankfully, there is a fork of Gnome2 called MATE.



I see your running Gnome there.

>Let's argue over software

>t. c'uck

I'm not that poster but I don't really want anything from my WM/DE other than it to just work without much hassle, and look decent. 99% of the time I'm in either a browser or a terminal, so I don't need much configuration for my Windows. If I have more than 2 things up side by side, it makes more sense to just switch things into separate desktops than it does to require tiling or a feature-rich floating WM.

Gnome3 looks decent and works nicely, it isn't meant to fit /everyone's/ use case but I don't really understand the complaints since everyone on Cred Forums has enough patience and know-how to install something else from a minimal provision.

Just a reminder that as of 2016, Chrome uses the lwast amount of RAM of the major browsers.

ncmpcpp+mpd, Clementine
mpv, VLC
*drumroll* Google Drive
I backup just truly important stuff.

Please tell me you don't use CentOS and gnome 2 on your desktop at home.

Why?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? Why not Fedora? Why not anything else? I'm a systems engineer at work and I wouldn't ever do this.


W10 desktop, OS X laptop, Ubuntu server
DWM, Aqua, n/a
Java, C++
Sublime Text
rtorrent+rutorrent, utorrent 2.2.1
foobar2000, Vox, Plex
mpv, Plex
No backup, I live on the edge.

Only with CentOS my computer works well without any dags.

...bags, sorry.


bad torrent client
bad programming languages
bad music player
too many video players
bad text editors


Why do people always say this? I tried deadbeef, and it's like someone saw the default foobar, copied it poorly, and without any ability to modify or unfuck the design, and then released it as foss

Am I missing some super hidden settings?

OS: Ubuntu
DE: Gnome
Browser: Chrome
Language: Java
Text: Intellij/Vim for small stuff
Torrent: Transmission
Graphics: Gimp
Music: vlc/Spotify
Video: vlc

I'm a normie.

rate my shit famalamsenpaikun


DUDE i thought i was the only one who liked this combo of OS browser and language

hella friggin ep*c

Adam West is your language?

Props for Winamp.

Dat nostalgia...

Any cool and unknown text editor for me to try out?



I don't like it. I'm not satisfied with any of the main text editors (sublime, atom, vim, emacs)

emacs and vim require too much attention

OS: Win7
Environment: saem
Browser: chrome
Langs: Html, Css, PHP
Txt: notepad++, atom
Torrent: utorrent
Graphics:paint, PS,PP
Music: foobar2000
Video: MPC
Backup: HDD and 2 SSD's


Python (just started programming)
Sublime Text 3 and LibreOffice
GIMP (sometimes Krita)
rsync and hard drives

>gnu/linux distro

>actually calling linux like a retard with gnu

I like Macrium Reflect.


OS: Chrome OS

Environment: Chrome OS

Browser: Chrome

Language: Dart, Go

Text Editor: Chrome Dev Editor

Torrent: I pay a very affordable monthly fee for limitless access to the world's repositories, all organized without any effort on my end.

Graphics: Polarr, Adobe Photoshop

Music: Google Music

Videos: Google Movies

Backup: I live in the 21st century

vivaldi is no longer proprietary

> affordale wordl's repositores
Yes, but you still need to use torrent to get data from some of them.

Who are you quoting senpai

all oprea users please be weary the chinese own your browser

>windows 8.1

in the fucking trash, just get windows 10 your using a prototype

>not deluge

come on

>honest openminded qst
what makes awesome better that i3?
the preset layouts seem inflexible/impractical, does it have tabs, default statbar is uninformative
some /snoo/fag once said that awesome is superior because of lua. is it better than xmonad?

Why wouldn't you? Seriously. Bleeding edge matters to some for various purposes, but for the vast majority it is pointless and stable desktops are great. All the tools are there for basic usage and nothing ever breaks.

Chinese own all browsers, fag.

>just get windows 10
make me

your just using a buggy version of windows 10,why not get the full upgrade

i use deluge am i good


I'm not making a new one, go fuck yourself.

is gentoo really a meme?

your pretty good whats the music player though

Krita? My nigga.

foobar2000 drawn by myself

he is crying

Korean Child Porn.


thanks spain

you can get banned for that word if mods are having a bad day

Window$fag detected.


can't even be bothered

c, haskell
rtorrent (blegh)
imagemagick, krita
mpd, vimus

that's pretty cool

It's actually a nice but niche distro

It's kind of meme because it usually doesn't bundle an installer and installation is a huge timesink if you don't know what you're doing

OS-Slackware 14.2.


Browser-firefox (for now) And lynx where ever possible.


Text-Kwrite, kate or nano (whatever comes first).

Torrent-Dont torrent so whatever slack has stock.

Graphics-Dont do it but gimp i suppose.

Music-Audacious because stock and it does the job fine.

Video-Kplayer because stock and does the job fine.

Backup-Plan9 server through 9P or drawterm.

Orange W represents wayland.
Music one is supposed to be mpd + ncmpcpp.
Now I have some magical matters to attend to.

A better version

N/a (deaf)

Nice setup you got there
++For Windows 10!


Why are you not satisfied with them?

Running wayland non ironically

Successful posts proves wayland ran stable for more than 5 minutes....how is this possible ?

Wat. They're as minimalistic as you can get without sacrificing usability. No concentration-sucking mouse gesturing or distracting icons.


Recent GNU/Linux convert here.

Text editor is Emacs + Evil mode because modal editing is best and Org-mode is unrivaled as a GTD/todo manager and general outliner.

Music player: Planning on checking out mpd+ncmpcpp but haven't gotten around to it

Backup: Planning on checking out rsync and/or borg for all their fancy features and improvements.

You forgot your meme arrows
> using non ironically unironically

Wayland's Weston is incredibly stable I don't know what fucked up system you run, but on my pure unadultured LFS system it has never crashed.

Too lazy to hook up an extra hard drive so i put my shit on mega


OS: Arch
Environment: Metacity + Docky
Browser: Firefox
Language: English
Text: GEdit, nano, vim
Torrent: Deluge
Graphics: GIMP, gThumb
Music: VLC, DeaDBeeF
Video: VLC, mpv

What graphics program is that?

>Google Botnet open-source edition

You do not understand how much I hate you right now.


OS: Debian
Environment: MATE
WM: Marco
Browser: Firefox
Language: C
Text: pluma
Torrent: Transmission
Graphics: GIMP
Music: VLC


Why is this happeninf

1. You're using Fedora.
2. You're installing proprietary software.
3. Fuck off.

dont worry i fixed it anyway

so you fuck off

It just werks

I'm not a weeb though (I'm worse)

rate my generic thing.

Here are mine!!

I've been loyal to opera for about 6 years now with no complaints.

r8 mine please!

Can you translate
>my cat can shit on the floor
to ancient greek?

You're using an EVO for your backups? Are you clinically retarded?

If I had my dictionary here right now. It's been a while lol

Well I use it instead of a USB stick, so it has a small portion of my files as "backup" too.

>Windows 7 Ult.
>Looks like Windows 7
>Notepad, Notepad ++, LibreOffice, Wordpad
>Foobar 2000
>Flash drives and MegaNZ



neo-Cred Forums botnet kiddies need to get sum fuckin hair on your chests

C-can I circlejerk with you too, Cred Forumssenpai?

R8 and H8, this is my first non-windows post o7


OS: Win7 Pro
Environment: Win7 + Bug.n, Cygwin
Browser: Waterfox
Language: Looking to specialize in C, but I also have experience in Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, and PHP
Text: Mostly Sublime Text, but also Eclipse or Visual Studio when I need it.

Torrent: Transmission Qt
Graphics: GIMP
Music: Musicbee
Video: MPC-HC
Backup: Living Dangerously


>first linux
>using emacs
Are you trying to punish yourself? Just use Gedit.



what music player is that


Good choice
Ya dun goofed. Go get Ubuntu Gnome.
All browsers suck so w/e.
Scriddy pls learn a real language.
Vim is a better text editor.
Gets a lot of hate here, but it werks so vOv.
Must be nice to not have a job.

looking for a music player that has this album color theme like iTunes, i can't find a linux alternative


OS: Ubuntu
Environment: Unity
Browser: Google Chrome
Language: Python
Text: gedit
Torrent: deluge
graphics: gnome-paint
music: rythmbox, smplayer

everyone forgets the first h in rhythmbox


I'm under heavy ASMR right now. Spelling is almost impossible, anything complex and I am out of the game.

ooo tingles

This Japanese wench is killing me


What? Stable as fuck compared to KDE, Unity, and Cinnamon. Never had anything crash on GNOME or throw some random error message, which is more than I can say for those others.

seconded, gnome is fast, smooth and really stable


Knowing how stable Unity is (for me), and also knowing that Unity is a fork of gnome. Also being aware of how KDE never fails to mess up, and is overly complex, I would have to say that gnome is indeed the better DE.

Vaya, un español.

OS: Arch
Environment: lol
Browser: Chromium
Language: C
Text: Emacs for coding, Wordgrinder for writing
Torrent: Transmission
Graphics: GIMP
Music: CMUS
Video: VLC
Backup: I use a paper backup system. ollydbg.de/Paperbak/

OS: Arch Linux
Environment: Plasma
Browser: Firefox
Language: C++
Text: Vim
Torrent: KTorrent
Graphics: GIMP
Music: C* Mus
Video: MPV
Backup: -

You should be embarrassed.

Source for that Browser?

Onda vital papu :v


os: fedora
environment: gnome 3
browser: chrome
language: python
text: atom
torrent: qbit
graphics: gimp
music: mpd+ncmpcpp
video: mpv
backup: external

External SSD

>VLC for Music


Literally perfect. 10/10


So? ive used vlc before for webcam.
What of it?

Triggered subhuman.


i dont care anymore


R8 H8

dunno what scuffed template I was using

Herbstluftwm is honestly the best window manager


No it's still proprietary software with some added open source components. Nice try

i drink MSFT koolaide bc of job. not because I like it. (just a little sometimes)


y onedrive?

i'm a meme

nah youre just a basic ubuntu biatch

have google finally made a client for ubuntu?

os: slackware
environment: kde
browser: firefox
language: c or golang
text: emacs/sublime
torrent: can't be bothered
graphics: gimp
music: google play
backup: git or rsync

gentoo and windows 7
firefox nightly
c++ and bash
gimp and imagemagick for batch work
web browser


No reason in particular besides it's already installed on Windows. If I'm working on a team project and we're using Google drive or dropbox then i'll use that though.

I run KDE myself

I liked CentOS, more stable than Debian and KDE 4 is ok.

Ubuntu 16.04
Unity 7
2TB HDD, manual

How pleb am I, Cred Forums?


Just use Chrome. One more NSA backdoor can't hurt.

>win 7
>chromium on Windows


I only use Chromium because it doesn't have the annoying profile selector bullshit which you can't disable.

>inability to link posts


555First person I've seen mention hadoop or elasticsearch

>Windows 10
>Ruby, Python

thats would mean chrome > chromium, id like to know why...

Windoze fag

my template is better

yeah, guess hadoop stretches the definition, aside from spark or hive. but i've been working with them for a few years now


The only difference between Chrome and Chromium is the branding and the installer. Plus crash reporting, which is opt-out by default. Otherwise they're completely fucking identical when compiled from the same source, unless you choose to build it without sync or WebRTC or Widevine or whatever. The whole "botnet" meme really needs to die.

Windows 10 and Fedora
Gnome 3
Google Chrome (not Chromium)
Common Lisp and C++
Transmission on Linux and Tixati on Windows
N/A don't listen to music
only watch on Windows, MPC-HC
cloud services you fucking retard

web app

"Gmail & My own server"

fucking retard, Google Apps hosts your mail on their servers. domain != server.

porque no los dos?


mui rabioso :(

R8, H8, and B8!

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86_x64 April 2015

'Aero' but, actually using Classic theme + all shitty fancy animations turned off...

Went from Firefox to Chrome -- now using Waterfox -- they are all shite... would use IE11 but i just hate the way it renders and the lack of plugin support, but customization it is neck and neck with Firefox and its variants.


Emeditor and Notepad++

microtorrent version .20.4 and qBittorrent 3.7.7

Meh, Using PS7 (I ripped the ISO from school 'bout 12 years ago.)

Foobar, VLC, CCCP, Klite, Kmplayer, Winamp, and Xvid

Snapshot, 7zip to second internal WD 'blue' 5400rpm 32cache 4TB hard drive (stole this)

I never will upgrade.

>OS: Windows
>Language: C#
>Text: Visual Studio
>Music: Windows Media Player

You're a real Sherlock Holmes, user

>Meh, Using PS7 (I ripped the ISO from school 'bout 12 years ago.)



1.5/10 shit text editors. knownothing of languages. antiquated os, pirates software

ugh disgusting

you read it right, nigga. i can upload it for you if you want it -- serves my little niche editing purposes... i also use ms paint

>knownothing of languages
what? i happen to know sql, c, c++ and abap programming language for sap r3 systems.

What is wrong with Emeditor? other than raping the competition in every single way possible.

how the fuck is windows 7 obsolete when it is still supported? also don't distros of linux like debian have long term support cycles?



I like you.

It sounds dangerously close to "meme-editor", so it's not gonna cut it. Sorry.

It was released over 2 months ago, thereby it's automatically shit in every way. Don't you know anything about software development?

For some reason mpv stopped working well after El Capitan, lagging with high res videos. Now I have to use fucking VLC, but at least it just werks.

Also this is what I use at home. At work it's completely different, I use Windows and .NET there. Keeping the two separate lets me keep my sanity and avoid burnouts.



gmail AND my own server
i have 2 emails


this is scary

rate mine

Windows 10 with some virtualized linux distro
Chrome (I would like to use FF but it just doesn't work as reliably)
Python, C, C++, C#, Java
Notepad++, Word
If i ever use it maybe qTorrent
Gimp, Inkscape, Paint.NET
Custom-built server



Rate me :D


>deluge is python and slow
>qb is c++ with a python search engine
>prefering slow software over fast and better software

this used to be me a couple years ago (except for ruby)
play music is so slow and broken now, how do you still use it?

>using safari
for what purpose

What is the third browser?

Good album

Gentoo is an end game distro

Nothing wrong with those.

It´s a good european browser ¨Links¨. ¨Opera 12¨ is from Mageia, so it works very bad, but very fast. ¨Firefox¨ is my best.

I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I don't see the problem with it.
And everywhere I go people are like
>"lol you're using 8.1 wtf? just get win 10 like lmao xddd"
I see zero reason to upgrade to windows 10. prototype isn't and argument


son i am proud of you



I am sorry but you dont get to name shit because of few utils that 5 university students would done over single summer break in their basic form

Why do you guys prefer Firefox over Chrome?

stylish no google

can do tabs on the sides
with width of monitors its absolutely the best way to browse

Is a proprietary botnet.
Don't be fooled by shills, go for Chromium/Inox/ungoogled-chromium.

chrome makes my laptop fan turn on under normal use - firefox does not

>problems with controllers for fans
such is life of loonix users

what environment is that

well no DE it's i3wm I thought the drawing was gud ;_;

What environment do you use to code in C#?


copy cat

i used to code C# in windows when i was in high school so i used visual studio.



Good job

I didn't even read the thread until after I posted

>putting in bad drawings instead of pictures is such an original idea that only one person in the world could come up with it spontaneously

I was just trying to start a conversation in a playful manner. No harm intended. I actually rather like your drawings.

t- thanks

sorry user

>>using safari
>for what purpose
Battery life

No stress. How do you find slackware?


Come at me.


Laughed out loud at this


What theme is that?

>inb4 T R I G G E R E D

OS: Win 8.1 Pro, ParrotSec 3.1
Environment: Win 8.1 Shell, Cinnamon, Mate
Browser: Firefox, Tor
Language: Python (Some)
Text: LibreOffice, Pluma, Notepad++, MS Office
Torret: uTorrent (Windows), Transmission (Linux)
Graphics: GIMP, MS paint >FTW
Music: WMP, itunes, VLC
Video: WMP, VLC
Backup: 512GB 5400RPM HDD, 1TB OneDrive plan,

>OS: Void Linux
>Environment: none
>WM: swm + coreutils
>Browser: firefox
>Language: Scheme
>Text: emacs
>Office: LibreOffice
>Torrent: rtorrent
>graphick: gimp
>music: mpd + ncmpcpp
>cloud: ownCloud on VPS

I've been so busy between my internship in the summer and college starting up again that I've literally not changed a thing. My roommate pointed out that I hadn't changed my wallpaper in months when it used to be at least weekly.


There u go


>inb4 botnet


OS: Debian 8.5
Environment: Gnome 3
Browser: Firefox
Language: C primarily
Text: VIM
Torrent: Transmission
Graphics: GIMP
Music: QuodLibet
Video: MPV
Backup: Rsync

You should become an artist.

OS: Fedora
Environment: none
WM: Openbox
Browser: Chromium
Language: No preference
Text: Leafpad
Torrent: Transmission
graphics: GIMP
music: mpd + ncmpcpp
Video: mpv
Backup: Living life on the edge

popcorn time is a virus retard

If you use all of that shit just use Google drive or Mega.nz to back up.

OS : Arch
Environment : None
WM : Openbox
Browser : Firefox
Language : Python, HTML, CSS
Text : Vim
Torrent : deluge-console
Graphics : Photoshop on VM
Video : MPV
Backup : external HDDs

OS: Debian
Environment: GNOME
Browser: Firefox
Language: HTML5 & CSS3
Text: Gedit
Torrent: Transmission
Graphics: GIMP
Music: VLC
Video: MPV
Backup: I don't backup

>this fag can't actually program shit
>this fag can't rice his dicktop
>this fag doesn't backup his hentai
>this fag doesn't use arch or gentoo
>this fag isnt using chrome or opera
>this fag isnt using windows
>this fag is just one big fag

Main Desktop/Thinkpad

>OS: Ubuntu/Manjaro
>Environment: Unity (I'm ready for the (you)s, lads)/None
>WM: Unity/i3
>Browser: Firefox
>Language: I can barely handle HTML :^)
>Text: Gedit, Libreoffice
>Torrent: Deluge
>Graphics: gThunb
>Music: Clementine
>Video: MPV
>Backup: None

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>never even bothered with finishing it
also maki is better, I just posted something random from my img folder



my man

OS: Windows 10 / Debian
Environment: Cinnamon (For Debian)
Browser: Chromium / Nightly
Language: C# / C++
Text: Notepad++
Torrent: qBitTorrent
Graphics: Photoshop
Music: Spotify
Video: VLC

Too normal!!!!!

OS: Arch
DE: None / i3
Browser: Firefox-Aurora
Language: C++
Text: Vim
Torrent: Deluge
Graphics: GIMP
Music: mpd+ncmpcpp
Video: mpv
Backup: I live life on the edge without a backuo

What torrent client is that? Deluge?

jesus christ



Gimp or Ps in wine


You're an idiot. You can download pretty much anything for free. Doesn't mean it's legal.

You're kidding, right?
Since when has anyone ever cared about that?

The only good setup

>good setup

>Windows 7
>None, should set something up though.

Find a flaw.

>c++, javascript, vhdl, R
>kate, kile, qtcreator
>don't torrent
>tikz / kolourpaint

>Find a flaw.
I can't.

For what purpose are you using that proprietary shit?

It's the best Python IDE by a wide margin, fuck off freetard.

Time for you to learn vim. Otherwise, good job avoiding memes.


use a real os/language

git gud



fuck off mate you aren't my boss

>having a problem with sublime
user, maybe you really should shoot yourself.




Working software masterrace

>Working software


tfw when pleb


OS: Win8.1
Env: dwm
Browser: Firefox
Language: Some desktop stuff in c#, java. Web stuff in TypeScript/ng2, PHP Laravel
Text: vscode/sublime3
Torrent: qBitTorrent
Graphics: Photoshop
Music: Spotify/foobar2k
Video: mpc/VLC
Backup: Dropbox, ownCloud

gentoo testing
i3 (switching to sway soon probably)
firefox (mozilla-central)
money comes from javascript right now, but I like C (EE here)
vim, geany
rtorrent/rutorrent on NAS
i used to use photoshop, gimp is installed; haven't done much in a while.
mpd on NAS, ncmcpp
external drives

kill yourself hard

> uTorrent
> Winamp
> disco duro IDE

Mi negro.