Buy "8 GB" RAM module

>buy "8 GB" RAM module
>it's actually 8 GiB

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>go to Cred Forums - the technology board
>it's actually a shitposting contest


>get slightly more than expected
>brag about it to strangers

You got more RAM than you expected. Isn't this a good thing?

>buy 500 GB SSD
>its actually 480

>buy 480 GB SSD
>its 460 GB SSD



I don't mind the separate definitions but did they really have to pick such ridiculous names for the binary units? Who the fuck wants to say "mebibyte"?

Is that why its like 8192MB?
That extra 192MB always gives me a really warm feelerino

Windows is the only modern operating system that still uses the old definitions (1024 MB per GB instead of 1000 MB per GB).

>Basically Windows is the USA of the computer world
Still proud!


fucking stupid

You just say "meg" / "gig" / "T" / "P" and people know by context / they're close enough that it doesn't matter. You only really need to be specific in writing.

Obviously not an excuse, but practically speaking it doesn't really matter.

Nice contribution! Moderator material.

Nice contribution! Moderator material.

By the way thank you, these are beautiful.

Lord, increase my autism so that I may be further from man and closer to You.

>buy 4 GB of vram
>its actually 3.5 GB

1024 is 1 x 2^10

1000 is 1 x 2^9 + 1 x 2^8 + 1 x 2^7 + 1 x 2^6 + 1 x 2^5 + 1 x 2^3

Inb4 "metric is base 10!" because it's a fucking COMPUTER unit and COMPUTERS count it in base 2. Making the unit base 10 means converting it back and forth needlessly. Why? to benefit the hard drive industry so it can make its drives sound a little bit larger than they really are.

It's a complete failure of ethics and logic on the part of the involved organizations.

>metric is base 10 factorial
>base 3628800
Sounds like a pain

>Buy 4GB
>It's 4096-bit
>See it $50 cheaper a week later

>buying RAM
you can't make this up

What about memebytes?

I loled IRL