Firefox thread

Post your firefoxes and addons
old thread

also r8 mine but pls no h8 thx

Should probably think about removing firebug, the built-in inspector is pretty good these days.


Updated my theme so I don't need to enforce the broken dark theme



>emoji cheat sheet

no bully pls

>using firefox in 2016

i didnt think people were actually this stupid. chromium, brave, and even microsoft edge are all better and even perform better than that piece of shit right now.

for whatsapp web and shitposting on 4chans

Edge crashes all the time, barely any of the addons I want are on it, and doesn't handle many tabs well.

You have a case for chromium, but edge has a way to go.


>not using Firefox in 2016
Firefox has better performance than edge and chrome, not sure about chromium.

am I the only one using NoScript?

is it considered unnecessary as long as I've got my CommonSense add-on installed and updated?

i'm a purple bitch


ITT: We all post our addons but get no replies because we are all a bunch of selfish attention-seeking virgins
might as well join

uMatrix is the new NoScript.

it isn't, stop spreading lies.

I'm sorry. Let me correct myself. Everyone with even the tiniest bit of intelligence has switched to uMatrix.

please share your userChrome.css

>he can't get past panda

firefox thread ;^)

Because we mostly all use the same add-ons, with a very thin margin of difference.


can you post your stylish please?

How is ubuntu dealing with high-dpi?


will XP users be blocked when electrolysis goes live next version?

I think this is the one he is using
userstyles dot org/styles/105352/moko-firefox-theme

Mind sharing your CSS?

Bestest browser.

saucenao addon maybe better for reverse image search, specially if you are into anime, even if not, it allows adding custom search engines

Didn't know about saucenao, thanks for the tip!

how do I make firefox use my native OS close/minimiz/maximize buttons?

yes it is

also this

>not umatrix


Fuck... This is obsolete. I'll have to make a new one. Sorry guys.

>all these people using video downloadhelper
>not using the superior jdownloader or yt-dl

Or you know, just go to and watch it there

who needs to watch videos on the browser when I can stream to mpv or even vlc


Better than most, but it's mainly through hacks.
I recommend it now

why umatrix + noscript?