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PROPER Thread Edition - HDB Rulez

Garbage old thread: >New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions

>If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

>What.CD interview info:
whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

>Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:

Use as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time and you should just interview at What.cd

Other urls found in this thread:


>tfw on AHD WCD PTP and BTN
>tfw /setforlife/

Enjoy your botnet.

...there's your problem m8

>tfw on OT
>tfw /setforlife/

AHD has the best internals if you ignore ZQ

>curry tracker

OT is the next HDB.

>tfw on sukebei.nyaa
>tfw /betterlifethanu/

Oh you mean like BL0AT-Z0N3? Nah, the only decent (not good) internals it has are the few who also post on HDB, because they actually have a clue of what they're doing.
Only on AHD you see 1080p encodes with 80% of the source bitrate, not just pointless but straight up retarded.
Not my problem if you actually enjoy that shit, but please don't come here selling that bullshit.

I suggest you look up the definition of curry, as in spices. OT may be shitty but it ain't curry

Best alternative to PTP? Need more time on my WCD account to request an invite. I'm looking at TehC, but is there a better one?

AHD and TehC

80%? What kind of bitstarved eye cancer do they have over there?
This is a proper encode.

Wait however many months you got left, can't be too long. It's not worth it to waste building buffer on any other movie site (except for HDB ofc)

>tfw 4 months left
No joke, I'll be a Torrent Master by then

>waste building buffer
there's nothing wrong with TehC and AHD user.
PTP is just good for SD content

Do you have ANY idea of what you're talking about? Guess not
Anyway, the point still stands, AHD encodes are bloated and if they aren't then they're already on PTP/HDB

>he thinks Blurays are Hi10p.

>PTP is just good for SD content
It's literally the best film site to exist at the moment and most probably for several years to come, no point in settling for something inferior for a few months.
Nothing wrong with TehCurry or bloAtHD, they're just don't come even close unless you're a complete pleb, in which case IPT will do just fine.

>10bits in current year (exception may be cartoons)
>m2ts container for no reason
no idea what that garbage is, but it's definitely not something worth snatching in any possible scenario

there is a point user: getting releases to cross seed once in ptp
you won't find old BDs on ipt

Ehhh... if you really have time to waste.
I never understood the cross seeding meme unless it is for really hard to seed trackers, and PTP is definitely NOT one of them

If you download something from one site and you have the files just sitting there you might as well cross seed them. It takes no time at all.

It's Free Buffer

that's like saying you'd wait months doing nothing, makes no sense

>not cross seeding the torrents you've already snatched

>being on trackers that have files from other trackers
All you need is a music, tv, movie and game tracker. What else is there?

>he plays gaymes

I would very much appreciate it if someone with access to what.cd could just check if there is a good and recent selection of Swedish Audiobooks.

Just have a look if there's recent releases of globally popular books in swedish. Not necessarily made by swedish authors.

I'm having great trouble finding anything like that on open trackers nowadays. There are great online services but my mother is only adept at using ipods.

>he doesn't

I prefer HDBits because there is no hit and run. I have a 20TB buffer that will last me my entire life probably.

Also the PTP staff are a bunch of circlejerkers. Not saying that because of the beef between people of this thread and them, just in general.

There are 45 swedish audiobooks atm but you could probably request anything you like and it will get filled eventually.

Oh I also prefer HDB to anything else, I just didn't mention it in my post because it's out of reach for 99% of people

Doesn't sound like a lot but you mean the request feature is that strong in there? Sounds kind of unbelievable honestly.

As long as you add enough GBs, yes. If we are talking many files tho, it would be better to find a specialized site that deals with that, not necessarily a pvt. tracker

People do anything for the bounty as long as the material is easily accessible.

>The Thing 1982 1080p 2in1 Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Karloff
>The Thing 1982 1080p 2in1 Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Karloff
>The Thing 1982 1080p 2in1 Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Karloff
>The Thing 1982 1080p 2in1 Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Karloff
>The Thing 1982 1080p 2in1 Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Karloff

The Thing Collectors Edition is finally here, guys!

Over 80GB of stuff including never before seen extras.

Now on PTP and HDBits.

Special Features

• NEW 2K Scan Of The Interpositive Supervised And Approved By Director Of Photography Dean Cundey
• NEW 4.1 Audio Mix Created From The Original 70MM Six Track Dolby Stereo Soundtrack (5.1 Audio Mix Also Included)
• NEW Audio Commentary With Director Of Photography Dean Cundey
• NEW Audio Commentary With Co-producer Stuart Cohen
• Audio Commentary By Director John Carpenter And Actor Kurt Russell
• Teaser Trailer (1 minute)
• Theatrical Trailers (U.S. And German) (5 minutes)
• TV Spots (1 minute)
• Radio Spots (2 minutes)
• Still Gallery (Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Posters And Lobby Cards) (15 minutes)

fuck off and /marked/


• NEW Requiem For A Shape Shifter – An Interview With Director John Carpenter In Conversation With Mick Garris (28 minutes)
• NEW The Men Of Outpost 31 – Interviews With Keith David, Wilford Brimley, David Clennon, Thomas Waites, Peter Maloney, Richard Masur And Joel Polis (51 minutes)
• NEW Assembling And Assimilation – An Interview With Editor Todd Ramsay (11 minutes)
• NEW Behind The Chameleon: The Sights Of THE THING – Interviews With Visual Effects Artists Peter Kuran And Susan Turner, Special Make-up Effects Artist Rob Burman, Brian Wade And Stop Motion Animators Randall William Cook And Jim Aupperle (25 minutes)
• NEW Sounds From The Cold – Interviews With Supervising Sound Editor David Lewis Yewdall And Special Sound Effects Designer Alan Howarth (15 minutes)
• NEW Between The Lines – An Interview With Novelization Author Alan Dean Foster (16 minutes)
• NEW Back Into The Cold: A Return To The Shooting Locations Of THE THING – An Animated Photo Gallery Narrated By Todd Cameron.
• NEW The Art Of Mike Ploog Gallery (12 minutes)
• John Carpenter's The Thing: Terror Takes Shape – A Documentary On The Making Of THE THING Featuring Interviews With John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, Special Effects Make-up Designer Rob Bottin, Legendary Matte Artist Albert Whitlock Plus the Cast and Crew (80 minutes – SD)
• Network TV Broadcast Version Of THE THING (92 minutes – SD)
• Outtakes (5 minutes – SD)
• Vintage Featurettes From The Electronic Press Kit Featuring Interviews With John Carpenter, Kurt Russell And Rob Bottin (13 minutes – SD)
• Vintage Featurettes – The Making Of A Chilling Tale And The Making Of THE THING (14 minutes – SD)
• Vintage Product Reel – Contains A Condensed Version Of The Film With Additional Footage Not In The Film (19 minutes – SD)
• Vintage Behind-The-Scenes Footage (2 minutes – SD)
• Annotated Production Archive – Production Art And Storyboards, Location Scouting, Special Make-up Effects, Post Production (54 minutes – SD)

>not mentioning the real source at BitHQ
come on now

>using BitHQ


>specials: Commercials for a product I already have and commentary I'll never listen to since I'm not going to watch the movie 4 times.

is SHD worth joining

try and find out :^)

Not really, the SD format is already in the grave. Besides, PTP has a better selection as far as that goes.

>Scene 720p HDTV comes out 10 minutes after major weekly TV episode airs
>P2P 720p WebRip comes out 24 hours after air
>Internal 720p WebDL comes out 6 days after air

I fucking hate this shit, why the fuck do I need to wait so fucking long for a webdl? These piece of shit user groups are so bad for releasing within an acceptable timeframe

why don't you just watch tv then fucko

>tfw invited to HDB because of the quality of my PTP encodes

>low quality encode
>network watermarks
>fade to black ad breaks not cut
>censoring swear words

No thanks, don't wanna subject myself to shit when I know the WebDl source is available from the time the HDTV releases are out. It just takes these users/groups upwards of a week to release it in some cases.

Nobody cares you fag

cause those shows are not available to download right after they air?

This guy is SUCH a cuck. His tracker is shit too

It only takes less than 24 hours for a WEB-DL or Amazon rip to come out for me. What shit show are you watching?

How does one into OppaiTime? I need muh big anime tiddies.

The groups don't control when services make episodes available for download.

I want to join, but I keep my porn encrypted so seeding would be too much of a hassle.

who the hell is that

either go to the IRC and ask for an invite or join through recruitment at AB, WCD, etc.

cook has kids? weird.

Do they have any requirements or can literally any nigger go to the irc and ask for an invite?

Probably 2 ratio proofs or something

I joined many months ago through IRC, and basically you have to tell them if you're on any other PTs, if you know what kind of content OT has, and agree to something like uploading at least 1 video. However I also heard that they've been trying to get most people to join through the official recruitment threads, but you may still be able to join through IRC.

>falling for the pt meme
You cant make it up

dickhead mod on baconbits

>being this jelly

>inb4 what do you expect from a redditor
glad i'm not into BullshitBits, fortunately specialized trackers exist

when will redditBits reopen recruitment?

You're The Worst, Suits and The Last Ship are all really bad for this.

>got myself marked in the first week of being on AB
I don't give a fuck, I follow all the rules.

they won't

they don't need to

I'm trying to cross-seed but literally every fucking public tracker unrars their releases

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>mom, i posted it again!

So do most (non-scene) private trackers, because the scene rules on archiving everything is ridiculous.

Pro tip: you can unarchive content then cross-seed the files.

they better or else i'm gonna be mad and punch a pillow

you should have done it last year instead of memeing on Cred Forums

I didn't start using PTs until January of this year

They stopped recruiting in February. You fucked up, son.

no m8

If PTP died where would everyone go?

Anybody know if Avistaz prohibits sharing movies to other sites?

Whatever the next meme site is

you can ask the same question about any tracker in the holy trinty +1. it's always the same answer

They have no rules against it as far as I know.


y? Seems like it'd be a cool collection to have

I only have 3tb of space left.

AHD until I can get into HDB

You'd think there'd be an easy, non-uploader route into the site but apparently not. Not even from rare shit like DB9 kek

Keep suing TehC until someone makes PTP v2. Hell TehC might actually become PTP if PTP were to die.

Is BTN really a honeypot tracker?

You don't just need a new site, it's about having a good community that elevates it to something special above the rest. If PTP were to die the same people would create it all over again. But PTP isn't OiNK and nothing is happening anytime soon.

Since when was that a thing?


Pls elaborate

it's literally run by the feds

Since he gave up on getting an invite.


Fucking faggot, it's not that hard

Stop getting trolled you fucking idiot

nevar forget


*le uplarsie*

ugg i want to bury my face in tehlarsie's ass!

daily reminder

>seed things for a while on ahd
woah that was hard

what are you reminding me about

don't you mean nevar forgetti?

>they don't know who derpta is
>they don't remember him posting his passkey in this thread
smdh tbqh familly

>in which PTP staff member gets more and more aggressive and retarded as he gets steadily rekt by a weeb porn tracker staff member


>shilling a dead as fuck tracker

HDB isn't dead

Just unlock the hdd and it will seed


>that fucking awful jpg compression
Come back when you can take a screenshot better than a 13 year old girl on facebook

What is the problem?

>haha look at these faggots they actually have content on their tracker
What's your point user?

wow, that's a lot more activity than i expected on such a small tracker

It's mostly 2 or 3 people uplading but yeah

fuck off spaghetti

I'll be uploading some thicc javs sometime this weekend. Look out.

>2 or 3 people


Don't you know how to take a screenshot?

>100 users
>reading comprehension

fuck off alastor

no one likes TtN

spaghetti I didn't know you were a namefag

>Check reddit
>People now want SIG invites because another website closed

I got disabled on TTN for god knows what and I don't give enough fucks to go to their irc to get it re-enabled

Which site closed?

SIG is the best ever.

Well /r/Invites says NoLinks closed

The fuck is nolinks

Good. Means we get more SIG users.

Based SIG has plenty of us on it.

I don't know. Its my first time hearing about it too.

stop talking about oppaitime

hi aza

>Based SIG has plenty of us on it.
I only invited five from here tho. Unless you faggots went into the irc and asked someone else for an invite.

That's clearly not aza. aza has a trip and can't stop shilling his shitty honeypot

can somebody tell me if the million dollar extreme presents world peace episodes on btn are from itunes or adult swims site

fuck off spaghetti

Yes they are.

fuck off spaghetti

So who is on endoftheinter.net/ or nolinks.net/
Post pic of the main page.

We had at least 2 big invite events here on /ptg/ so we are well represented on SIG right now. The best thing is that inviting people carries very little risk, too.

w-which one

I doubt those are better than SIG.

>We had at least 2 big invite events here on /ptg/
I'm pretty sure you're talking about me inviting people on here. Again, those five users that I invited was not a lot.

Are you TheJIDF? You were one of them and then I invited others with some other guy another time. We have at least a dozen /ptg/ members on SIG by my count.

>Are you TheJIDF?
Yea; I'm thinking of inviting more people since I got more tokens. Though only two out of the people that I invited have contributed. If I do invite again I will probably ask them for a profile link to a tracker they are on.
If the users that I invited would contribute till they got thirty tokens that would be a amazing. Once they get thirty tokens I get fifteen, I can use those to invite people.
>We have at least a dozen /ptg/ members on SIG by my count.
That is really nice.

It's fine to upload stuff without any kind of explanation right? I can't be bothered to write shit in the description, it feels like a fucking job and I hardly get anything in return.


Yea. If its movie/tv content they just use IMDB to get the description.
Porn gets the most views if you want tokens.

oh no we have a traitor in the midst
time to go full witch hunt
from now on nobody is allowed to say anything in irc without asking perkission first

spaghetti you're a fucking fag italian who can't spell

It was a typo and I corrected it fuck you

Stay mad and suck some futa dick :^)

>autism purified

listen man, you can't go around pointing out peoples' flaws and insulting them on the internet. It's rude and unconscionable and I won't stand for it on my board.

Please apologize to everyone in the thread for ruining their good time.

>sed bot
that's a pretty cool idea

>you can't go around pointing out peoples' flaws
Yes you can if their flaw is being an enraged child and/or being a faggot

What is the easiest media to acquire and upload to AB? I just need the 10 uploads for PU.

Transcode FLAC

oppaitime internals but don't tell spgahetti he'll ban you on all trackers

>implying spaghetti has the power to get people globaled

Shut up spaghetti



>implying I don't

Why doesn't he like that?

Also I feel like getting into a private tracker to achieve PU on another is not the easiest. I looked for stuff on WCD to get to AB but mostly things are already there.


Stop having pleb taste and you can find lots of shit to up.

It's not about taste. I just randomly looked for stuff to cross seed / upload. Maybe I need a more intelligent way of searching.

I have already supplanted mildlyincoherent as the shadow-admin of PTP

You need the intelligence to think about whether there's a tracker dedicated to Japanese music.

Upload the 2 Jun Konagaya albums from wcd

I thought AB doubled as that.

Well there's another tracker that has more music and no anime

Will look it up, thanks senpai.
checked. Also thanks, if this is not a trick to get me banned

I'll spoonfeed you user, don't worry
It's called jpopsuki.eu


Just request that shit on /r/invites and someone will hurry to send you an invite

Hey spaghetti, give me an OT invite

I don't give invites to Cred Forums scum

Alright buddy you've got two options, either give me the invite right here and now or I'll wait a few days and go through one of your recruiters, so you'll never know the account is mine and you lose your chance to fuck with me

Who is this spaghetti guy you guys keep talking about? Is he the same spaghetti that adds everyone in the site as friends? Am I right to assume that he's the owner of the site?

Just post the mediainfo

>Porn gets the most views if you want tokens.

Yes, but we should encourage people to upload useful stuff like music/tv/movies that are hard to find at public trackers.

>Do Not Upload:

>Low-Quality, Portable, and "Mini" encodes Do not upload any torrents that are of very low quality, or have been created for compatibility with a specific device or only a low filesize in mind.

Do you think they'd make an exception for anime that could only possibly exist in ultra low quality? I've got an anime from 1917 here. I mean it looks like grainy diarrhea, but it's 100 fucking years old.

ptg memer who runs oppaitime with another memer
he also added everyone on animebytes because he's a memer

He's this faggot who thinks he is famous because he helps mod Oppaitime.

Don't ask us that. Ask the staff with a PM, you dumb nigger.

>tfw you rejected his friend invite

They probably will. Just send a staff pm.

Alright fine I'll invite you. Just please don't take away my opportunity to fuck with someone

I already tried animating some shit myself and making them think it was a 100 years old lost film. They banned me. It's probably not worth it lad.



how the fuck am i supposed to get all this bp on ahd? ive been on this fucking site for months.

how much you need?

25k bp for upload and 20k bp to get to the next user class. 20k just to get to hd lover is insane. i just wanted to make a request. ;-;

I have a similar problem.

People say AHD is easy for ratio. When I can I always get the 75% freeleech stuff but that is mostly on 25GB torrents so there's still like 6GB download for every torrent. Most of that is not seeded back. I get that new torrents will probably get me more upload but I'm sceptical if I come out in the positive. Also I don't want to constantly have to download 25GB movies I won't watch just for ratio, if that even works.

Am I missing something?

>tfw someone gave you 500,000 bonus points on ahd

>weebs actually believe that

kek, of course, a dweeb that has no clue what an encode actually is

It's easy to always meet the ratio requirements but it's not easy to gain upload.

>You're The Worst
spot on m8

but how then will I be >/setforlife/ ? I just want HD-Pro so I don't have to worry about inactivity pruning.

>tfw the only way to download my current airing animu is to use seedr.cc
Anyone know of a DDL site? There used to be weeaboo.aoi-chan.com/ but its gone now

What I did was get a Feral ssd seedbox for a month, set up autodl to dl all of the new FL as soon as it came out, and now I have several TB of buffer.

you're a fucking retard
i get 10k BP per day
download more shit asshole

im not downloading a whole bunch of shit i dont fucking want

then download shit you want

i already have like 20 movies and i watched them all. i shouldnt have to download a ton of shit just to gain bp. i get like fucking 800 per day.

try tv shows, they take up a lot of space :^)

Are you stupid? Just use nyaa

>wahh wahh why can't they make the rules so that i have to do fuck all to climb userclasses wahh

does that ahd cock feel good in your ass user?

It's your choice, either you download only shit you want and get restricted, or download both and don't get restricted.

Why is Freshon red on the private tracker chart?

nice comeback (jej). My point stands.

Does Gormogon have the same type of content as KG?

ISP Shuts off internet for the day if it sees anyone torrenting
>Tfw third world


Torrent through a VPN then..

lmao where do you live? alabama?


Lmao ok
Use animetosho.org if you don't mind the complete shit hosting sites

>implying the whole u.s. isn't third world
oh boy

>tfw live in US
>tfw 300 megabytes up and down

Can I find old comiket releases on what.cd?

>tfw you have datacaps

S-south Africa is nice to live in tho.

>white minority

300 megs datacap ?
That's brutal.

No, that's my download and upload speed. I don't have caps.

>i don't have caps
sure m8 :^)

I don't

keep telling yourself that :^)

>using the smiley face with a carat nose

>he had to resort to the "carat nose meem" because he got BTFO'd
wew lad :^)
>not the same guy


They're more common on JPS but yeah

daily reminder:

shit tracker = IDE

Rule 1.) No one is allowed to discuss about IDE outside or share it's URL.

KEK DIE meme tracker...

Kek. Lets make sure it goes in the OP for every thread

>sour that he can't get into IDE

>find years old WCD request worth just enough to get me to TM
fuck yeah

any dumb fuck can enter this meme tracker as long as you are in AHD or PTP. It's not about that, it's about how they strictly enforce their dumb rules, when torrenting is all abt sharing.

You can literally send a guy a PM on bB:
>Show us some profiles from the trackers which you are a member of:
>What is your BT history?:
>Country you are from ?
Done, you're in

>not being Elite™

Based Bigboyz. They got me into every tracker.

>being this sour
>using "abt" like a teenage faggot
haha oh wow!

>when torrenting is all abt sharing
Word. Make all private trackers public.


How does one get into AnimeBytes? Is it just invite?

Train to Busan, which sub is the best?

You're on /ptg/ and you're gonna watch a crappy HDrip?

He's clearly unaware that nobody here actually watches what they hoard.

The last one linked in PTP, yes there will be some grammar mistakes but you can understand what they mean. Unless you're an autists ofc.

get power user on GGn or WCD which both have open applications
then get officially invited to AB from their invite forums

Invite-only since their applications are closed.

When applications are opened, you prove that you're not a BR monkey with a small Q&A.

I watch even the shittiest of shitty encodes. Even cams. When a superior encode comes out I snatch that and seed forever. I then rewatch it a few years later.

I would be even less grossed out if you told me you liked cuck porn.

I do tho.

>Animation, Applications, Games, Music, HD, Magic Stuff, Mobile, Packs, TV and XXX.

>Our plans for the future are to keep working on the site code and expand the internal encoding group (-IDE) (Main priority of encoding group will be Asian cinema). We plan to keep the site small and for friends.

Is this just 'yet another shitty scene tracker'? Don't understand why anyone would want to be on it desu

because of their high quality encodes of shitty obscure asian movies

The latest one

It's easier to get them directly off Perfect Dark.

Nyaa uploaders are sometimes good at keeping up to date too. Not sure how it is currently, last time I worked on Comiket releases was C75 era

ISP blocked my ability to torrent. This essentially doesn't bother me whatsoever because I can temporarily tether my phone and get it back, but it just feels like shit and I don't get to look at my seed ratio. My ability to seed stops when the movie is finished downloading.

What is a private tracking site I can get invited into?

>What is a private tracking site I can get invited into?
not one with that setup

What setup?

I assume it wouldn't matter if the trackers I used weren't public

with your mobile setup..because on private trackers you HAVE to seed, if you're interested in keeping your account

you don't have to seed just ghostleech

>le ghostleech meem

lol fuck off retard

Change ISP you dumbass

GGn is literally the best tracker for getting into other trackers. Prove me wrong

anyone that's on dedicated asian content tracks, could you check for this please?
男達の別れ 98.12.28@赤坂BLITZ [DVD]
98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare [DVD]
(it's not on jpopsuki)

What is better.

M8 I'm in the same boat. Though I decided to stop paying for internet and just tether my phone. I can see unlike you though. I usually just seed while I am sleeping and let stuff download while sleeping. It honestly does not bother me because I get 3-5 MB/s.


I don't know what is better?

There's more trackers in the invite forums you dumb nigger

>"these are the same things"

And its 20 times harder to get PU+ "retard"

I didn't say it was easier, I said it was better.
Also getting PU is easy as fuck, getting Elite is bit of a challenge though

GGn is not the best you dumb nigger. It doesn't even have that many invite threads.

Ah, fair enough, GGn is pretty easy to get high rank and gets you into 2/3 top trackers

He means what.cd

AnimeBytes grants you access to PTP with very little effort and from there everything except for HDBits and meme trackers like AoM is open to you.

You still need PU on What or bB to get in AB, and both those will also get you in PTP.

GGn has PTP and easier to get PU for it, also has WCD with a lower rank requierment than AB

There was nothing easier than Bigboyz. I would not have gotten into HDBits if it weren't for Bigboyz.

Everyone is already in WCD

there's no 'easier' it's still 6 months user

bB is three months for PTP :^)

>logchecker still not updated

>still not unwarned

What did you do

Why would I tell you? If staff sees this they'll ban me

>implying HDB isn't the only tracker worth a damn
>implying anybody from that curry plebbit honeypot has ever even seen what HDB looks like from the inside
stop the memes, boys, nobody believes that shit

How the fuck did you go from bB to HDB?

bB has literally everything
You could do bB -> bib -> hdb
or bB -> ptp -> hdb

I think i know who you are.

>bB -> ptp -> hdb
PTP has HDB?

I think there's more than 1 person who's warned right now. Send me a PM if you know so well who it is.

Bigboyz gets you into everything. This is what we were saying when Bigboyz was obtainable but you faggots were like "nuh uh!!!"

How did you do it?

you don't, HDB only recruits from respectable trackers, aka PTP and Bib.
They have recruited from AHD before but only out of pity for those poor fuckers


Try logging out of your account :)

New spread bread:

>PTP and Bib
Both are which are available on bB. But which class is HDB on PTP?

Who the fuck cares about hdbits really? Like seriously, you want to get there just because it really hard?

Used to

I got into Bigboyz and then HDB was obtainable after that. Everybody from Bigboyz knows how to get into HDB if they want. There's no point in telling you anymore since you're not on Bigboyz.



haha he didn't, he went through an actually respectable tracker, most likely PTP

This tbqh. You will never not be able to find something if you have ptp/kg/ahd.
I guess it's good if you're interested in encoding as a hobby or something though.

>implying m2ts are audiotracks

>always using the newest version of EAC

What are you watching today, /ptg/?

F1 qualifying.