This wonderful young lady scammed me out of $200, feel free to do as you wish with her number 8328801094

go away faggot

Sounds like you're a retarded beta, which is why it was so easy for her to do it.

Let me guess, you also shit in the street?

file a claim with paypal you idiot

looks like she needs the money for food, you did a good thing by letting her get your money. I hope she gets well

its a NEET with some pictures getting extra tendie money.
Fuck off.

Get someone else to meet up with her and beat that bitch's ass or put a gun to her head

holy shit OP, how sad can a man get?

wait, this isn't Cred Forums...

this, or unless you met her, fucking dumb idiot texan.

>not your personal army
>not solving the problems cause by your own stupidity
>not being able to find a real woman

Stop being so thirsty for internet women Pajeet



I just texted him that you're all buttmad on Cred Forums and he asked for the thread. He said that it servers you well for being such a fucking idiot.

Sounds like you got what you deserved.


Not your personal army, this shit isn't even acceptable on Cred Forums

30 minutes and this shit thread is still up. Nice to see the mods are working hard.

>not being able to find a real woman
Impinglim there are real women in the U.S.

not you're personal army



Thanks for the image.

tay? tay zonday or tay as in the ai?

>Implying there aren't

There's tons of excellent women in the US, they just aren't interested in you

Tay ina win


she need the money for heroin

You can legally kill pros in Texas if they take your money without sexing you. You should probably do that instead.

Good, because I don't live there nor plan on.

Don't worry, nobody else is retarded enough to get scammed by a webcam crackwhore

Good, somebody has to mate with those eastern harpies and reproduce more goblin offspring. Faggot

lol how did you get scammed