Finnish-British hacker Lauri Love faces trial in USA

Lauri Love has lost his court case against extradition to the US to face hacking charges.

Love was indicted in US courts in 2013 after it emerged that he had hacked into servers at the Federal Reserve, NASA, Missile Defence Agency and the US Army as part of hacker group known as Anonymous.

He and his doctors have consistently argued in extradition hearings that he should not be extradited to the US from his home in south-eastern England because he suffers from Asperger syndrome and depression. Love has repeatedly told the media that he would rather commit suicide than face trial in America.

He could face up to 99 years in jail if convicted in a US court. He is likely to be charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse act and to face federal trials in New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

Love's assistants maintain that his life would be in danger if he was extradited. They intend to appeal the decision, which would be heard at the Ministry of Interior.

The case against him in Britain, where Love is also a citizen, has not moved foreward.

99 years for hacking. Seems absolutely reasonable and not irrational at all.

Fucker should be glad he's not getting death penalty.

He should say in the UK, if he goes to the US the government will say he he is suddenly 'missing'

I don't think you know what extradition is

Looks like one of those fags from the /fa/ meetup.

Is the goal just to have these people sudoku or do they genuinely want to put them in prison for a million eons?

What damage did he do? Did he release any classified information?

Those groups get the shit hacked out of them all the time so I guess they want to make an example of him.

CIA conspiracy to kill autists is in full swing

>hacker group known as a anonymous.
He doesn't ACTUALLY associate with them does he? If he does he should be executed or jailed for life for being a stupid little Skid.

ah yes that's the main focus you should have on the story

Welcome to America where the court system is fucked beyond belief

I can't wait for the day corporations are responsible for egregious security practices. Some of the onus needs to be on them and fines need to be enforced. Unfortunately I will have been dead for many years before this happens.

So, a UK citizen kidnapped by the US? Is that an act of war?

Yeah, anybody who associates with a l33t h4x0r group and doesn't just do their own thing fucking deserves to get caught for being such a cock sucking faggot.

>Federal Reserve, NASA, Missile Defence Agency and the US Army

>finnish hacker replaces all the US missile defence plans with pictures of spurdo
ebin :DDDD


Good riddance

>Have holes crucial financial, aerospace and missile defence systems like its swiss cheese
>Kid gets in
>hurr lock him up for good

His only mistake was associating with anonymous but he is autistic

They won't care about one citizen.

He could have reported the flaws to them.

That's just as bad a Geohotz blackmailing Sony for a job.

>Computer Fraud and Abuse

Off topic I know, but wasn't Shillary doing the same thing with those "emails".

I don't give a shit about Lauri, but it is absolutely fucked up extradition covers laws not committed in the country that wants to extradite you. I doubt this will change until a US citizen faces extradition to the UK for an internet law that doesn't exist in the US.


>He could have reported the flaws to them.
And most probably get jailed any way.

Every system has holes. Abusing zero days just because they exist in software doesn't make it ok.
He deserves the punishment

UK probably has the most totalitarian """cybercrime""" laws of the west. His mistake was staying in the UK.

Surely there is a government program that let's you report flaws.

He could have jumped into an embassy.

>the Federal reserve

And this is where he fucked up

How stupid do you have to be to hack into all those networks and get caught?

Of course. Perhaps that's what this guy should use as a defence then. He'll get off no problems...

Well that's the theory at least.

Probably ratted out, happened when they caught the LulzSec guy.

Let me rephrase Xer question.
How stupid do you have to be to hack into all those networks and telly anybody associated with a "hacking group" anything about you'real personality?

>hacked into servers at the Federal Reserve, NASA, Missile Defence Agency and the US Army
>clearly brilliant mind in a certain area
>absolutely retarded in everything else

Autism is such a shame.

>Hacking missile defense, us army
Treason is punishable by death, barbaric or not

>fuck with the USG
>cry like a bitch when they fuck you back x100 harder

He's going to end up in an easy white collar prison camp if he plays his cards right

Why are Uber 1337 hax0rz always leftists?

Because they are misguided by a fundamental error in thinking: mathematical right/wrong must be completely distinguishable from human right/wrong, something most forget easily in the mass that is mathematics and computer science.

You have to retain your humanity if you wish to achieve fulfillment, and fulfillment is what all aspies lack because of thought dysfunction on many levels due to lack of ability to distinguish these things

See: existential depression in children with high IQ

but he is not american.

Terrorism, then.

The indictment says he broke into these networks and then placed backdoors so he could come back to them later and steal the personal information of former and current government employees. The guy is a scumbag. Probably wont even get 99 years either but I think he deserves a lot.

>unironically hacking the us government
i mean what the fuck did he expect?


>tfw you have non-ironically been depressed all your life and you where the generic smart but lazy kid
fighting off nihilism feels like a full time job

>you where
y-you too