How are chinkphones so much cheaper?

How are chinkphones so much cheaper?
How can Oukitel sell a quad core phone with a HD screen for only $40?

Are they selling at a loss for marketing purposes? How much does shipping cost?

How did doogee do it for 50 dollars last year?

How come you can get nice chinkphones for only a hundred dollars, but non flagship western phones suck so much more despite being more expensive?

Because everything is made in China? Idk.

less middlemen

> tfw ordered a chinkphone through fellow chinkwhisperers
It was okay, I guess, pretty cheap for what it is.

mediatek is way cheaper than snapdragon

Most of the western phone cost inflation comes from advertising. Apple & Samsung, but also other companies, in general, pay a lot of money on advertising, so that they come in green they raise the money for the phone by a lot. Typically this could even double the price of the product.
Chinkphones don't really get advertising.

99% sure that the phone will break in ~3 months.

Cuz they don't invest millions into marketing as applel or Samshit does, their providers are practically next door, chinks are able to create some decent stuff cuz they do a lot of reverse engineering with Western products

Because you have a free botnet that comes with it and a small detonation timer that breaks your phone after 6 months

>no customer service
>no warranty or returns
>no marketing
>no need to pay for IP and patents
>no updates

You're going to have lower QC standands which means better yields or using less expensive practices, or buying lower grade parts. Samsung or Apple might use the highest grade panels they can, while the Chinaphone might have the same panel but a lower grade, or a lower grade battery. You also don't have to pay for advertising, or R&D. Samsung as a whole for example spent 13.4 billion in R&D or 6.4% of sales in 2014, and Chinese companies cut a lot of that out.

this plus all the marketing stuff people already mentioned.

also they don't invest in r&d like samshit and applel.

pure manufacturing is insanely cheap. its everything else that leads up to manufacturing that costs money.

1. Cheap, very cheap labour force
2. 0 marketing
3. Chink parts are put in most phones, so non-chink companies have to first buy them from China and then sell them to make a profit, thus greater price.
4. They don't update often.
5. They have a poor tech support.
6. Majority of brands are made to die after the warranty ends (popular example is ZTE)
7. Cheaper and less reliable parts.

Oukitel is one of the few chink companies which come with good warranties and certificates.

If you haven't noticed how stuff with a popular brand is more expensive then you're probably underage. For example, a shoe costs $5 to manufacture, and would be sold for $30 to cover the other expenses and make a profit, but if you put a popular brand on it it's price doubles at least.

1. Economies of scale: they piggyback off their existing production lines for the major manufacturers
2. They focus on buzz words like core count (core count doesn't mean dick if your IPC sucks or you're running at 1GHz)

>Because you have a free botnet that comes with it
This applies to every modern phone.

I'll pick Chinese botnet over American botnet every day though.

Yep, their secret police are way over there.

Not quite a 50 dollar phone but my honor 5x seems pretty sweet at 170 including the fancy flip case and a pre installed screen protector. It might bog down a bit switching apps like YouTube and navigation but it runs fine, nice screen, decent camera, and great battery life. I've had it for about 8 months now and its still banging.

Because you are willing to pay the price.

Using my honor 5x right now, did you switch to CM13? If not I highly suggest it, all stuttering disappears

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instead of catching fire in ~1?

Cheaper labor.

Just my opinion but if the OPM incident is anything to go by, I wouldn't be surprised if China was selling bugged shit.

cheaply made some have trouble surviving the shipping

Middlejew is cut out. Consumers get products cheaper and at the same time the chinks can earn more for the same labor.

Low quality materials, literally no QC and no support at all

Seriously, all other mainstream manufacturers use Gorilla Glass or maybe Dragontail, but I doubt those chinks use anything that can survive three drops

They cheap out on everything that can't be quantified in a single number on a spec sheet.

Is that it?

oukitel doesn't support verizon's bands right?


Sucks, but they'll work in most countries except America.

>How can Oukitel sell a quad core phone with a HD screen for only $40?
Ever had a $5 steak dinner? Was it as good as a $200 steak dinner?
I'll guarantee the $200 one wasn't 40 times as good as the $5 one.

CDMA chink phone when?

That's true, but when it comes to CPU power, unless you're into gaming I don't think the average user would be held back by any quad core SoC.

Still, here in aus you can buy $150 phones that aren't even HD.

LeTV LeEco Le Max 2 ?

who the fuck uses cdma lmao

>made in China

So are all other phones

Lol no

Kek look again

How do I get a gf like this?

>Western Phones

Ahahah where? What company please tell me about all these western phones such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer, ASUS, LG and so on...

There one single company in the west that makes good phones and thats Apple and Google I mean motorola..

Nokia is dead, Siemens is dead, Alcatel is dead...

You're dead kiddo

Motorola is chink now cuz belongs to Lenovo, also Alcatel is chink to, below to tcl. Apple is Western but the iPhone is manufactured in China so it's a chink phone too

only developing countries manufacture hardware. The real money is in services and software, which has a hell of a lot less liability, toxic sludge, resources to gather, and air to smog up.

Just look at the top twenty richest people in tech. Noone get their hands dirty in slave labor production. Only the barbarians are given that task.

>No headphone port
In the trash it goes

Face, height, frame.
Money can help as well.

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Legitimate question.

they are riddled with chinese government spyware. its is counter-ops to NSA's proliferation of Google/Facebook/Apple data harvesting.