What's the alternative to have a registry?

What's the alternative to have a registry?


Not have a registry

having text configuration files for everything

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Having a motherfucking shitload of programs making their own fucking dot folders in the home folder instead of using .config

Where are they all stored?

scattered all over the filesystem
>welcome to linux


Having a relational configuration database.

You mean /etc.

So it's no different than Windows in terms of function. You have most configuration stored in the program's directly, and then the configuration you want to be easily accessible in /etc

Except /etc is like a Windows Registry, but it isn't in database form, meaning in takes way longer to look up data and can cause hard drive thrashing.

What the fuck is wrong with Linux. Who thought this system was a good idea?

>tfw no systemd-configd

>implying the Linux filesystem isn't a hierarchical database in itself

Unix stores everything on the existing filesystem under one central directory. Windows registry is basically an entire other filesystem. With plaintext config files you can also view and edit their contents with any text editor vs being limited to regedit

Actually windows registry is probably a bigger clusterfuck but even excluding the registry there are still applications that store configuration in their own directory on windows.

Two registries



>database form
Uh... it's just a glorified binary flat file hierarchical database stored as a collection of .dat files, kid.

good bait

you can have "registry" on linux too..
its called dconf

Having shitloads of config files each and everyone with their own retarded syntax. Windows has both problems though as most programs Font even use the registry

Neither Windows nor *nix systems have a good approach to configs, sadly.

Go GNOME yourself.

There are no good approaches to configs because developers world wide would never agree on a common syntax that would enable good approaches.

so every user shares the same config?
no customizing allowed

having a real database

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There's also .config

>what is ~/.config

learn2linux, retard

Why would you have more than one user?

just a thought, but are there any applications that write to the registry for like program state? Seems like kind of a funny option for a database, and the state would be saved in the event of a crash
I'm sure it's woefully inefficient

Are you actually defending Windows Registry?

and other random dot-prefix files/directories at ~
so much better than windows linux is amazing window is trash pajeets blah blah shills botnet spy nsa etc

I wouldn't exactly call it "better"

But with a registry you have .reg files and a unified method to access and modify it

flat text files

system-wide: /etc
user-specific: ~/.config

windows doesn't store the registry as ".reg" files, those are plain-text representations that are used for exporting and importing only

systemd is a great alternative to svhost.exe

having "human readable" text configuration files for everything


What would that do?

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its better accessible than /library/application_support/ or remote/roaming/local

that´s a surprisingly fitting icon for it
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Certainly. ANYTHING is a good alternative to something that does not exist.

>not storing program configurations in flat memory like its 1983

That is how windows worked before registy. Each program would have its own .ini file for settings stored in the same folder as the executable.