Desktop "hread:
post your screenshots in this ITT

Is it time for love already

sauce on wallpaper?

is this the new desktop thread

No those are banned.

This is something different.

This is a teskDop bread


shit, I meant


im just trying to discuss technology on Cred Forums (▰˘︹˘▰)

> (OP)





i i-is this where i pos tmy desktop




you use a hackintosh right? was it hard to set up?

upload background? google returns nothing

>you use a hackintosh right?

>was it hard to set up?
No. Just need compatible hardware. I also use clover bootloader nowadays. Buy a bluetooth and a wi-fi dongle (also need to be compatible with mac). Rampagedev helped me a lot when I was a noob.


Why the ancient kernel version?

You slut I love your desktop

It's piss easy if you have an Intel motherboard and Nvidia card. Just use Multibeast and official Nvidia drivers (yes, Nvidia makes drivers for OSX, and they work fine with Clover).

the cpu cycle font process is more aesthetic


What panel? Tint2 or something else? Can you post your config for whatever it is? I especially like the temperature indicator and the cute icons.


sony DASHBOARD-git
it's hard to find these days thoguh

Hey is this the chatroom?

>SJW OS and dykes

if u want to chat with qties in your area go to the /trash/ thread


How many PPI do you need for that to not look like shit?