Is Cred Forums gonna see this movie?

As soon as it's up in good quality on a torrent site, sure

The dude begs Obama to let him come back, he even agrees to ~ 20 years in prison.

I already saw it Wednesday.

I probably will see it eventually, but I doubt it'll be good. Everything I'm reading says it's just a boring recounting of the story we already know.

CitizenFour was great. This, probably not so much.

It's gonna be shit, like almost every fucking biopic. Never seen a biopic that wasn't a fucking horrendous excuse for a documentary.

I have to pay for it so no.

Maybe if it would be Free

He wouldn't get 20 years, he's going to get executed. Especially if trump gets presidency.

I went and saw it yesterday. I don't recommend it. It was trying way to hard to be a drama human interest story when it should have just been a documentary. Just watch Citizen 4.

Only on planet earth would a person that's concerned for the rights of others get executed or imprisoned. Us Xevians don't have this issue.

Not going to watch it, what the fuck could it possibly be about?

Huge faggot brony commits treason and flees the country?


maybe when some whistleblower will leak it.

A person reveals that his government is spying on their own citizens and ignoring their privacy and then had to leave the country or else face an unfair trial and spend the rest of his life in prison

Thanks for remind me I had to filter you

wtf are you doing here? fuck off to Cred Forums

Everyone already knew the government was spying on us. All this faggot did was compromise security.

No they didn't. The best information that the people had before Snowden were rumors and speculation. Snowden gave us the hard evidence that proved the government was doing evil.

Honestly why the fuck are you tripping?

Well maybe you didn't but the majority of Cred Forums did, there was plenty of damning leaks and rumors to substantiate the scope of the collection. The programs that Snowden compromised were already known, if only by "rumor" and "speculation".

The fact is that hes a traitor and he only harmed our security as a nation and contributed nothing to anyone's rights.

Because he wasn't molested enough as a child.
That's actually a thing, and it's pretty fucking weird.

>The fact is that hes a traitor and he only harmed our security as a nation and contributed nothing to anyone's rights.
Wait, if it was already known, they why did it harm the security of the nation?
Really makes you think.



He destroyed the value of the security infrastructure by leaking its details, endangering lives and harming the ability of our government to do its job.

The information was only useful to enemies of the state, there was no reason to make it public.

1. Snowden has done nothing to break treason laws and will not be found guilty of treason.
2. Rumor and speculation is worthless without credible eyewitness testimony. Rumor and speculation without eyewitness testimoney is as good as hearsay. Hearsay is as meaningful as all of the Cred Forums greentext stories.
3. Snowden has done nothing to harm the security of the nation. No person in service of America got killed or harmed in way as a direct consequence of Snowden. America's threat levels did not rise one bit as a consequence of Snowden.


There are reports on the scope of the damage the leaks caused, you can read them yourself.

Only an ignorant anti American with no patriotism bent on perverse SJW agendas would support his treasonous actions.


first of all, nothing he leaked was any surprise or of any real value which makes him more autistic, second the only thing he did to the government's way to operate is make it be way more sneaky while catching flak for way less sneaky stuff

no one won with snowdowns, he's an idiot

when will you die?

So you're saying the fact that our government is indiscriminately and perpetually invading our right to privacy is less important than its ability to do its job?

damn boy, i didnt knew people this brainwashed existed.............. oh wait I DID...

Are these the same leaked reports that have existed forever but have no eyewitness testimony behind them?


The actor in that picture doesn't even look like snowden

he looks like more of a chink desu

shut this shit up, snowdog belongs in a hovel in russia it suits him for being a useless, traitorous, wannabe, puppet sjw

Of course he looks like Snowden. Were you expecting a Snowden clone to portray Snowden?

found the nsa shill. stop sliding, bitte



probably not after reading this thread

>the majority of Cred Forums
>in any way comparable to the entirety of the U.S population

>Huge faggot brony

Is he actually? Source, please, that would be funny as hell