Video games are more important than freedom

>video games are more important than freedom

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>implying giving up one will increase the other

increase the fire.

Install libre video games you stubborn loli.

>implying you have freedom to do anything on GNU/Linux
kek, it's barely documented and complete spaghetti code.

I have nothing to hide.
Except my absolute cuckage.

>tfw no libre chinese waifus


They're not, but video games are better than the whole bunch of nothing that Linux is good for on a desktop, therefore win7 is the best choice.

what's so important about that "freedom" you're talking about?

>using an open source OS on closed hardware

>not being able to change the NB,SB,SATA controllers firmware on motherboard
>not being able to flash custom bios/efi

You are already breaking every "rule"

>anime child porn is more important than fun

>not being able to flash custom bios/efi

Thanks for the daily shit post. :^)

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>using hardware that is 8 years old

>Reposting the same thread from your Windows-powered computer is more important that protecting your freedom

What are you doing that an
ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard
with two AMD Opteron 6204
and 256 GiB of DDR3 ECC RAM
can't handle?

Free as in freedom.


>barely documented

>Playing video games

>playing video games

>video games are so unimportant that software freedom doesn't really matter for them

>look how mature I am by rejecting something
You look immature honestly, nothing wrong with gaming in moderation. Maybe it's time for you to grow up.

I'm so fucking sick of faggots like you saying you can't play games without being a fucking child.

Pleasure isn't a childish or immature thing. People don't live to work all day, come home, and immediately sleep, then to wake up the next day and repeat the cycle. Life isn't about your productivity, or what you do for others. You live first and foremost for your fucking self and only then do you contribute what you want.

Playing games for pleasure isn't something that is to be shunned. It's just another way of gratifying oneself. You're not superior to OP for not playing games, you insufferable fucker. You're not superior for liking winetasting or film or reading for pleasure instead of gaming for pleasure.

Fuck the fuck off with your elitist bullshit.

>stop liking the thing I don't like

>using the smiley with a carat nose

it's a carrot

>Watching animes

i would switch to linux already if i could play all of the games i do comfortably, but i can't. so i wont

>not ironically memeing
how do you fuel your suicidal wishes, user?

also, this "carat" is a unit of mass, "carrot" is the food.

Keep telling yourself that, like the irrational child you are faggot

>freedom is more important than eroges


>"Freedom" dictatorship tells me what sofware to choose from


What games, user? Used Xubuntu for years before jumping to Arch and rarely had a problem with playing new(ish) games.

Not an argument

You've got that right

right now i play overwatch, hearthstone, and runescape

can i do this shit comfortably enough?

OSRS or RS? Used OSBuddy for OSRS and it worked without any tinkering. Never got into Overwatch and stopped playing Hearthstone a year ago. but I can look into these after replying.

>watching anime

yeah osrs, i know i can use osbuddy for sure, have ubuntu on a tablet. but the other tho i need for sure

brb gonna shit


SoL anime is patrician


>this delusion

on a laptop not tablet lol
done shitting

>thinking that not doing what you enjoy makes you grown
Literally the opposite of logic

So it appears that Overwatch doesn't work due to some weird shit with DX11/game protection tripping for no reason. But, Hearthstone on the otherhand works pretty well. Apparently some issues if you have a multimonitor setup but that was with Arch, not sure if the same issue happens on any of the other distros.

I'd recommend doing a dual-boot with your current OS and just resizing the partitions as you see fit. If you've any other questions I'd be happy to help.

see if i didnt even have to check if shit worked i would just switch now. but i dont want to

>freedom is more important than working

Fair enough. Whatever OS makes you happy you should stick with.

Wise af user

thats why i run ubuntu on my laptop, cause i dont play any games on it and it just works.

Cheers, user.

What's your setup on your laptop? Always like seeing other Linux/GNU (fuck this meme) users' shit. Inspires trying new DEs, WMs and whatnot.

>using tumblr software

honestly using stock shit. I dont like fucking with it too much since i dont know how to mess with it too much. Just use it for C programming and cause its super small

I like you, user. You seem like you've your head right on your shoulders. Please tell me you don't rice the shit out of your Windows/Mac to where 30% of the CPU is just doing desktop shit. If not, you're a top lad.


lol no ricing for sure. If stock works, i use it. Includes everything, the most i do is get some edgy wallpapers man. Even on my desktop.

i got a surface pro, which is kind of a meme now but its pretty light weight and just works. I dont ever use the pen, only in class, and i code on that too.

most of the time when i see people ricing their DE and fucking with shit on here i cringe pretty hard too