What's the best music player for mobile Cred Forums?

What's the best music player for mobile Cred Forums?
I've been messing with poweramp and blackplayer and can't decide what I want.
What do you use on your phone?

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Nice UI, good customization.
Highly recommended.

foobar mobile is getting there. It's the only mobile player that plays SOME obscure video game formats, but not all of them yet (which PC foobar2000 does brilliantly)

music players on Android are garbage

Stock music player is fine.


why no music player play http media links?

is there are some music player that can play do it, or even play files from a samba server?

mx player and vlc can do it, but they are video player and the interface is shitty for music.

I either use the stock player or VLC since I use it to watch shows anyway.

But more importantly, I love your background picture. Can you share it?

Yeah here's the one I didn't crop

Groove music

Had no idea there was foobar mobile. I use that on my PC so I think I'm gonna get that and mess with it and see if I can find or make a cool theme

You are a god among men, thank you.

As to further explain my previous statement, I always believed that if the tools that came with your device did what you wanted them to do without any drawbacks, you should try and use them since they're probably the cleanest experience you'll be able to find. So if the stock player works out for you, you should use it.

another gay thing about Foobar Mobile though is that they're being faggots and only distributing it on GooglePlay Store.

I wish to god it were on F-Droid.

Also if you want more similar images these were drawn by the author of Scott Pilgrim. This is a character from a new book he's working on. He posts a lot of drawings and sketches on his Twitter @radiomaru

Probably a silly question but why doesn't foobar display all of the album art but my files have the art on then?

GoneMad Music Player is the best I've used. Foobar2000 on Android has a ways to go before I'd replace GMMP with it.

Its lightweight, gets the job done and doesnt have any shady permisions

I've been using poweramp since thay one, doses blackplayer suppost navigation by folders?


With the paid version you can


google play music.

VLC player. It is good for both Audio and Video.

Objectively(as in "actually playing music") - Neutron.


Neutron looks like shit but it's the best at playing music by having plenty of dsps, streaming support, can sort by album artist, supports every audio format + replaygain for said formats, handles .cues, the only player on Android with a parametric equalizer and some more shit that I've never used like usb dac support.

Google play music

Is it still a clunky pos?


Xperias alone are worth it for that excellent stock music player

Try AIMP. It's fast af and has also a separate remote control app, so you can contol the computer app from your phone.

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>having plenty of dsps

Read posts above yours faggot

I also started using this after Apollo wouldn't stop shooting itself in the head.

Haven't had a reason to look around since.


What I personally use, there are a lot of similar players that pretty much do the same.

Google Play Music. I joined when it was still in beta and have a reduced price, plus it includes Youtube Red, which means no ads and shitty bonus videos nobody wants to watch

>paying to remove ads
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