Why haven't you installed the world's most advanced operating system yet?

why haven't you installed the world's most advanced operating system yet?

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You mean TempleOS? I don't know any other operating system capable of communicating with God.

But I did, my fellow Arch user.

can you do this on Windows? always wanted borderless windows.

why not homebrew screenfetch?

i have


Can you show a bit more sexually suggestive picture of a cute loli girl so other people on Cred Forums can bash on desktop threads and people in it even more? Thanks.

anime website


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B-but i did
also anime is trash

I-I am! (。>﹏

cute but not os x

I have nothing against anime, it's just other people on Cred Forums solely hate those threads because you post fucking images of drawn and potentially underage girls doing sexually suggestive things. Can you just open something else while taking the screenshot so we won't get that much hate?



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this, she's at least 1000

But i already have it

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but I already did, OP—actually you can't install anything but the worlds best operating system on my computer. it can't be done

nice phone choice lass

its a pocket computer because no one calls me on it except my mom

ia rhia rhw new desktop thread

ia! ia! desktop thread ftaghn


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Because I don't really care much for OSX. Though I do like the default theme, desu.
So is this the new desktop thread?


shhhh they'll hear you



I cant. its locked to certain hardware :(

>not using iterm

kys pedo

In what way is your OS more advanced compared to other operating systems?

i dont know how i own a think pad not a mac


The funniest part about Mac/Archfags is that they have the exact names you'd expect them to

"Dylan", "Josh", "Jordan", "Jake", "Noah" etc


"anime" as well

I am a Mac fag and even I couldn't defend that piece of trash file system.
>oh you have a Time Machine backup? Well we're gonna have to have you start from scratch every few months because our sparse file likes to get corrupted
This trash is on only usable if you have a meta backup

Hope the new file system will hold up.



>Linus Torvalds: Apple's HFS+ is probably the worst file system ever


he's wrong

My name is Shaquini.

I'll take the word of the guy that has made the most successful OS compared to that of a fruit supporter.

>he's wrong
t. unemployed neckbeard faggot

Pretty sure this is the new desktop thread so I'll leave this here