ITT post shit you wish some company made that you can buy

>ITT post shit you wish some company made that you can buy

I'll start, naturally.

>14 inch IPS 1080p touch screen
>90wh battery
>4GB DDR4 2400mhz ram
>128GB SSD and a micro SD slot

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>4k 120hz 21:9 oled monitor

It'll happen one day......

Quantum computer

Gimme that but gsync and 16:10

The fuck is this
The fuck is that

An OLED computer display
Can be as small as 15"
Can be 4:3 or 16:10
Resolution can be as low as 1280x800 or 1152x864
Connector must be DVI or DisplayPort
No built-in scaler
Low input lag
Cost should be $500 or less

Oh yeah forgot to mention, refresh rate should be at least75Hz to 85Hz, though higher would be preferable

>4k 120hz 21:9 oled monitor
>wanting a 3840x1645 resolution monitor
for what purpose?

>I want cutting edge technology
>But I don't want to pay for it
Well, alright. Good luck with that I suppose?

I don't understand this.

What would you do on an atom that would require more than 4gb ram? My z3735f runs great on 2gb.

What's wrong with 16:9?

any monitor with edge to edge glass zero bezels and no logo on the front

5.5 inch phone, with stock android, front facing speaker, a micro sd card slot, and a removable battery (around 3500mah) and higher end specs

An android phone with a based 16:10 aspect ratio

An easily pocketable touch screen music player with an SD/micro SD card slot, Bluetooth support, and a long ass battery life

A universal controller that will support any console/PC with an adjustable switch with Wii u pro controller battery life

An RX 480 that is quiet. No fanboy war intended and mb if it happens knowing Cred Forums

>An RX 480 that is quiet

Red Devil, XFX GTR and MSI Gaming. There you go.

Samsung offers a tablet with a 2560x1440 OLED 10" display for about $500

If they gave me just the display with DVI interface I would pay $500 for that.

I blatantly told you im willing to sacrifice quite a bit in specs; 1280x800 aint cutting edge bruh

a nice monitor that is inexpensive, about 24" and oled

i have the bigger version
the display is just eye candy.

This user knows what's up

It has perfect black levels, which is pretty much the only reason I want an OLED display

Backlights are such a shitty regressive technology its not even funny

>shrunken torso


stock android smartphone
headphone jack (god i hate that i have to say it)
SD card slot
dual SIM
5" 1080p display (1440p at smartphone size is retarded and wasteful)
UFS support
low-ish megapixel cameras
huge ass battery
thicker design

A good phone with a keyboard
and no, blackberry is shit, you cant even root the priv


>4GB DDR4 2400mhz ram

I was going to say a walking fridge, but I see that it's been made.

kek, i always thought she looked like an ironing board

>5" screen
>1080p ips
>aluminum body
>dual front facing speakers
>removable body
>water resistant, as much as it can be
>3500mAh+ battery
>sd card slot
>dual sim
>good camera with ois, fully featured etc.
>on-screen buttons to save space at the bottom of the phone


removable battery*

im tired -- excuse my autism

>90wh battery
Got your 1200Wh battery right here

27" 4K 144Hz IPS monitor for less than $500

A brain.


bruh you just got a little too real for my feels

get your shit out of here

29" 3440x1440

monitor without any bezel

plastic > aluminum
sd does not respect your freedom

Don't bring the 16:10 autism to phones. Many phones are already too wide.

As for your requested music player, most Android phones with the SIM removed will have insane battery life, especially if you enable the power saving features on some of the new ones.

Removable battery and water resistance are mutually exclusive. Choose one.

A decent LTE-capable phone with a physical slide-out keyboard under $300

A wired mouse with builtin microsd card/storage reader that had a manual switch to turn the storage on.

>7 inch tablet
>big battery
>good screen
>decent amount of ram, like 3+ gigs
>sd card slot would be nice, or at least more than 32 GiB of storage

Seems like there really isn't that much market for smaller tablets, but I kinda like how I can stuff my small chink tablet the pocket on my jacket. Would definitely pay real money for one with better hardware, tough. Perhaps iPad Mini would be pretty close, but then again I haven't really seen one in person.

"4K" ultrawides are 3840 x 1600

GSM phone with USB-C, Qi, and an unlocked bootloader. I really don't care about its specs, as long as it's somewhat modern.

Water resistant phone with a pistol magazine-like battery loading.
With Sailfish OS

I can imagine a phone (thick one) with removable battery AND water resistance.
A small door on the bottom and durable battery case, you can easily reload the battery even in rain


Cheap PVMs.

But why?

4K 16:10 monitors
Bonus: with high refresh rate and freesync

I just want a X301 with modern specs. That's all

Android phone with quantum dot display

All Intel CPUs newer than Core2 are literal botnet

The X301 is fine as is

I kinda want a refresh of a

acer one happy

2.8 GHz proessor
8GB ram

2x USB 2.0
2x USB 3.0 or 3.1
1x USB C
1x VGA
1x SD reader
>720p display

At least 4hour life on battery

I would love that to bits and never sell it like ever.

in colours
Blue, red , green , black, white and gold.

Laptop with the classic thinkpad layout with a x5 Atom CPU with a 900p screen and a 9 cell battery.

I just want a 4K OLED with support for both GSYNC and Freesync. (Or for nvidia to stop being jews and make GSYNC work through DP like AMD)

I hate being chained to Nvidia because of my monitor.

>what is an S5

E-ink display with high resolution, high refresh rate and maybe colors


A phone with a big battery, no bloatware, nice screen and fast memery and fast RAM. All in a 5.5" format. It exists, probably, but it's either a samshit or one without updates.

a CRT HMD with 16k+ resolution
>and a cluster to feed it

I wish for a new company that beats nvidia, amd and intel in GPU technology so we can stop memeing

>Mobile Audio player
>Disposable battery powered
>uSD or SD card slot
>Basic LCD display
I'm going to have to make my own at this point...uhh

FOSS Windows 10 that respects muh privacy for $0

Xiaomi Redmi note 2/3 pro or newer. 150 euros.

Have a bit more fantasy next time.

Try to be reasonable at least.

Competent MS customer support package for my parents.


Why not Ubuntu mate?

Family tech support is not my idea of quality time.