Baby's first gaming laptop

I have to burn a few hours downtown tomorrow.

Will people judge me if I sit in an internet cafe with this thing? Do folks notice that kind of thing?

I won't be gaming just working.


The Alienware Alpha when it goes on sale under 400 is a cool machine. Amazing build quality, runs Crysis 3 on high pretty well.


but will people think I'm a loser for taking one out in public?

my question isn't gaming related doofus


Please don't buy from Alienware, they're overpriced snake oils, you'd do better with a Thinkpad.

You probably need to see a psychologist for your low selfesteem, stop caring for trivial things

okay then

thanks for humoring me Cred Forums

Too late, he already bought it.

i bought it 2 years ago and regret it

but it is a good machine, only overpriced

I don't think anyone will judge you that much.

Normies will just think that it's a really cool looking laptop.
People that know what it is will probably mentally judge you as stupid for falling for the gaymen laptop meme, but I think it would be rare to find anyone like that.

You'll probably be fine. I think more people will be impressed by it than disgusted.

Yes and no

It will stand out, as it is designed to be epic - (LEDs, gaymur design, massive vents, etc)

is anybody going to come up and criticize you for having one? no, that is very highly unlikely. anyone who actually would is also shallow to begin with.

however, if you are actually trying to be low profile/incognito, a thinkpad is the way to go.

I bring mine in public... no one cares.

i have an alienware m17 r2

i regret buying it. i bought it when i didn't know anything about computers.

>noisy fan (if you don't clean the fans it will sound like a lawn mower)
>overheats( when it does, you can't turn it back on until it cools down)
>difficult to take apart ( you have to take the keyboard and whole front panel off to get to the cpu, gpu and the fans. I haven't found a way to take the front panel off yet because i am it will break)
>overpriced (it was cost over 1000 dollars. you can buy a laptop just as good for under 300 dollars)
>keys from the keyboard keep on coming off
>heavy(weighs like 15 pounds. can't take it anywhere)

They got better... I can easily clean my fans and take out the hard drive. Just remove the back panel and BOOM everything is there

I would hope people judge you if you're buying that kind of overpriced shit. If you're not going to be gaming then why the fuck would you get a gaming laptop in the first place?

yeah fuck pc gaming anyway. just buy a console.

You can get a really good refurbished laptop for under 200 dollars

You are loser for buying a laptop and having doubts about taking it to public

when I take my m11x r3 out in public if anyone says anything it's just "woah cool"

it isn't heavy? the one i have weighs 15 pounds. it's not very portable

no just sit in the corner dude, noone will notice you ive seen people in public with giant bulky laptops and noone batted an eye.

apparently mine is ~6 lbs. The m11x was their "gaming netbook"

Just play games on your smartphone bro

i never take mine out in public because i am embarrassed by it. i don't want people to think i am fool for buying this overpriced piece of shit

>people still make fun of gayming notebook

If you don't count in the price, the mobile GTX1070/GTX1080 aren't much slower than their desktop counterparts.

Got a used M11x R2 and do take it out for work. My co-worker don't care about it and same with people who pass by. Really no one care about it too much except that it's a small gaming netbook which get the job done without any issue.

i actually love my m11x, 6 years old and still plugging along nicely

Liking mine quite a bit for the size. I just change the original HDD to a 1TB and add an adapter where I can put an internal Flash drive inside the computer for private stuff.

Consider to change the battery but don't know if it's worth the $100 dollars for the original battery as this isn't my main laptop. Gaming in this gaming netbook is actually not bad and work fine.

I guess if you want a smaller gaming netbook like Alienware M11x which don't scream gaming laptop to people, would look for clevo w110er but good luck getting this as is been discontinued and maybe the only gaming netbook which can challenge the M11x in size and power.

if you need that sort of performance without looking obnoxious, just get a Razer Blade

They're not really that overpriced

They fixed that by the R4, the only things you would need to remove the keyboard for are two of the four RAM bays and the Wireless card. Everything else can be access from the bottom by removing two screws and sliding the bottom off.

>own 17 R3
>accidentally my RAM clock settings
>have to remove literally every part of computer including display and keyboard and take motherboard entirely out because CMOS battery inaccessible

Dude that ugly piece of shit looks autistic as fuck. I'm already judging you and I can tell you for a fact that people will judge you.

CMOS is now underneath the main panel. Two screws and done.

>caring about how your laptop looks in public.

Why not buy a fagintosh facebook machine?

The 17 R3 is the current model if I'm not mistaken

I have the M17xR4. The last one before the most recent facelift.
Easiest machine I've ever worked on.

I bring my ThinkPad W530 in public and I don't give a shit what others think of it and others don't give a shit what laptop I use. Get over yourself my dude.

basic tasks on the current one are easy.
Adding disks, RAM, I think the wireless card is there, etc is all behind a panel held in by 2 screws that you can't even lose since they stay in the panel

It's nice, but man I was sweating when I had to reset CMOS because I am really fat-handed and bad at tools and shit and I had to pull off all these tiny connectors everywhere

Obviously you don't get out much, if you did you would know that most people know what Alienware is and how shitty it is in general. Either way even if they didn't it still looks like a big ass laptop

If you haven't google the service manual. Shows every screws location and tips for removing certain parts.
I've never had to reset the BIOS on mine as I've never bothered to overclock anything. It's fast enough for what I do at the moment. Kind of a waste of the video card but eh.

Yes I definitely used the service manual because I didn't want to fuck it up. In the end everything went back together and I did accidentally a screw into the sata cable for my mechanical drive and Windows would no longer recognize the drive at all
>Installed Arch last week and the drive works fine though, not sure why Windows didn't show it in disk manager nor device manager

I don't think normies get impressed or disgusted by laptops at all. No one gives a fuck.. You're all a bunch of autists for thinking people judge each other based on what brand of laptop they have

Women legitimately judge one another based on shoes and haircuts, my mom has confirmed.

No reason to believe guys don't judge computer/phone brands

Hey Jordan

Hi Kevin

How's it going

I get to be off work tomorrow because I covered a shift for a guy earlier this week. So that's nice, but what isn't nice is that I ran out of soda and I'll be here all day without soda tomorrow. Might have to go pick some up even though grocery day isn't until Sunday.

That's good and not good at the same time lol. I suggest making a quick stop at a gas station or something and pick a little soda up.

I might in the morning!
For now I made 2 quarts of lemonade.

Nice I love lemonade! Have you ever tried Cheerwine? It's a really nice cherry soda

Yeah a guy I worked with freaked out when it came to our area (he was from North Carolina where Cheerwine is very popular) but for me it's not that special. My favorite soda is ginger ale - well it's second favorite. Real favorite is cranberry sierra mist but it's limited to Christmas time (they already have cranberry sierra mist twist out which is good too)

They're my favorite sodas because they mix very well with bourbon and it tastes really good!

Oh man that does sound really good! I like ginger ale too myself, but I think I'm more of a root beer kind of guy.

save yourself $2000 and many, many bad dreams

probably not but anyone slightly skilled with computers will ">" you in their head
Just sell it and buy a thinkpad then spend the money you have left on food or something


Chinkpads are for poor hipsters who can't afford alienware or apple laptops.

You'd be no worse than this guy OP.

>Double cult

Wtf is that?