Yo Cred Forums, is there a cheap GPU just for internet browsing, watching videos and Office? No gaming

Yo Cred Forums, is there a cheap GPU just for internet browsing, watching videos and Office? No gaming.

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m.newegg.com/ProductList?keyword=gt 710

Get the cheapest APU you can find

They're called integrated GPUs and they come with your CPU if you don't cheap out on it.

I already have a CPU, I just need a cheap GPU to run this computer.

Does your motherboard have a vga, hdmi, or dvi slot on it?

it's 2016. every CPU in markets includes an internal GPU chip that probably fits what you want to.

nop, no video slots

It's a 5 year old CPU

Ok buy the cheapest shit video card you can find.

Or get a newer motherboard an cpu

I may buy a new motherboard and CPU. What do you think my budget could be? For what I've said, 0 gaming.

You will probably want something with decent hardware acceleration. Assuming you will be buying new...
gt 710
m.newegg.com/ProductList?keyword=gt 710

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But isn't this GPU for gaming too?

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I've just assumed it because I've seen a YT video of someone playing GTAV with it.

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Core i3.

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GT series is the low end NVIDIA cards. Don't listen to the guy suggesting it if you're buying a new motherboard/CPU. Look at AMD's AM1 platform, aka Kabini.

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Thank you everyone for the responses, I'm gona go for the GT 710

Not my fairly recent i7 5820K, or any X99 chipset CPU afaik

new build with amd a10

Very very good


i3 (6th gen, they are efficient as fuck). No dedicated GPU, SSD (very important, a normal HDD uses about 12Watt. A SSD uses miliwatts (or less) when idle and not more than 1-2 (maybe 3 at most) when using. An efficient PSU would be good too.

and many many more

What cpu are you running?

chrome book

buy a chromebook op