Tfw I'm an audiophile with golden ear but the other normies can't understand me

>tfw I'm an audiophile with golden ear but the other normies can't understand me

I bet you use your rare ubermensch diamond ear to your advantage and make loads of money in one of the worlds top audio companies, right? Right?

If I had those speakers, I'd constantly be worried the guy from clockwork orange would break in and start beating me with them.

> Calls himself an audiophile
> Not installing electricity poles because for the better quality

Why aren't the two speakers identical?

This triggers my autism.
How am I supposed to listen to such autism triggering a-symmetrical speakers?


Remember when horns were cool here? Everyone just recommends JBL plastic shit.

I'd rather see someone try and build a clone of these with those cheap fostex full range drivers than the constant headphone threads and JBL shilling

>not using cable risers to keep them off the floor

Fucking pleb.

>Remember when horns were cool here
That was just 1 unbelievably annoying tripfag and his sidekick shilling for horns.


>Not enjoying horny

JBL are decent (old and new), audiophile hate JBL only because it's mainstream...

valves, stopped reading

>no TV at the center
Do they just stand at the middle and "listen" to music all day?

Yes you pleb. You don't have a dedicated listening room? Poorfags

No, the JBL's 305/8 are just fucking shit.

It's plastic garbage with a bass port which means your bass resonances way too much. If you don't want quality that's your choice, but stop fucking shilling them.


At that point its like more like treating every piece as a sacred object in a temple. The percieved increase in sound quality comes from within yourself because you have made the gods happy.

What's not identical about them?

I'm more concerned those plants aren't audiophile quality,

are you ricardo villalobos?

pic related

>No matter how much placebo you buy, your hearing will only get worse.

Dumb boomers.

>golden ear

No such thing exists.

Absolute pitch exists

>amplified 305/8 = all JBL speakers

Holy fuck

>Heaving loss

The colors of the smaller ones stick out to me

>there are people on Cred Forums right who claim to be audiophiles who STILL don't use brilliant pebbles

>like treating every piece as a sacred object in a temple
At the price point you better do.

>accidentally tip some lightbulb box
>you've just destroyed a Ferrari


>mfw i'll never be able to feel those sweet, sweet golden ear sounds

wanna buy a golden XXL buttplug that makes the mid ranges cleaner by grounding the small electrical noises in your body? Only $25M

>he didn't build himself a sound proof bunker deep underground powered by geo thermal energy to remove himself from all the electro magnetic pollution from the overworld only to listen to perfect flat tones for hours on end

Guys will a sound card make a difference? I got a soundblaster Z and am thinking of getting some type of setup.


>tfw the cat has a better live than you

Its not fucking fair11!!



What headphone are those?

>cat hair on your lack of cable stands

Ultrasone Edition 10 or 12